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Thursday, July 7, 2016


The Grand Jury chose to review the recent murder cases - some 18 or so - killings and shooting - murder cases -mostly linked with people of color -  the Grand Jury stated in its conclusion - were plagued with procrastination - at all levels.

Be it known that we the people who pay the salaries of those that represent us - given the facts present and known -  the evidence being there.

We the people find it difficult - why JUSTICE and FAIR PLAY is slow coming  - we the people have stated so.

We the people are  told - to hold our fire - the time is not ripe for the authorities  to adjudicate the many cases - for lack of evidence - which in most cases in not the fact.

Cases lying on the shelves collecting dust - for many stagnant - for years. A slap on the face - of those that believe in our laws - have studied our " poor adjudication system in San Francisco riddled with corrupt of the highest order".

As I have stated in public and in writing on many of these cases - the evidence was there to behold.

Yet I have stated before and written more - those that have the power to adjudicate - choose with " intent " - to delay or procrastinate - before our courts - other so called bodies - that sit on these matters that are important.

We have seen it all - some of us have witnessed more - and in all these cases it is a matter of " people murdered " - in many cases innocent people.

We have seen evidence tarnished - the San Francisco Police Laboratory moved from the contaminated site at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - to a site closer to 17th Street in the Potrero Hill area.

The key person handling the evidence - using cocaine - taken before the courts - and fired. Hundreds of pieces of evidence tainted - and the sordid culture of the many involved tarnished.

We have seen many SF Police Officers caught in the web of text messages - spreading hate texts and more.

But for the Federal Government - through their  unique process to address sound justice - expose these " hate texts " - calling upon the Freedom of Information Act - other needed tools - the information gathered -  that would not have been made available - to us all by those we purport do their police work in San Francisco - but have failed us all.

The Grand Jury did right by focusing narrowly - on the recent cases - criminal cases - and arriving at a conclusion - that is understood by us all.

The agencies that should have conducted themselves - with diligence and honor - but failed  us constituents of San Francisco miserably.

Among many the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Mayor of San Francisco, the SF Police Commission and the Office of Citizens Complaints.

For sure those SF Supervisors who have failed to represent decent San Franciscans - more - Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed,  Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

Again  the Office of Citizens Complaints has been very slow to bring complaints - to a speedy - conclusion.

The SF Police Commission that purports to be  "the policy makers " linked to the SF Police Department - but have chosen to kick the can - down the street.

Again and again - we have seen the factors that truly create situations and elements - which lead to killings and shooting - murders committed - not taken into consideration.

Clouded with press conferences - misinformation - disinformation - and those in authority - caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Again and again when the Federal Authorities - come in - we the people have seen - the can full of worms - exposed - not once or twice but many, many times.

Again and again we see the victims - surrounded by poverty and the presence of crime - areas where poor and indigent people live - and NOT given opportunities.

Such conditions  that are not prevalent - in the neighborhoods - that are affluent - Pacific Heights and so on.

In affluent communities there is crime but that is of another nature.

Again and again we see the SF Police Department - carte blanche make remarks - about areas -  such as Public Housing at Potrero Hill,  Hunters Point,  Oakdale Public Housing,  Sunnydale Public Housing.

The Public Housing known best as Army Street Public Housing - Public Housing in the Western Addition and other Public Housing - in San Francisco - as beds of crime - and where thugs and killers make their abode.

That is like saying cancer is prevalent in these areas - without making any attempt - to find out why?

Again and again - I have seen SF Police Office lack the basic knowledge about contamination, pollution, lack of proper nutrition, hundreds of families with no father - most men incarcerated.

Many of the victims murdered - who have not had an opportunity to complete high school - less go to college.

Many victims - who were incarcerated - were sent to jail when they were juveniles.

Instead of being rehabilitated - many of these juveniles - are preyed upon. 

This one factor has hardly been investigated - and those that know about it - prefer to be silent.

Again and again we have seen SF Police Department Police Officers - steal drugs and sell the seized drugs to drugs dealers - and this one singular fact - reveals to those that monitor  the situation at hand - how deep the corruption is with the SF Police Department - on every levels.

We have cases - where the SF Police Department know who has committed the murder. Yet the victims - in these cases the family of the person or persons murdered - have to  wait for years - for some type of adjudication.

In in time we had a Congressional Hearing on the above issues I have stated. Then whatever the outcome - the Department of Justice (DOJ) that deals with Racism - blatant Racism - can come in and bases on the adjudication of the Congressional Hearing - state the facts.

The Grand Jury should have touched on this one singular element - poor community taxed but not given opportunities - deprived of Quality of Life issues.

The three main issues - the Grand Jury touched upon - would pale in comparison.

Let me put is simply - today we have killers - walking freely in our neighborhoods - all these killers known - to our SF Police Department.

Yet - the SF Police Department is waiting and look for - some full proof evidence - that time may - never ever - arrive.

Any crime that ends in the death of any human being - should be given the top most most priority. In Racist San Francisco this is not the case - if one is a person of color - little if NO attention is given.

Again and again our conclusion has been - that people of color -  are treated with less than important priority - you wait and wait and wait - while mothers,  fathers,  family members,  friends and supporters who want justice - and are told to wait.

Procrastination - seems to be all permissive - the SF Police Department feeds on it - so does the SF Police Commission - look at us in the eye and lying. The Office of Citizens Complaints - a facade that must be abolished. Aho.