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Saturday, July 30, 2016


It is easy just to be a candidate - have a platform - raise money - speak to the constituents - and seat back and relax.

It is quiet different to be a candidate - have a meaningful platform - raise money without hurting the pocket - listen to the constituents - and work tirelessly - because - then - you have started a movement.

The majority of decent people have given up on the two major parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

The independents, the Green Party, the other minority parties - cannot simply compete with the two Giants - the Democrats and the Republican parties.

So, when Bernie Sanders - decided to run - on a platform that spoke to the young adults and those that care for Mother Earth - millions gathered - more volunteered - as has never, ever - been seen in recent - history.

Again and again - a deciding factor - to prompt the millions to move a better place - had to do with accountability and transparency.

So when we came to that point when we all decided - if the Democratic National Convention - had any transparency and accountability - everything came to a dead halt.

We learned about Debbie Wassermann Schultz - and how this one woman and her inner circle - defied decency - and did all in their power - to tarnish Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) and those that put it together and even those who stepped in - to keep the DNC a afloat - failed to abide by decency - plain standards - the with " intent " - deprived Bernie Sanders followers - from entering the DNC and participate and the deliberations.

We must now investigate who was in charge of depriving the Bernie Sanders followers - passes - stopping thousands from participating - at the DNC as they ought to have participated.

We have a right to protest - and when we the American Citizen - is deprived of this right - it is as if - " duct tape " - seals your mouth - and you are asked to speak.

We saw this when we saw many of the Bernie Sanders followers - blind fold themselves - other paste slogans - that spoke louder than the fake speakers on the podium - who were given - prepared speeches to deliver.

The lengthy Primary Elections - the many thousands of volunteer hours - spent by the Bernie Sanders volunteers.

The many one of a kind concepts - on education - on climate change - on minimum wages - on permanent jobs - on affordable housing - on child care - in short Quality of Life issues.

Hillary Clinton is deeply entrenched with the " establishment " - charging a quarter million dollars - to speak to the likes of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street - moguls. 

Hillary Clinton has deep ties with Wall Mart and was on their Board.

Wall Mart - that has denied benefits to its workers.

Loves to employ people - and give them temporary jobs - so that the employees cannot receive - health and other necessary benefits.

Hillary Clinton has written books - and then removed entire chapters from her book - just because - she changes her  "modus operandi " - to suit - what she has in mind - at any given moment.

Hillary Clinton was laughing when she said - she was for Climate Change - that she was for the scientists.

 Hillary Clinton is deeply entrenched with those nefarious entities - that are for creating companies to tap into " fracking ". She just utters words - that people hear - and before they can figure out - more about Hillary Clinton - they truly believe that Hillary Clinton understand Climate Change - when she is backing large corporation - that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Foot Print.

FRACKING has contributed to increasing the Carbon Footprint - but Hillary Clinton would not know that - at least judging from her diatribe.

All over the world - as Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton brags that she has gained experience - she had not. For sure not among those larger countries that matter China, Russia, Brazil - and many African countries - including Rwanda - where when asked about the " genocide " - she was rude to the reporter - who asked the question.

When it comes to " Blacks Lives Matter " - every single time - some one has confront Hillary Clinton - with the issue - she has retorted with utter - defiance.

Hillary is from the South - but she has forgotten about how Blacks experienced slavery.

Blacks were discriminated against for over 200 years.

Blacks were lynched - Blacks were deprived of opportunities - and still are.

How long ago - do you think Rosa Parks - had to defy the laws - to dare sit in front of the bus?

How long ago - do you think - that women and Blacks - could vote freely - without any encumbrance?

Why are Native Americans still held on Reservation and treated like dirt?

Sell out Blacks and House Negros - have no clue that President Bill Clinton enacted laws - that forced judges to send more Blacks - other than any other - segment of the population - to jail for longer terms - on petty drug infringements.

The Clintons have established a Foundation - with dictators and the Saudis contributing millions.

The  Clintons are about money - live a good life - and have no clue what so ever - how ordinary people live - and more how they suffer.

We have 50 million poor - so called " indigent " people in the United States of America. 

We have a population of about 320 million.

We have an area of 3, 317, 812. 8 square miles.

The Great Spirit blessed Turtle Islands - with many resources.

We know who respected Mother Earth - and who has contaminated Mother Earth. We know who has been " greedy " - and who has respected - Mother Earth.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Hillary Clinton is so full of it - much like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein.

Many others - all Democrats the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Supervisors Katy Tang,  Malia Cohen,  Mark Farrell,  Scott Wiener and London Breed - they all talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.

Closer to home we just experienced the elections - of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. On one side those that supported the " developers " - or the other side those that say they are for the " people " - this time around - those that sided with the people - won.

Again the situation is like comparing - being on a " frying pan " or in the " fire ". Time will tell.

The two parties the Democrats and the Republicans - have chosen " greed " to be their primary goal.

The leaders of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are  - spiritually bankrupt. Not once has this " important " issue been discussed by the Main Media - that thrives - on disinformation and more misinformation.

It is not uncommon for those in power - to spent in excess of eighty percent of their time - raising money - filling their campaign coffers - while neglecting - the constituent they must work for.

Those to home we just have to review the donations of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - these scum bags - have NO intention representing - they will sell their mothers - to fill their sordid - campaign coffers.

Here in San Francisco - many have been murdered on our streets - by San Francisco Police Officers.

This is a Safety issue - but not a word from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - and absolutely not a whimper - from Senator Dianne Feinstein - on the many murders - committed by SF Police Officers.

We have been monitoring a very serious situation - SF Police Officers and other officers - more and more - using para-military tactics - on innocent constituents - who pay the salaries - of the SF Police Officers.

The  so called inept, spineless - Representatives - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom,  Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Edwin M. Lee - all Democrats - who have FAILED us all.

We are at a cross road - the people that matter - the COMMONS - have been taken for a ride - but not for long - the REVOLUTION - that was started - must go on - with young leaders - leading the charge.

The time is now - and this time around - no one must sell out to the Democrats and worse still to the Republicans. Aho.