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Friday, July 29, 2016


The Democratic National Convention (DNC) - is over - now that the fun fare is over.  We all need to evaluate the vain talk - and see how much - of that talk - can be converted to - walking the walk.

However, we know we cannot do that - unless we are educated on issues. More have our heart in the right place - and are humble to serve those that need help - most.

Fluff is fluff - and that is what  I heard a lot at the DNC -  held in Philadelphia.

The many general statements made - very general in nature - much like the books Hillary Clinton has written.

And having written the books - removed entire chapters - where on many critical issues - she has flip flopped. 

Hillary Clinton has a record of saying something, writing something - and then making amendments or changes - that is putting it light - what she does often - is LIE.

Our Nation - the United States of America - has a population of about 320 million - sadly we have a growing population - over 50 million - who are poor - termed " indigent " - population.

In general terms we talk about the 1% controlling the rest of the Nation - but we have NO strategy - how to increase the population of the middle class.

We brag in general terms that our unemployment is in the single digits.

Those working -  include very few who have permanent jobs - and the very high percentage - hold two, three, and four jobs.

Quality of Life favors - holding a permanent job - with good benefits - and most importantly - where the one working - is happy or content.

So how many " happy campers " do you think - we have when we interview those - working long hours - and getting paid minimum wage - and those even though they have a college education - failing to find a suitable job?

Obama Care has reached out to a large population - and has brought about some succor to some. 

However - in evaluating the system - the premiums of those between the ages of 25 - 45 years has increased.

Seniors who are retirees and have some Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health benefits - are paying more - and add to that $140 for Medicare. On an average over $1000 a month - for two persons - if not more.

Our Seniors are most affected - and in places where the rents are rising - they are thrown on the streets - to face inclement weather - and are slowly dying. 

No mention what so ever - about this critical and sad state of affairs. In San Francisco a one bed room rental unit - going for $3500 - two bed room for $5000.

At the DNC convention the California delegation - represented the poor and those that the government of  President Barack Hussein Obama - has chosen to pacify. Did did well - protesting - voicing their concerns - and representing those that needed help most. Kudos.

It is the same with our Veterans - not one speaker mentioned - why $2.6 billion - will be cut from the Veterans Administration (VA) budget - and why - are we treating our Veterans with disdain. 

Do you know  it still takes more than 6 months for a Veteran - to be scheduled for a doctor's visit.

More - for a major operation?  Stressing the Veteran and more the family members? Take some time to ponder - and pray for those that need help most - folks who have put their lives on the line. 

Talk is cheap - and as much as any one says - something in general - as did many at the just concluded Democratic National Convention - nothing happens to those that need urgent, help - do we truly comprehend this situation?

Black lives matter - because Blacks were enslaved - given their freedom after years of slavery. Those operating the slave plantations -  making money - from the blood and sweat and lives of the Blacks. In the end the slaves got NO restitution.

 More discriminated - abused - lynched - and  not given the right to vote - when they laid their lives on the line.

When those who did not suffer the atrocities - as did the Blacks - when those who profited take offense - when they read " BLACK LIVES MATTER " - and arbitrarily state; " all lives matter ".

 I say to them - think again - Whites for sure did not spend too much time being slaves - were not lynched in large numbers, were not denied their freedom - you get the picture.

In San Francisco - we studied the many factors - linked to incarceration - more Black are incarcerated - because of laws enacted by President Bill Clinton. Millions are in jails - and few have chosen to fight for those that have been in jails - for offenses - that do not deserve - lengthy sentences - 20 years, 25 years, 30 years.

The House Negroes continue to pander to Hillary and Bill Clinton - who initiated such laws.

Hillary and Bill Clinton - know about them - and have done nothing meaningful - to get rid of these laws.

Laws - that divide America - and have adversely impacted million of Black families and their supporters.

In San Francisco - thank God - we do not listen to the mostly Black Pastors - who sit on the fence - and love receiving stale bread - while dividing our community. Folks like Amos Brown.

Our hearts must be in the right place.

Here in San Francisco - we have some Black Sisters and Brothers - educated on issues - that will not pander - and listen to the House Negros - who are a disgrace to the human race.

We have notified San Francisco City Hall - many times - and shut it down.

The SF Board of Supervisors - with an exception of few - deserting City Hall - fleeing from the scene.

 The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - fleeing for his life - taking shelter - accompanied by a posse of those who protect this lap dog - who is not a leader. Inept, spineless - and clueless to say the least.

San Francisco is a RACIST City.

Above - a photograph - when the KKK - held their meetings - complete with their KKK regalia - hold their meetings - at SF City Hall - below the famous rotunda. The above photograph circa 1938.

Unlike any City in the United States - Blacks contributed to San Francisco from its very inception - Black built schools, churches, homes - published news papers as many as 16 - operated wash rooms - boarding homes - and owned - all these establishments.

We fail to understand that the Democratic Party has done nothing much for Blacks in San Francisco.

The Democrats have contributed to gentrification - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - despised all over the Nation - Senator Dianne Feinstein - enabling her husband to get - millions of dollars of contracts - URS.

The recent election held by the San Francisco County Democratic Committee - saw some changes - those that favored the large developers and those that purported to serve the people - the commons. 

Those that favored the large developers - were ousted - but they are hovering around - like leeches - and we have to be on our watch.

For once those wanting to serve the " Commons " - won. 

 Daily we have to deal - with those people - ignorant - systemic and chronic - lacking education, lacking access to empirical data - not aware about meaningful process -  who bark up the wrong tree.

Talk the talk - speak in generalities - ignorant on issues - planning and land use, transportation, safety, education, child care, health programs - in short Quality of Life issues.

The many so called Black leaders - who are on the take - and screwing the constituents of San Francisco - have been exposed and will be exposed - Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis, Dr. Churchwell,  Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones,  Christine Johnson,  Amos Brown, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, London Breed - those who are appointed by the Mayor Edwin M. Lee on the many commissions - and those who cozy up to the Mayor - all they do is - rubber stamp.

Native Americans kept this land pristine - that is until the atrocious  " strangers " - stole the land, raped the women, took the children and brain washed them, killed the men - and we see more of this today - accept - that it is done - behind close doors - we call that wheeling and dealing.

When you agree - to permit developers to building thousands of homes on contaminated land - at Pier 70, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - you are putting innocent people in harms way. Bombard by high levels of radiological elements - cesium, radium, other high level radiation - this is wrong.

Here is San Francisco - the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and we have all the empirical data - and the patrimonial jurisdiction - over San Francisco and beyond.

I represent the  Muwekma Ohlone on key issues pertaining to land and other Quality of Life issues.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - as their Tribal Liaison.

The key City officials all know this - and must always remember - " he laughs best who laughs last ".

Those that ride a high horse - will have a steep fall.

We have watched the DNC - and we have heard the many platitudes.

We are organized - like minded sisters and brothers - we do not deal with sell outs.

We believe in law and order - we believe in knowing and exerting our rights - we believe in just - we believe in respecting all - we believe in God - many of us have served our Nation - and that is all that matters.

We are for JUSTICE - we do not want honors and certificates

Praise from those who hearts are wicked - their minds filled with evil thoughts.

 They speak in fork tongues - and think they will succeed - but little do the know - that their time has come. Aho.