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Thursday, July 14, 2016


The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

San Francisco is one of those Cities where Blacks played a role from the very inception of this City and County of San Francisco.

History clearly spells out  -the many Black newspapers, the many wash houses,  the churches,  the schools,  the banks,  the ware houses -  schools, homes and streets named after Blacks in San Francisco.

Not long ago 25% of the population of San Francisco was Black today it is a measly 2% - two percent of our current about about 640, 000.

Think about that - when you think of the many murders - Blacks murdered just because of the color of their skin in the year 2016.

Our City and County employs 30, 000 employees - and in our jails over 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks.

We have a Blacks Church that a few years ago celebrated its 150 year anniversary - First Baptist Church.

At the Presidio - that was established in 1776 - where the Buffalo Soldiers lived and worked - the many historical buildings, the streets, other landmarks - are there to see and witness the role of the - all Black Buffalo Soldiers and their contribution.

Over 500 Buffalo soldier - lie at the Veteran Administration Cemetery.

All over San Francisco - there are too many other landmarks - the contribution by Blacks has left a indelible mark - and those that know the facts - are few - and the many - have no clue about this stellar contribution - are poorer for it.

Unlike any other City in the United States - San Francisco is well known all over the world - for its many contributions - and the role of the its unique - diversity.

Today - as in years gone by - San Francisco still plays and contributes a lot - to the world - and Blacks still play a keen role.

When we say Steph Curry - or we mention Ronnie Lott or Jerry Rice - we all know they are some of many Blacks that brought great pride to San Francisco - by their stellar contribution to sports.

San Francisco was the first to initiated a great and valuable Black Ethnics Studies program - at San Francisco State University. 

In the 1960s - you just had to mention the name and sound the Clarion Call -  thousands of students and others - would gather.

 Important decision were announced - actions carried out - solutions found - many still fight  and carry on the fight for truth and justice.

Today - the Black Ethnics Study Program is being watered down - the more well know elements - cast aside.

The history linked to the struggle of freedom -  here in the United States and worldwide - are documented  - and were taught.

Again and again - many gatherings and associated meetings - stellar leaders always were proud of the Black Ethnics Studies Program - taught at SF State University.

Well known   " freedom fighters " - from many parts of Africa - and others from all the world - attending San Francisco State University - and very proud of the well know Black Ethnics Study Program - linked to the  SF State University.

We all know a lot about the Civil Rights Movement - that led to other Movements in the United States.

The key leaders - in the Civil Right Movement embraced all - but the main leaders were Black - the person that readily comes to mind - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The blatant discrimination committed against BLACKS  is well known - and ask any Black mother or father - and they will tell you.

What is  - foremost  -what worries them most - when their daughters and sons - leave home - being stopped by some Police Officer or Officers - and worried about the repercussions.

Police officers more lacking cultural competency - stopping  Blacks mostly - for trivial reasons - overacting - and often creating a very hostile situation - situations that sometimes - lead to death.

Pulling a Black person - from the car - asking them to sit or lie on the dirty floor.

Many a times hand cuffing them - while all the time abusing them - and thinking - treating the victims -  like an animal .

Our Psychologists and Psychiatrists - say things on such cases in in general  - but it is time all Police Officers - carry a manual on them - a manual where before they go to work - they read - that all human beings are meant to be treated with respect.

What matter options help stopping and asking questions - and the many sordid ways to trigger hostility - that does not bear well for humanity.

Here in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the past Police Chief and the present interim Chief of Police - Toney Chaplin - knows that San Francisco is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am the Tribal Liaison - who can and must speak up - when things go hay wire.

Again and again in recent days - I have seen San Francisco Police Officers - do as they always do - stop some Black - I have watched the proceedings with witnesses present - and the manner in which the victim or victims are treated - it is the same as always.

The police demand - the victims get out of the vehicle and stop talking.

Shout at the victim to Lie on the floor - hands behind - then the victims are cuffed - while people witness what is happening - often guns drawn - and the SF Police Office feeling empowered.

The officers have the gun - the victim has nothing.

In most situations - two or more officers are present and often hostile - the victim is alone - surrounded by abuse and blatant discrimination.

Often times the officer are not wearing cameras - and in many instances - the cameras are not turn on.

Let us get real - I personally have know several Chiefs of Police in San Francisco and the neighboring region.

 I have a relationship - where the Command Group and the Chiefs  - will state what they have to state. Anyone can talk the talk but walking the walking - is what is required.

I have put the City and County of San Francisco - and its constituents first  - always.

I knowledge that in speaking my mind - I have been annoyed at times - strong with my language - but always called - for understanding and compassion.

It is simply wrong - to shoot and kill - and ask questions latter.

It is simply wrong to abuse anyone - just because the officers are covered and given impunity - by the " Officers Bill of Rights".

It is simply wrong to hate Blacks more and people of color - just because they - are not White. 

When Blacks police officers and police of color imitate the " bad habits " of White police officers - it is even worse.

The KKK at San Francisco City Hall -
conducting their business at the Rotunda 
Circa 1938 - know your history.

We all know the present Policing has its roots - with the Slave Catchers - the KKK - and that is true in San Francisco too.

Corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
this man is something to behold -
a loser.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about de-escalation - the inferior training our officers get - the lack of accountability and transparency.

The recent Blue Ribbon Report lays is out - now - it has to be implemented.

The Grand Jury too has a recent report - that reveals the many loopholes - and the shady investigation of the San Francisco Police Department.

Now they say more officers are  needed - to hire former racist retired Police Officers - when it comes to DNA testing and  address -the backlog - it is better to give the contract - to a private entity.

The results will be out sooner - even City College can perform the DNA tests - quicker.

Again and again - the SF Police Laboratory  in the past- the Lab Technician doing cocaine - well doing the testing.

 Others  disgusting elements and issues - with the SF Police Department - and files - being tainted and corrupted - are something that is inherent with the SF Police Department.

The Police Officers that brought disgrace - breaking into the Single Occupancy Residential Hotels - stealing lap tops and drugs - and selling them to - informers and others - getting the illegal profits and pocketing them.

The " text messaging " scandal - too much to digest and brought disgrace on us all.

Again and again too much goes against the " rogue officers " - they think they can get away with murder - but again and again -  they are caught with their hand - in the cookie jar.

Our youth and young adults are fed up.

The tall tales that President Barrack Hussein tells - the all tales on Main Media - giving a tainted picture - spewing misinformation - is taking the Nation - down the wrong path.

We can bring an end to the nonsense -

" Reject the Police Officers Bill of Rights ' 

- that give the officers impunity - make it null and void. 

Accept the challenge  or forever hold your peace. Aho.