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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Gwen Woods - Mario Wood's Mother -
strong, blessed, with fortitude - she speaks her mind -
to the Truth on her own terms. God Bless Her.

I was one of the first to write about " Mario Woods " as soon as I heard of the incident - and verified the facts.
Of great significance was that we had a video - much as I was one of the first to write about  " Oscar Grant " -  in that case too we had several videos. 

The digital world has allowed us to review any situation at hand - and see things - as they stand - the good, the bad and the ugly.

We led the movement - that led the " Oscar Grant " movement spreading far and wide. As in the case of Mario Woods - the well known Attorney handled the Oscar Grant - his name John Burris.

Even though we had a sound and viable case - with the Oscar Grant case - the forces to be - changed the venue of the case to Southern California .

The end result the Oakland Police Office - who murdered Oscar Grant - got a slap on his hand.  I will NOT mention the officer's name. 

Destiny does not discriminate - and so even though I have been - right from the on set - on three recent well known cases - the Oscar Grant case - the Alex Nieto case - and of course the Mario Woods case.

I have seen how each case has evolved - and not all that happens, said of the case - folks that that nothing to do with cases - brag and say things - that tarnish the case. We hear end note the facts - the chaff can fall by the way side - and lie there for all eternity.

One must be leery not to jump on any bandwagon - with foolishness written - on one's face - only to be exposed - and feel like a buffoon - when these scum bags - cannot speak to the TRUTH.

Again and again - when given the opportunity - Gwen Woods - the Mother of Mario Woods - has spoken as any Mother would of her child - murdered at the hands of anyone - murders that are unwarranted. 

Meetings start with introductions - that make no sense - people speak from both sides of their mouth - we fail to be laser beam focused - and then come Gwen Woods - and sets the tone. Gwen Woods has done this again and again.

We have so called leaders - who call meetings - that are spiritually - bankrupt. The murder of Mario Woods - touched our hearts - for a reason.  One of them to expose leaders that are true leaders - that show the way, know the way and go the way.

We clearly saw from the evidence - that those SF Police Officers - who were suppose to protect and serve us - the constituents - the tax payers - chose to "murder " - not thinking for a second - that all their sordid deeds - were recorded for all eternity.

The many murders - by SF Police Officers - where they shoot to kill and then ask questions - exposes the inherent racism - fortified by the " text messaging " hate messages that speak to this point and beyond.

Gwen Woods influenced by her father - taught her well - she still relates the salient and pertinent factors - how she paid deed to her Father's advice.

 Gwen Woods the mother of Mario Woods - took Mario Woods with her to Texas - so that he would not fall prey - to the Racism that is prevalent in San Francisco. She did this years ago - for good measure - but had to return to San Francisco - to care for her ailing mother - that need urgent help.

Few know about the " gang injunction " introduced by our City Attorney Dennis Herrera - for all the wrong reasons in San Francisco around 2004. 

In San Francisco we do not have gangs - as they do in Compton or Chicago - you want to learn more about gangs - go to the places I have mention above. 

The first gang injunction was declared at the Oakdale Public Housing area - and pastors were put on this " gang injunction" list - and with them some youth and young adults - and among them - Mario Woods.

I know several people who were on this gang injunction list - created hastily of those who worked on a " Gang Task Force " that present Chief - knows more than any one else - the in and outs of this Gang Injunction - but let us leave it at that.

Mario Woods mother is very intelligent - she is educated on issues - she can hold her own.

In the few times she has spoken - Gwen Woods - has revealed to us - in no certain terms - the sordid and blatant racism that is prevalent in San Francisco.

Racism in San Francisco - stinks to high heaven - in Room 200 where the Mayor who just happens to be Chinese - but all the same - is a Racist of a different kind.

It stinks to high heaven - in Room 250 at City Hall - where Supervisors - the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and Scott Wiener - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Have failed to represent the constituents - are in the position they have chosen - to rake in million - time is on our side - and we must not Vote for these scum bags - and more in November, 2016.

There is a Resolution that declares July 22, 2016 as a Remembrance Day honoring Mario Woods - the Resolution was unanimous.

The two House Negros we have as Supervisors - London Breed and Malia signed on the unanimous Resolution of sorts - but none of them - deemed fit at least for the first few years - to appropriate funds - to keep the memory of Mario Woods - alive.

We approached the SF Board of Supervisors - I should really say I  - on behalf of Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - about this matter - it seems to be going on where.

It cost money to built a sound stage - hire speakers and microphones.

Entertainers that charge money - have agreed to entertain for FREE. The least we can do - is have the right things in place - so that they can perform well and be satisfied with the mikes and speakers and what not that is much needed - for them to perform.

We must rent a generator - rent chairs and tables - buy food so that those that come can eat some - more children - and if 800 to a 1000 folks come to remember and continue the healing - they must be fed and be catered to as family.

Families come together - sing, praise - but the all must break bread - for in doing so - this one act amongst other acts - brings us all together.

The enemy does not want us to unite - but that will NOT stop us - we are RESOLVED - to be united - all of us - for one common purpose - to shed light where there is abject - darkness.

We did this with the Oscar Grant movement - meeting at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church for years - every Thursday - at 6 pm and often ending our meetings past 10 pm.

We went to Sacramento - hiring buses - and keeping our business private - just because we knew and more fully understood - how RACISTS our City was.

They will loan you a penny - with thousands of string attached - and so - we must stay away - from begging - and try to be self sufficient. That is just my - subjective opinion - stay away from those that have NOT represented the people - and more are selfish - and what is of paramount important - spiritually bankrupt.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield knew about the Oscar Grant movement, so did the present City Administrator Naomi Kelly who worked in the  SF City's Contract Department - before she became the City Administrator.

The present Mayor Edwin M. Lee who was head of the Department of Public Works - the City Attorney Dennis Herrera - others too many to mention - knew about the Oscar Grant Movement  - we were and are still are  - a force to reckon with.

The former District Attorney in Oakland - was removed from office - because of our advocacy. Few know about this - but let it be known.

Gavin Newsom who was running for the Governor's Office - got himself out or the race - and run for Lieutenant Governor - playing second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown - who is the present Governor of California.

When then Mayor Jerry Brown now Governor of California - in his foolish ordered military tanks to deal with the so called gangs in Oakland.

We took it upon ourselves  - to let him know in person - he, Jerry Brown - who has a long lasting relationship with some of us - had crossed the line - and he quickly " apologized " and assured us that he would not repeat that mistake again - and rightly so.

With the murder of Mario Woods - our lap dog Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - chose to play with fire - and those that play with fire - will be consumed with fire.

A woman - pregnant - carry a life five months - Jessica Williams had to be " murdered in cold blood" by a rogue SF Bayview Police Officer - for some changes to be made. This history will be interpreted in many other ways - time will tell.

When Blacks are murdered - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is very slow - to speak to the facts.

More, to take real measures - to bring about healing.

Today no one in San Francisco - respects this lap dog Mayor - he is like the weed in the wind - he shakes and rattles - any which way - the howling wind blows - he is shallow, inept, and lukewarm  - " and if you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth ".

The Mother of Mario Woods - may not be aware of the above facts - ( linked to the Oscar Grant Movement ).

 The Mother of Mario Woods - has all the same - exposed the blatant racism - that our City and County of San Francisco - practices on many levels. with impunity.

Our core values - that our City and County of San Francisco - is known for - are Compassion and Accommodation.

 We embrace all - and we take a stand - where other Cities fear to tread - we are San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi. We more and more - smell and reek of blatant racism - and time will reveal more - but the severe damage - has already been done.

You see this photograph - take a good look at it -
the Rotunda at SF City Hall - the ceremony -
the KKK in their hay day - doing what they do best -
planting the seeds of hatred and discrimination.
Circa 1938.

How many mothers must suffer - how many families - more, how many Black families - murdered by " rogue SF Police Officers "?

It is not as if I do not know the entire Command Group at the SF Police Department past and present. 

I happen to know the present Chief Toney Chaplin and he knows me.

 I can say with confidence that of Chief Greg Suhr and he know me too.

And I can go further and say that of Chiefs Heather Fong,  Earl Sanders,  Chief Jordon, and others - just to make a point. - more to connect the dots.

To heal the community at large  - we the constituents, the tax payers, the leaders that matter - must be at the table to bring about reconciliation.

 Not the shallow, pandering - SF Police Commission.

The procrastination - the drab Office of Citizen Complaints - taking their sweet time - until the statutory limits run out - the victims holding the empty bag.

 Our corrupt - hoodwink politicians inviting the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) who work for the Department of Justice - to come and interview us all and waste our time.

COPS interview folks - prepare lengthy documents - take years to come to some conclusion - while all the time - hoodwinking the public at large.

COPS is a JOKE - they have NO ability to investigate and less to investigate. Who is fooling whom.

Gwen Woods the mother of Mario Woods wants the world to know - that she took great care to nurture her son.

Took her son Mario Wood to Texas - to keep him from harms way.  

Had to come back to San Francisco - to take care of Gwen Woods mother - ailing from cancer - to which her mother scummed - may her soul rest in peace. 

Gwen buried her sister who died from Cancer and her aged father too. She suffered her trials and tribulation - hold two jobs to make ends meet. All the time keeping her sanity in tact - and being  good mother.

But - never in her wildest dreams did Gwin Woods a good Sister, a strong Mother and defender of Truth -  know - that she would have to bury her son - Mario Woods.

That favor was handed to her by the rogue SF Police Officers - that shoot first and ask question later. Who in their texts message call Black - " animals". This and more must STOP - and only we the community can do it. We must be laser beam focused - it is now or never.

Blacks were once twenty five percent of our population - ten years ago we were 650, 000. The Black population is now two percent - and spiraling.

We have House Negros talking about " Our Migration " - they fail to read less study - the " Unfinished Agenda ".

My name of Francisco Da  Costa - and those that know me -  know -I am not afraid of anyone.

Not afraid of any lap dog.  We have many lap dogs in San Francisco - who do not know the Truth - because they hide in the shadow of EVIL - committing evil acts all recorded - evil to the core.

We shed light where there is darkness.

We shed light and make the cockroaches flee - stomp them out - and clean the area.

We believe in transparency and accountability - being educated on issues - and we can stand our ground - with our hearts in the right place.

We have leaders that are NOT spiritually bankrupt - but we also have some that bark up the wrong tree - and as time goes - they will fall flat on their face - and learn. Sooner not latter.

WE shut City Hall many times - and each time we shut City Hall - we informed the Sheriff, the Chief of Police - in short we keep it real and transparent.

 When you walk the walk - you do not have to be afraid of anyone - not even the KKK - which is alive and kicking in San Francisco.

July 22, 2016 we will have an event at the Corner Stone Church - on Third Street at Paul Avenue - in the evening. Just opposite where Mario Wood was murdered - there is a small ready made monument to honor Mario Woods. May his soul Rest In Peace.

July 23, 2016 we will gather - at the Dr. Martin Luther King/K.C. Jones play ground on Third Street at Carroll Street.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, sisters and brothers - people from all walks of life, all segments of our population - diversity and unity will be personified - the event will begin at 10 am and will end at 3 pm.

Dr. Martin Luther King / K.C. Jones playground is on Third Street by Carroll Street. The Third Street Light Rail drops you right in front of the playground. 

You can connect to the Third Street Light Rail - by taking MUNI 44, 23, 24   - all stop - on Third Street and Palou Street.

You can also catch the MUNI 9, 8X and get down at Arleta by the Seven Eleven - hop on the Third Street out bound - and stop right by the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr / K.C. Jones playground.

This event will happen with or without any financial assistance from our City and County of San Francisco - that fleeces us - we all pay our taxes - we continue to get killed on our streets.

We pay big taxes and get little of needed services - more with this lap dog Mayor - Edwin M. Lee in office.

We spend a quarter billion on our homeless with NO meaningful results.

We the people are fed up - we have reached that saturation point.

 We know what is good and what is not - we know our rights - and we have a proven track record.

At least those of us who purport to have our heart in the right place and believe in God - call ourselves advocates and work for the people.

We honor Mario Woods as we must - and we honor the Mother of Mario Woods as we surely must. One of a kind woman - who can discern - and speak to the TRUTH.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

We must go and lead others - to a better place with our heart in the right place.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

This is Muwekma Land - the land was stolen - all of it - and I represent San Francisco and neighboring areas as the Tribal Liaison of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.

I know what I speak off.

Know  those that can help us - and those that we must stay away from - one of them  - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog. Aho.