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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I have lived long enough - travelled far enough - spoken to countless individuals - from all over the world - educated myself well enough - to understand and more fathom - how our governments local, state, and national - must maintain some decorum - with transparency and accountability - and fail to do so.

The recent Democratic National Convention was a charade.

I feel for the volunteers and the many millions who contributed to Bernie Sanders - on an average $27 - unlike the millions poured into the Hillary Clinton campaign - coffers.

Even as some speakers concluded - they encouraged those listening - to go to Hillary Clinton's website and contribute. Bottom line it is all about money.

We all remember how President Bill Clinton looked at the camera - and point blankly stated: " I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky ".

Well, we all know - how that episode ended.

Caught in that famous sordid cobweb was Hillary Clinton - and so many others. 

The real truth was never revealed - but there are some - living that know more - and so as the facts filter - some of us know more.

Monica Lewinsky suffers a lot - and still has to be very careful - such are the shenanigans of the Clintons.

Life is a journey - and if you are a politician - money factors in most  - as one's key deliberation.

Hillary Clinton for example accepted money from Donald Trump. Not once but many times.

So, it does not matter - if now she and others are hurling stones at Donald Trump - who I do not endorse at all.

 We know for a fact - that Hillary Clinton accepted money from Donald Trump and so did many of those that spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary Clinton accepted millions from the Saudis - under the guise the money when to the Bill Clinton Foundation - other dictators contributed to the Bill Clinton Foundation - too.

As far as I am concerned - anyone can tell stories - and President Bill Clinton is a consummate story teller - he knows when to say what and how to say it. 

He could keep us glued with this choice of words - painting pictures - taking us one moment to a nice place - and then suddenly - revealing a fact or some half baked truths.

Most of those who are naive -  those ignorant - salivate and come out of that temporary trance - much more confused.

We know that President Bill Clinton could have saved millions of lives in Rwanda - he allowed that " genocide " - to happen.

We know in like manner - Hillary Clinton could have stopped the bombing and killing of thousands in Libya - but that happened.

More, because Mommar Ghadafi - wanted to create his own 'monetary system " - complete with the backing of " bullion " better known - to the world as gold.

The Euro and other currencies - would be impacted - so we went in and did what we do best - bombed him - captured him - and left his country - a large area - but a population of about one million - in disarray.

Libya today is in disarray - so is Iraq - so is Afghanistan, so is Syria - the adverse consequences meted out to the countries I have mentioned - have adversely impacted - Europe - in large measure.

 Here in America - do not even know - the details - of how - it all happened. We keep being educated by the Main Media - and has kept our population - ignorant. We are on many levels that laughing stock of the world.

We listen to the Main Media - the same Main Media that worked against Bernie Sanders. 

For all the good Bernie Sanders did - he was a marked man. 

In the end - some one paid all Bernie Sanders' debts - and told him - his best option was to accept - the tainted gift - save his life and that of his family - and the rest in history.

Today after Bernie Sanders - witnessed the roll call - the tallying on the votes - he magnanimously - declared that all the votes he received a substantial amount - be gifted to Hillary Clinton.

Then in the same breath declared Hillary Clinton - the unanimous candidate - to run for the Democrats - for the November, 2016 - Presidential elections.

To the many volunteers who cried and keep crying - to the others who are so angry that they have vowed to leave the Democratic Party - to others like myself - who will never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton - we have other choices.

We must always learn - never get mad - get even.

Always never permit - those that are demonic in nature - to give you ulcers,  perturb you, control you not one bit  - you stand tall - learn from your actions - and the next time around - go to a better - place - strong, with fortitude and determination second to none.

As a young child - I was stricken with polio - my entire half side of my body paralyzed.

I fought the disease as best I could - today only the extreme part of my left side - my left leg suffer from atrophy - or paralysis.

I learned to box and play contact sports - did well and still can participate and stand my ground.

I fully comprehend what is means to compete - what is means to succeed in life - what is means to debate and win - what is means to undertake a large project - that most will not take - and deliver a first class product.

I participated in Desert Shield / Desert Storm. That war ended quickly in less than two months - but the logistics and other preparations were second to none - and I played a key role - in serving my Nation.

In my life I have contributed as best I could - changed lives - and have a satisfaction - where ever I have been - that I have been able to accomplish - all I want - with distinction.

The United States is a young nation - there are other Nations that are much older. 

In fact here in the United States if you read the history of the Six Nations - Native American tribes - the Iroquois and their contribution to society - they all practiced a better and more profound democracy - than is our system - we dare call - democracy. of a sort.

The Electoral system is flawed. 

The Super delegates is a shame - and defies fair play and standards. Less morals, and even less ethics - some feudal system that is long gone -  some foul smell still lingering around.

Our Nation must change - and this episode in front of the world - at the Democratic National Convention - has revealed to voters - that in our Nation - votes can be bought.

Money is the fundamental instrument - to put any candidate - however tainted, sordid, immoral, a liar - in place.

We have had Presidents before - perhaps President Eisenhower  - best serves an example - being a just man - a man with wisdom - learning much about war - and serving his Nation well.

President Carter - is another one - that believed in acting right and doing right - and to this day - we appreciate - what he does to contribute to the entire - world.

A scumbag like Hillary Clinton - others like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, another one Senator Dianne Feinstein - are just that scumbags - none of them represent - they fill their campaign coffers with glee.

They wheel and deal - telling the tax payers what they want to hear - and stabbing them - all in the back.

This land - all of it - belongs to the Native Americans.

Here is San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - as their Tribal Liaison.

The strangers - who now strangely practice democracy - scalped the Native Americans - for a measly $5 up until 1924. - in California

The Native American children were taken to boarding schools - deprived of speaking in their native tongue - and brain washed.

The women raped and killed. The men too - killed and no questions asked.

The genocide committed in California - between 1846 to 1873 - brought the Native American population from 150, 000 to 30, 000.

It is a shame in the year 2016 - the Native Americans who were here for thousands of years - are now put on Reservations and treated like second class citizens.

If a Native American tribe in not on the Federal Register - you are treated like dirt bag.

The Department of Interior - ransacked a trust fund -  amounting to billions - the Native Americans are told some story - how a flood - washed away the records - but God knows that is a lie.

Here is California 18 treaties were signed - millions of acres set aside - money promised - but the treaties were not ratified.

In recent years - we have gone to countries - and bombed innocent people - we had no justification to bomb and war with Iraq and we did that - and today - see the results.

Babylon - modern day Iraq - the land of Abraham the Father of all Nations. Did you know that?

It is the same with Syria and Afghanistan.

With Libya and in the pipe line Iran, and any country that does not do our bidding. We did that with the Banana Republics - those of  us - that care to read and discern - what is right and what is not.

Today in our Nation we have 49 million - indigent people.

We have a population of about 314, 000, 000 in America.

We have millions incarcerated - not a word about them at the Democratic National Convention. Most of them Black - many trapped and sent to jail - today's slave plantations.

Some of us hoped that Bernie Sanders would win - we did this victory - and had he won - he would have opened the windows and doors - swept the cobwebs - away.

Remind those that need to be reminded - this time - you deprived the " decent constituent of their right  - to practice democracy ".

The decent,  the innocent,  those with their heart in the right place - were cheated - deprived - and many wept and will weep for days if not weeks - and this is wrong -  the evil have no sympathy.

We must have HOPE - and we must learn to think outside the box - act with an organization and led by stellar and astute leaders.

 The " revolution " for change and justice - has planted a seed.

That seed must be nurtured - and leaders found anew - to create a even tighter knit organization.

To bring forth a leader - a new President to lead our Nation - to take us all - that know better - are decent - have fortitude - to a better place.

God bless America - God bless those decent people - who stand for justice.

 God bestow peace of mind and health - to those that hope the best for our Nation - more folks like those who backed Bernie Sanders. Aho.