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Sunday, July 17, 2016


Ignorance is something that is prevalent is most circles - and when the SYSTEM - uses " bait and switch " - and most ignorant people - fall for the " bait " - pandemonium - reigns - supreme.

In the year 2016 - it is amazing - how the " authorities that be " - use misinformation - to deceive, hoodwink, and let so many so astray - far away from the " target " - the " facts " - increasing ignorance - creating a situation - where many people are brainwashed - and have no clue what is happening - at ground zero.

Without blinking an eye - many that address - the present situation prevalent in the United States - fall in the trap - of the politicians.
  The MACHINE - that has divided us all - and created - the greatest disparity that ever existed in our Cities - all over the Nation.

Billions of dollars fund the misinformation - on some level the operations of the KOCH Brothers - reveal how deep they go into creating focus teams, fund universities, give grants - and have organizations and other - under their control.

It is the same with SF City Hall - and how they dole grants and to those that will do anything at their behest. The use tactics that those trained - know how to detect - often making fools of themselves.

It should be know that those that have been trained - those that are educated on issues - those that have wisdom - will not follow nor be led by the blind.

The recent murder of three law enforcement in Baton Rogue - today - July 17, 2016 -  has send shock waves - all over the Nation.

We should feel the shame when anyone dies - but so many hundreds have died - thousands we if tally the years - that many of us - are immune to the situation at hand. Most of them people of color.

Now slowly as if by osmosis penetrating the suburbs - we see this evidence - tit for tat - all over the Bay Area.

Most of us are blind - to the underlying factors - that those who think they are Scott Free - now must deal with - the situation at hand.

Going forward it want be pretty - and many a time - innocent people fall prey - to the misdeed of a " lone wolf or wolves ".

A terminology used - when someone takes upon herself or himself - to cause harm to others - often ending with death - totally uncalled for - but the reality of the day.

President Barack Hussein Obama

The President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - the Attorney General Loretta Lynch - others that must step up to address the situation at hand - and now wondering - why so called " lone wolves " - take matters into their own hand - and murder police officers.

The public at large - wants law and order to be in place.

The public in large - has every right to be protected - and no one that is simply STOPPED - for no reason whatsoever - or profiled even if warranted.

No citizen of the United States - no constituent of this great Nation - should be shot at first and then questions asked.

This has happened too many times - we have the " empirical data and we have more " - again and again - those that are blinded - defend those that must protect us - but have got used to use blatant - para-military tactics - to kill first and then ponder their misdeeds.

Our judicial system has protected the " Police Bill Of Rights " - carte blanche - giving Law Enforcement - " browny points " - while in most cases - inferring the victim stopped - the victim interrogated -  " did something wrong " - when that is not the fact.

Our judicial system - favor the attorneys that lie and use fake logic - and when you are in the courts - and have to keep quiet and hear the statements - in an instance - you know that our " judicial system" is corrupt - too many innocent people incarcerated and too many innocent people - killed.

Attorney Loretta Lynch - has not done a thing - to bring those involved in " murders " - by the SF Police Department to justice.

We have requested her to send us - that entity linked to the Department of Justice - that deals with Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights issues. That entity that can investigate and and adjudicate. That entity that follow best practices - that is non-existent in San Francisco.

San Francisco  - a so called progressive City - that is known for its corruption and racial discrimination.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

What is so wrong - when the empirical data is given and again and again - the law is used to circumvent - the law - and those citizens that should be protected - are sent to jail - just because they cannot afford - high powered - so called attorneys.

Recent incidents have proven that when video footage is made available - in most cases - the Law Enforcement - have failed - to follow the process - the training linked to de-escalation - is simply thrown to the wind.

Again and again - we see Law Enforcement - act as if they are in a war zone - they arrive and in seconds shoot and kill - and then ponder about  their sordid actions.

No one should kill first - and then somewhat think - that they can remedy the situation. 

What is disgusting - is when the " Police Bill of Rights " is held high - and " rogue police officers " - protected.

Here in San Francisco we have about 2000 Police Officers.

Here in San Francisco for all the talk - by our SF Police Commission and the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) - we have FAILED to incorporate - sound Community Policing.

The San Francisco Police Commission - has made a mockery of its failed system - the SF Police Commission  rubber stamping - again and again.

The drab comments by Joe Marshall - a Police Commissioner - just listening to him - one would think - he lives on a another  planet.  He is a disgrace to the human race.

The Office of Citizens Complaints  (OCC) - famous for procrastination - has failed to adjudicate cases - in a timely, manner.

Again and again - victims have to suffer - when they are led to the OCC for adjudication and help - and have to wait for months and years - to get any meaningful - resolution.

An inordinate number of Blacks - have been incarcerated.

Never mind a lot of those incarcerated - a result of poor legislation brought about by then President Bill Clinton and others. Policies backed once by Hillary Clinton - who is not to be trusted.  Yet, we have Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Blacks - backing this very corrupt person of sorts.

Here in San Francisco - the Black population is around 2% of our total population - which is around 640, 000.

Yet in our jail system - it is common to see 50% of those incarcerated are Black. 

What is not revealed to the public at large - the many - waiting in our jails - for some type of appearance before a judge - simply because they cannot make - BAIL.

Just reviewing our BAIL system - the many lingering in our jails - who cannot make bail - will make anyone - PUKE.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about this situation in San Francisco.

Our SF Board of Supervisors and more the two House Negros - London Breed and Malia Cohen - have NO clue - nor have they done - anything to address this situation at hand.

Our District Attorney - George Gascon has his eyes on the prize - he wants to be the next California Attorney General! 

District Attorney George Gascon - has come before bodies and promised them quick adjudication  -  so far  George Gascon - has NOT charged anyone - in all the cases - he seems to be reviewing.

Every time you ask for adjudication - he has some excuse.

It is the same with Kamala Harris - the present California Attorney General - who is running for former Senator Barbara Boxer's Office.

State Attorney General Kamala Harris -
running for the Senate seat vacated by -
Babara Boxer - doing nothing about pending cases -
in which SF Police Officer have murdered innocent people.

Kamala Harris does not want to be embroiled in cases that matter - she does not want to ruffle any feathers. Selfish to the core - she is playing is safe - and she is not fit to REPRESENT.

Kampala Harris wants to be the next Senator - rake in the millions - and betray the millions - who once thought - she would at least be half way decent - she is as FAKE as they come.

Kamala Harris failed us in San Francisco when she was our District Attorney  she and George Gascon are friends - and so it goes -  " birds of a feather - flock together ".

We have some pressing cases in San Francisco - Alex Nieto, Amilcar Perez, Lopez,  Mario Woods,  Jessica Williams,  Luis  Gongora - others too many to mention - all being investigated by District George Gascon - who has failed us all.

It does not help that the constituents are baffled - more as fact are explained to them in detailed - shocked that our Judicial System is clogged - our SF Police Department ripe with corruption of the highest order.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog - who has no clue what is happening - again and again - he has been an utter - failure.

Governor Jerry Brown has yet to say something - meaningful.

Not a whimper from Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - on all the murders by SF Police Department - that is how they protect the MACHINE.

In the year 2016 - we have the poor and  those living pay check to pay check - we call them affectionately - the one percent.

Then you have the 95% that has control of 90% of our Nation's wealth. 95% plus 1% equals 96% - you try to figure out who controls the other 4%.

When we factor that trillions of dollars are involved - you can gauge for yourself - who is in charge - and who really have the time and patience to care for the poor, the indigent - those that are expendable.

No one is talking about the Middle Class.

It is the Middle Class that brings about stability.

Today the Middle Class has vanished before our eyes - not vanishing but has vanished.

The Judicial System is corrupt - the politicians - no one has faith in them - Law Enforcement - the less said the better - our Nation is going through some serious turmoil.

Those who have to bare the blunt of the horrific incidents - innocent people - this is American - once know as Turtle Island.

Muwekma Ohlone  Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco.

Here in San Francisco - this is Muwekma Ohlone land - many of us are blinded - thinking there is some entity - that will protect  us - that is until - fate come to our door - then everything - changes.

Millions of families are traumatized - and the only thing we can do is stick together - pray together - work together - and take control of the situation - for our common - good.

We have to be educated on issues - study the process - empower ourselves to speak to the Truth.

Have your heart in the right place - with God on our side - we all take matter - can go a a better place.

Do not put your faith in the system that is very corrupt - the politicians that do the " devil's work " - more the House Negros - that are sell outs.

We have to vote - and put the right people in power - people that have a proven track record and vetted. Aho.