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Friday, July 22, 2016


Today is Mario Woods Remembrance Day.

Today - July 22, 2016 is a day set aside to remember Mario Woods - today is also his birthday - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - unanimously - voted to declare July 22 as Mario Woods Remembrance Day.

Let us not mess it up - by declaring that today is also a day - for those that serve the public - especially if this - tarnished and maliciously concept - comes from the San Francisco Police Association.

Let us keep it real - a number of San Francisco Police Officers - cornered Mario Woods - nine in all - and five of them - shot and killed Mario Woods - in cold blood.

The Justice for Mario Woods  Coalition has been meeting for the last nine months - and has continued to do - the heavy lifting.

The meetings held every Thursday - are well attended by the ardent supporter and leaders - who will fight - for JUSTICE.
For all decent San Franciscans - this land of the Ohlone.

Mrs Gwen Woods - with the photograph
of Mario Woods in the back ground -
we all feel the pain - but no one can feel the pain
of any mother - that has lost a loved - child. R.I.P.

All these day and months - since that fatal day - November 2, 2015 - all of us advocates  - have studied the video footage - broken it down - frame by frame - there was absolutely NO need - to have shot - Mario Woods - let us make this very clear - to those that think other wise.

The video footage is available to anyone - and world wide - the more some racists rise and favor the murder - the more the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - that has taken up this cause - wins - support - world wide.

The Police were formed hundreds of years ago - and have their origins as " slave catchers ". Today hiding under the " Police Bill of Rights " - some " rogue police officers " - think that their blatant racism will be tolerated. They better think twice.

Today is a day set aside for Mario Woods - it is called " A remembrance day for Mario Woods. Today July 22, 2016 and here after every July 22.

Today at 5 pm at the Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church - at Third and Paul - 6190 Third Street - in San Francisco - a vigil will be held. All are invited - good children, youth, young adults, women and men - all of good faith - come and join us - and let the healing begin.

Today - we will not ponder nor tolerate the haters. They can have their day - and for sure - we know - those that do harm with intent - will receive what is due them.

On Saturday - July 23, 2016 at 11 am - there will a celebration with music and food - at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. playground at Third and Carroll Street.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - has chosen this celebration - to begin the healing - with all those parents and friends - whose sons and daughters - were murdered at the hand of Law Enforcement - and were innocent - gathering and receiving the support of thousands - who stand by the families - who are victims.

Here is one of hundreds of frames -
that show how the SF Police Officers cornered -
Mario Woods - after walking with him some distance -
then 5 of the 9 Police Officers - opened fire -
shooting him over twenty times.

This is San Francisco - and we will not tolerate - this type of behavior from our SF Police Officers - who we pay very good salaries - most of them over $120, 000 plus excellent benefits.

None of us are of the opinion - that any San Francisco Police officer should not be respected and honored for the good work they do.

We all agree - and  many of the good, decent, hard working officers - are known to us and respected by us all.

It is the few - that are " rogue police officers " who shoot first and ask questions - later that we will NOT - tolerate.

A small memorial has been in place -
today family and friends - were
decorating - as I passed that way to the church
where the vigil will be held at 5 pm.

All SF police officer are paid by the tax payers - and we know that they know this - so, they should all know - and do know - who pays their salary - and who they must protect and more serve. As I said - and I say again - we respect and honor those Police Officers - that do their job - and we also know that the majority of them are good.

Mario Woods Remembrance Day
July 22, 2016

On this day of healing 
we embrace those that love and are peaceful
those that want to go 
to a better place
those whose hearts are in the right place

We gather today and tomorrow
to praise God and to do good
we have no time for losers -  haters -
we are focused on the prize
we need to support one another - and be blessed by God.

To Gwen Woods - the Mother of Mario Woods
I say:
" God bless you and give you all the strength
to weather this storm - heal - and have peace of mind "

This journey is not an easy one 
to the leaders I say: 
" Be educated on issues and the processes of this time -
we cannot overcome by vain talk but only by our walk "
We all in the MOVEMENT believe in JUSTICE
We can do this - and we will

To San Francisco I say:
" We cannot heal unless we rid ourselves
of the many biases - the blatant racism -
in some quarters "
We can do this - with meaningful dialog - in peace.

God bless America - its people and all there in.

Francisco Da Costa
July 22, 2016