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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Congressperson Nancy Pelosi -
has failed to represent San Francisco -
is not respected - and must step down.

The fate of many Blacks and those of Native America  has through ages crossed - too many times - mostly in time of peril - when each segment of the population - came to a understanding - the time now - is to unite - for one meaningful purpose - survival.

America is hurting - and now is the time for all indigenous people - Latino, Native American, Black, Asian, all those more indigenous - to rally and find common ground - to go to a better place.

Whites more those that embraced the fake values of the KKK and other very hostile modes - much like any fanatics - we have today - that we deem to be " terrorists " - lynched, maimed, killed, and committed too many horrendous deeds - to describe.

Whites - more decent White - must now must step up the plate - and that window of opportunity - is very short - and no amount of words will help - but meaningful and proven - actions.

The White Churches that have amassed large amount of wealth  but step up and do what counts - proven actions of charity - where those that need to be uplifted - are uplifted - for the good of all.

We appreciate Saint Anthony's - Glide Memorial - Saint Martin de Pores, other institutions - found all over San Francisco - who have and do come to the aid of those that need help - most.

Our politicians be it the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama, our Attorney General Loretta Lynch, our Supreme Court that has compromised our rights, Law Enforcement who are entrenched with the " Police Bill of Rights " - that gives them impunity - shooting and killing and asking
questions -later.

They say " never trust a politician ". Politicians like to say what they want you to hear - and then turn around and do what they please.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
lacking sound leadership.

Today in the year 2016 no one respects " the politician " - for the simple reason because they cannot be trusted - more a person like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  one worse than the other.

These people who have done nothing - for the longest time ever - accept - spew diatribe and cliches.

Think that they can order us astute citizens in the minority - experienced and knowledgable all the same - bully us into -  getting in line - and listen to their - garbage of sorts.

Here in San Francisco from 1999 to the 2016 - I have attended over 250 funerals - most of them - linked to shootings and killings. 

Not all from the POPOS - but unfortunately - most from Black on Black shootings. Then they were those - Latinos killing Latinos and so on.

The military teaches one to " study the situation " - meaning when there is some  situation to study - when there arises a situation. 

One should have the ability to discern - factor what has taken place - and take measure to nib the situation in the bud. None of this comes easy - experience,  fortitude,  and of course quick action with sound solution.

The happenings here on the West Coast - are poles apart from the drab happenings on the East Coast. 

Attorney General - Loretta Lynch -
send us an entity that can investigate 
and adjudicate - and charge the " rogue police officers " now.

Our Attorney General Loretta Lynch - our State Attorney Kamala Harris, our District Attorney George Gascon - have been fast asleep - at the cockpit.

Here is San Francisco we once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. No more.

Here in San Francisco - we once had - Safety Meetings - where Incident Reports and other pertinent information - was made available to the public at large.  No more.

Today, the Mayor's Office has chosen to address the " situation " remote control. 

We have a Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is a peon - and has other inept, spineless peons that do his bidding.

When it comes to killings and shootings - when it comes to Violence Prevention - when it comes to meaningful  Community Police - when it come to tried practices linked to de-escalation - none of what I have stated about - is in place in San Francisco - as it ought to be in place.

Those that think they know what is happening on the West Coast  - but live on the East Coast- can keep barking up the wrong tree.

Those on the East Coast - can keep telling us - to come together - but for all the talk - with no meaningful action - no Blue Print - and trust - all that they say and brag about on the East Coast - does not affect us on the West Coast - at all.

Here in the Bay Area - more with three large cities the City and County of San Francisco - Oakland - and San Jose - drastic changes are planned within the Police Departments.

Again and again we see and know - that " rogue police officers " are hired - they shoot and kill in one area - leave that area - and are hired in another area.

San Francisco known the world over - hiring " rogue officers " - Go figure!

It is  - as if they were going for a vacation - from one resort beach  to another - be it what these " rogue police officers " do - is in very close proximity to their homes.

Our Public Defender  - Jeff Adachi - has been providing the constituents of San Francisco - some information - from the Summits he has held - from some community meetings - all very meaningful.

San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon -
next stop - State Attorney General -
marks for performance - F-

The District Attorney - George Gascon - has been meeting folks and saying a lot - but he has never charged the " rouge police officers " - not one of them.

State of California Attorney General -
next stop Senator - she has failed to represent 
us all - works for the MACHINE.

Talk to the victims and ask them how they feel. Talk to the fathers and mothers who have lost their children - and ask them - how they feel?

This is true for State Attorney General - Kamala Harris - who once held the position of San Francisco District Attorney and did nothing much.

Today - both President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President - endorsed Kamala Harris - she is running for Senate seat left vacant by Barbara Boxer who stepped down after many terms.

San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon - is vying for the job of Kamala Harris - he wants the State Attorney General's job bad. 

When did this man come from - Los Angles - then worked in New Mexico, was brought here by former Mayor of SF - Gavin Newsom - became SF Police Chief - and once in - the present SF District Attorney.

Where did Kamala Harris come from Alameda - then ran for SF Distict Attorney helped by her former boy friend Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - then jumped to become the State Attorney General. Tried her best to become the Attorney General - was dumped for Loretta Lynch.

Kamala Harris - sits on the fence and see which side of the fence is green - when you are some one that matters - when you say - you are running for office to represent - you take a stand - you do not play it safe. You are NO - leader - you are a panderer.

Kamala Harris  must make concerted attempts to charge the  many " rogue police officers ".

Kamala Harris will not. 

She is being endorsed by the many Police Office Associations - that means she is raking in the millions - from the various Political Action Pacts - where - when it comes to contributions - the sky is the limit.

Add to that the millions from the Correction Officers -  those that demean and torture - the many incarcerated - in our many jails.

 and you have so called State Attorneys - who go on to become Senators - their DNA remains the same. The all work for the MACHINE.

When President Barack Hussein Obama was elected as President - many wept and right so - in a flash they saw the struggle they all had to go - through. Nothing much has changed - the struggle still continue - for most - it is worse.

Blacks, Native Americans,  Asian, Latinos,  other people of color - for sure indigenous people - those kept under - for lack of opportunities - hurdles put in the way -  they saw HOPE.

What they got - is business as usual.

 Blacks for sure lost ground - and suffered the most - millions incarcerated - President Bill Clinton policies create the foundation for the increase in incarceration.

The divide between the people of color and those that we deem and call White - increased. 

The stats are there for all to see - and I do not want to describe them in detail - but it is the empirical data that counts - in any meaningful dialog. Analysis that matters - created models and formatting Blue Prints - with time-lines and goals.

I worked for the Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco , the Nation Park Service, and the United States Park Police.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - since the year 2000 - I have addressed every possible issues adversely impacting our Earth - on the local, national and international level.

Here in San Francisco - I have been on the frontline address Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, the Carbon Footprint,.

Recycling and sending less waste to our landfills, the dangerous particulates from the increase in congestion on our streets of San Francisco - and finding solutions to this urgent problem.

Health issues with a focus on children and women - our seniors - those physically and mentally challenged.

Cultural Competency and the lack of it - all over San Francisco which is a Racist City.

At City Hall I address SF City Planning, Land Use, SF Transportation, Housing, Education at all levels - from childcare to University.

SF Public Utilities Commission  - our clean drink water and sewage issues. A current Sewage Project - costing us tax payers over $6 Billion - the Digesters installed at over $2.6 Billion project - the stench of the current digestors - spewing the worst type of pungent smells - for miles around.

 The Department of Public Works and its many projects - more the Design and Build projects.

I - work with the Controller's Office, the City Administrator's Office, the SF Police Department - in short any department or entity - linked to improving and addressing Quality of Life issues.

Our City's budget is $9.6 Billion - and we have over 30, 000 City employees - and growing. 

Our City's population about 640, 000. 

This land is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and as the Tribal Liaison - I must speak my mind - after doing my home work.

We have some very astute and stellar folks - who I count as my good friends.

They come from all professions - from all walks of life - every ethnicity - and some of them have known me for over 35 years - and I have profited from interacting and working with them.

We are at a cross-roads - with a lot of people talking the talk but few can walk the walk.

We see the lack of sound leadership - people preferring to sit on the fence and see which side is green.

Where is the sound leadership? Where is the compassion? Where is the fortitude to do something for all - without racial discrimination and petty politics that will take us no where? Aho.