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Sunday, July 10, 2016


President Barrack Hussein Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer - at least  that is what my good friends tell me.  You would not know it - with all the discrimination, blatant targeting of segments of the population more poor and indigent, ignorant people talking bad about people who know little if nothing about cultural competency - and so on.

Recently the President has chosen to speak about the current affairs - where Law Enforcement - have taken upon themselves to shoot and kill - and then ask question - later. Making some general statement - begging the question.

These despicable acts cannot be forgiven easily - more  -when you tally these " murders " - and the President of the United States - addresses - the situation at hand - in a nonchalant manner.

I would like the President to address the Police - Bill of Rights - and ask the President if he could address this issue which gives Police - carte blanche rights - forbidding an investigation - where empirical data is denied under the Freedom of Information Act or other State Acts. 

We need a reform that gives those victims that want access to such information - in a timely manner - to fully understand why the State and Federal government - shelters those " rogue enforcement officers " - that must be investigated, tried, and then sent to jail - just like an other hard working tax paying - citizen of the United States or those that legally live or work here.

The President has been visiting California - again and again to collect donations in totally in the millions - he has been using San Francisco, Los Angeles - as a cash cow.

Not once has he chosen  "in cognito"  to visit the poorer neighborhoods of San Francisco - thousands spent on his security each time he come to San Francisco.

Our congested roads further congested - each time he comes - I do not know if he wears blinders - but he should be visiting the indigent on our streets - with or without his security detail. He should be in touch with what happens at ground zero - in San Francisco where over 30, 000 are homeless - many living in cars, under bushes, under bridges - crashing four and five families - here, there - every where.

The homeless adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - dedicating and urinating our our streets - now invading our neighborhoods - and the President may think these many homeless are taking a vacation - when most of  the affect are sick, stressed, humiliated, and more when they have children with them.

So has Hillary Clinton - who the President has chosen to endorse and support - when the Nation as a whole - does not " trust " Hillary Clinton.

And now more and more people are  moving away from President Barrack Hussein Obama - confused - more with his latest statements on the state of our Nation - shallow and lacking - honesty.

This Nation once named Turtle Island - belonged - " in toto " to the " Native Americans ".

The Muwekma Ohlone

represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the President and his lackey should look up the Muwekma Ohlone - all this land we call San Francisco was stolen. The children sent to boarding schools. The women raped. 

Up until 1924 the Governors of California - sent edicts - you could scalp a California Native American and fetch $5 for a scalp. The President may not know this fact - this history - and it is essential for him to know about this and more. So should his anointed Attorney General - who has not been fair to San Francisco - with all the murders committed by San Francisco Police Officers.

The President Barrack Hussein Obama - for all his talk - had ample opportunities - to push for Federal Recognition " - to respect and honor the First People of American - once known as Turtle Island.

The many tribes in the United States - who are treated worse than second class citizens - in their own land.

The Muwekma Ohlone were Federally Recognized until 1927 and then illegally removed - from the Federal Register by by a Bureau of Indian Affairs agent L.A. Dorrington.

The Muwekma Ohlone should be put on the Federal Register - and over night there will be meaningful reforms - and San Francisco - will shine light where there is abject darkness today.

Our Nation had no business to go to Iraq and we had no business messing with Libya. 

Again and again - we are quick to judge the countries  - where we with intent went and messed the lives of millions of innocent people. 

Today the cries to heaven cry for justice and restitution - what is happening in America today - may be linked to the misdeeds, the murders we have committed- with or without - intent. God see it all - and our Supreme Court - has stated - " corporations are people too " - Go Figure.

We know that but our " foreign policy makers " - lack the acumen need to be " intelligent policy makers who can make sound decision on empirical data having humanity and compassion in mind ".

Iraq that once has some semblance today has no steady electricity - no clean drinking water - no peace of mind - the sectarian division between the Shia and Sunni is so deep - the worst ever in history.

The blatant mistakes we made in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, Afghanistan and many other places too many to mention - have now come to roost in our Nation.

Our Nation has spent billions on the War Machine - and hundreds have become billionaires - and thousands millionaires - all of them part of the One Percent.

President Barrack Hussein Obama knows this  fact - as does his predecessor - George W Bush - who initiated many of these actions - with his good friend former Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair. 

Both dipped into the Blood Money - and thought all was good - until misfortune hit them both - they leave no legacy - they are know - scum bags - and have blood on their hands. Never mind the excuses they make - today.

I am old enough to have followed the events - I am also old enough to have had the opportunity to visit all the countries - I visited and named above.

Today these countries  are adversely impacted - I visited them all  in the early 1970s.

Then following the events in these countries - and I have written about the state of affairs - again and again - but the pleas of those that have " wisdom " - have fallen on deaf ears.

The cries of the innocent children killed in these countries, the women and elders - all cry to heave for justice - and will not fall on deaf ears - God see it all - and God will judge those that have no heart, less compassion - more who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The trillions our Nation has spent on wars - murdering innocent people - be it in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in other countries too many to mention - have come to haunt us.

Simply put it is called - Karma.

Our Nation's debt is in the trillions. 

Soon only to pay the interest - our Nation - will soon - have this increasing " debt " - the third or fourth - important item on our budget - amounting in trillions.

We need as a Nation - to address our continuing debt on a war footing. Our largest debt to China.

The trillions we spent on our war - murdering innocent citizens that we truly had no war with - none of them attacked our Nation.

When 9/11 happened - the majority of those involved were from Saudi Arabia - we should have dealt with the Saudis - but we did not.

We are in bed with the Saudis - selling them our best weapons - our state of the art jet fighters that we tax payers pay for  - talking from both sides of our mouth - our dumb - policy makers.

The Saudis continue to treat their women like chattel - fund terrorism all over the world - the madrases in Pakistan for example - in Indonesia - and other countries.

Islam is a religion of PEACE - I know it - because from young - I had Muslim friends - even though I am Catholic.

I had other friends and learned from young - how to understand and appreciated other faiths and cultures.

The current President, of the United States, the U.S.  Attorney General, the Secretary of State, our Congressperson, our Senators  - others - have chosen to react fast - and seek war - to resolve incidents - that have not been vetted - with - " wisdom".

When leaders become " spiritually bankrupt " - that is what they do. Then for all their empty words - they are looked upon as fools.

Few of them will take a very strong stand - because most of them do not have their heart in the right place - and I will bold to say - again - spiritually bankrupt.

Babylon modern day Iraq is the land of Abraham the Father of All Nations.

What we did to Iraq is despicable to say the least  and we learned nothing from all our  sordid actions. 

We did the same in Libya and we continue to do it - to any other Nation - that does not do our bidding - today.

The trillions spent - warring, causing confusion, the present situation of the refugees all over Europe - in Canada -  more -that Germany and other European countries are taking in - in causing hardship, divisiveness, and other situations - akin to the refugees situation witnessed during World War II.

Few remember our benevolence during World War II - when I lived in Europe - the older Europeans - spoke of those times - and how they appreciate to this day - the kindness of we Americans.

We here in America have NO clue about how our stupid actions - have affected so many Nations  in the last 20 years for sure. 

It is not the people of America that are at fault - by large measure -   the actions of those few - who chose to go to war without pondering, without using patience, trying negotiations.

 I am not going to go further - except to say Billionaires and Millionaires made money - and those in Government got kick backs. Go figure.

Our Nation's infrastructure could all have been fixed.

 The roads with pot holes, the poor bridges that are falling apart, all over our Nation.

Our Nations  schools in disrepair, our hospitals lacking the state of art equipment, our Nation is hurting - and no one wants to talk sincerely - about these sad state of affairs.

That includes Barrack Hussein Obama. Recently he has cut the budget for the Veterans - the very ones that gave their lives for this Nation - sent to war by the careless actions - of politicians - blood thirsty - lacking compassion - and less having no heart.

The 2008 economic debacle messed our economy - millions lost their savings - our President Barrack Hussein Obama chose to bail out large financial institutions - without fully consulting the American people - the constituents of America - the same people he addresses in a nonchalant manner - today.

Even today with all that has happened - the larger financial institutions get money - at very low interests - then loan the money at higher interests - and the same nonsense is going on - without any detail monitoring and enforcement.

Today in America we have the one percent that control ninety five percent of the Nation's wealth.

The President Barrack Hussein Obama must think about this one fact - and feel the pain of the millions who are now living in tents.

More, under bridges, in cars - most on the streets of cities all over our Nation - facing inclement weather.

Do not tell me - when sixty percent of the Nation's population which is hurting - stressed to the maximum,  living pay check to check, not knowing what will befall them tomorrow - someone who lives in the White House - and in catered to all his needs - genuinely - feels for the poor - the indigent - those mentally and physically challenged - our senior - those with compromised health.

The President Barrack Hussein Obama - is a politician first!
Believe you me. Politician say what you want you hear - and most are not sincere - with their words - nor with their intentions.

While the politicians are busy raking in millions, the President himself wheeling and dealing with large corporations.

No one in their mind  -  will give you millions in donations - without expecting something in return.

How many trips has the President made to California ?

Why are we hurting in California? Why are we hurting in San Francisco?

If the President has guts - let him tell his anointed Attorney General - to send a task force - from the Department of Justice - the one that can address Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights - to address the many " murders " - committed by the San Francisco Police Department - and quickly adjudicate the murder cases.

The Attorney General keeps sending Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)  - a  drab outfit of the Department of Justice - that I call the Department of Jokers.

COPS interviews people - has NO power to investigate and adjudicate.

Waste millions of tax payers money - preparing large documents - thousands of pages - bringing out these mundane documents - every six months - this nonsense must stop.

COPS must be dismantled - now.

More with an acronym - that is deceiving to say the least.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - worked for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - worked hard and received many commendations - in the service of my Nation.

These commendation I treasure more than any other.

San Francisco is a RACISTS city - and in our inner neighborhoods - No opportunities are given - creating the worst type of divisiveness - that the President seems not to be aware off.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi 

San Francisco purports to be affiliated to the lame Democratic Party - not a word from our Senator Dianne Feinstein, not a single meaningful word from Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - on our " murders " at the hands of  " rogue SF Police Officers ".

The thousands of homeless - rampantly increasing - the filthy,  the prospects of infectious diseases,  all sorts of serious issues linked to hygiene - families with children sleep on the streets of San Francisco.

The increase in heroin related deaths in San Francisco - has ben kept hush.

Meth pills served to the youth and young adults - the " high on drugs " - not taken seriously by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a poor leader, lacking vision - and a panderer  - second to none.

San Francisco has a budget of $9.6 Billion -  A Mayor who I have met one on one - has no clue about de-escalation - linked to Violence Intervention and Prevention.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco - has no idea about meaningful community policing - even though we the community have a detailed plan in place since 2002.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has no idea about cultural competency,  more he has no idea about a vision that can bring people together - a poor fellow that will leave no legacy.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a disgrace to the human race - and more Smithsonian.

The President Barrack Hussein Obama wants to invite Community Leaders and those who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement - to the White House - the President has NOT mentioned our youth and young adults - who are targeted. 

This happens all the time- the " idiots " gather and decide what to do and how to do things - they do not listen to the segment of the population that matters - and millions are spent - and nothing much happens.

We need a  " Summit on Meaningful Community Policing " - here in San Francisco - Google, Facebook, Salesforce, others can sponsor the Summit - here in San Francisco - that can lead the way.

We have had many protests in San Francisco - and more will be held -  in larger numbers.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set San Francisco on fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is busy pandering to the primitive methods used - his drab Street  Intervention and Violence Prevention policies  - with no de-escalation training what so ever.

No idea of meaningful Cultural Competency - having no idea about related issues linked to health - respiratory diseases, cancer, lead in in our water,  poor nutrition,  faulty childcare, no affordable housing for those that need it most.

Rents for a one bedroom unit going for $3500 and two and three families living in a one bed room unit. 

Where is the standard for living properly - more humanity - Quality of Life issues.

Breeding grounds for stress, poor health, and violence  of every kind - domestic and other kind - in our unique - neighborhoods. 

Add to this harassment by San Francisco Police Department - who treat those that live in the Pacific Heights differently - and more shooting and killings - happen in the poorer neighborhoods. 

Superfund Sites that leech radioactive elements - radium, cesium in high levels,  contaminated buildings that innocent people are placed in with intent  - just because they are poor and indigent.

Why must thousands of innocent infants and children - be exposed to such conditions and what is President Barrack Hussein doing about it?

We know the Environmental Protection Agency is impotent - we know the White House has failed miserably on the East Coast feeding innocent people with contaminated drinking water - it is no different in San Francisco - in our Public Housing contaminated with lead in the water.

We have a rampant increase in youth truancy in San Francisco - and no man power to deal with this pressing issue.

Our children - more mentally and physically challenged -  mistreated and abused in the San Francisco United School District - yet the Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - not address this situation nor other pertinent issues - a clueless, dumb, person - many cases lingering in our Courts against him. Time will tell.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) not only among Queer youth but straight youth  - in the thousands.

 Our SF Health Department with a $2 Billion budget - is fast asleep in the cockpit - but not for long

President Barrack Hussein Obama - lives on another planet - or so it seems - from his prepared statement - written by someone else - time the President who has one think in common with me - both his Father and I were born in Kenya.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and very proud of this fact.