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Saturday, July 9, 2016


The stairs that lead to City Hall - to the many
rooms where the wheeling and dealing goes on.
One of them Room 200 - the Mayor's den.

San Francisco has long had a detail Community Policing Plan in place - the San Francisco Police Commission, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee ( the lap dog Mayor of SF), the City Attorney, the District Attorney - the City Administrator, the Controller - others - who purport to know some - but are IGNORANT - are playing with FIRE. 

None of them have taken a stand - less seen the benefit to have a sound Community Policing Plan - in place working with the community playing a ardent role.

San Francisco must comprehend that time is running out.

Too many young men and women - have been murdered - and the City and County of San Francisco - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has chosen pacification.  Nonchalant and coming out - and speaking to some pertinent incident - after public out cry.

Well,  I have news for Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - in less than two weeks - this City see will what pacification brings to the fore. 

Once you trigger anger - that has reached saturation point - ignore Community Leaders -  think you can use folks like Joe Marshall,  Amos Brown - the Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black as conduits - this type of behavior - is well known by  those that are well respected by the community - and more understood by all.

Today's youth, young adults, the physically challenged, the mentally challenged, Seniors - others with compromised health are all suffering. 

All these segments of the population - have waited for too long - while the City and County of San Francisco - led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have chosen to defy those that are hurting most - making small talk - and so far the City and County of San Francisco - has FAILED us all.

Totally unbeknown to the Mayor and his informants - local leaders - community leaders who have worked for FREE - sacrificed and volunteered thousands of man hours - all these years - have maintain - law and order.

Had this not been the case - each and every time we have the huge protests - there would have been pandemonium. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not get it - the community leaders love San Francisco - not Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is in bed with the corrupt developers.

 The greedy the likes of AirBnB,  Salesforce,  Forest City,  Lennar Urban,  Mercy Housing,  the John Stewart Company - those that spend over quarter of a billion dollars on our poor and indigent and have not made a dent - on the ever increasing homeless - problem - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco has a population of 850, 000 and we employ over 30, 000 City Employees.

There are many hot spots in San Francisco - one of the richest city in the world - where we have unemployment - over 40% of the population unemployed. For decades the people in these areas - have not been given " opportunities " - this has been done on purpose to foster gentrification.

Gentrification - the removal of people - by making conditions difficult for them to live in the area where they live - and where many of them were born. Evicted and conditions created to forced innocent people - and be thrown on the streets - to face the inclement weather - and slowly - die.

High rents - $3500 for a one bed room - constant harassment by the SF Police Department - often using para- military tactics, our Mayor talking the talk - but not walking the walk.

Millions of dollars in tax breaks have been given some large entities - so called Corporations like Twitter.

The tax payers - who pay for all these benefits given to the already rich - the tax payers - taxed more - and treated with disdain.

There has not been a whimper - the Senior Senator Dianne Feinstein has not said one meaningful world on the homeless and the increase in homelessness - in San Francisco.

Murders by the San Francisco Police Officers, the thousands of incidents linked to petty thefts, the thousands of car break ins on the increase ( some reported other not ),  home break ins, assaults, other attacks that have caused trauma and personal injuries.

Under Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - Quality of Life issues have been compromised.

We cannot be building these tall skyscrapers, tolerated the increasing congestion on our streets and roads, the constituents of San Francisco fed up - the stress level increased - our SF Health Department lacking the experience on may levels - with a budget of more than $2 Billion - with less accountability and transparency.

It is the same with the other very corrupt representative Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - shameless - with very strong ties to the Mafia on the East Coast.

We think we know some - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has amassed a lot of money - uses her power to shower benefits on her immediate family and lackeys - and has disgraced the fair name of San Francisco.

The current protests in San Francisco are linked to what is happening Nationwide - the many murders of mostly Blacks by " rogue Police Officers " they shoot first and ask questions afterwards. All caught on video.

Our Mayor and his lackeys, the Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has not attend one single forum - to address the pressing issues - taking our great City once known for its Compassion - now the City gone down the drain - into the cesspool - of our Mayor's own creation.

Issues on homelessness and its increase, corruption at all levels in our City more at the Mayor's office, increase in crime more petty crime, poor educational facilities, increase in truancy,  increase in rents, lack of affordable housing, our failing infrastructure, and so on an so forth.

I represent the Ohlone here in San Francisco - the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Controller, the City Administrator, all those in the know - have a letter that states my responsibility.

Believe me I have tried my level best - dealing with these so called politicians - who are mostly there to fill their - campaign coffers.
The ones that are corrupt - I have mentioned their names in my articles. Just so that the record shows - that this matter - is not brought up - with mention made - to the warnings, the clarion call - that has been sounded - so many times.

These protests and more - are a result of corruption, poor leadership, no accountability  less transparency, no standards - linked to our current Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and Supervisor the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and Scott Wiener.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a leader - has not been a leader - over the years heading the Human Right Commission, the Department of Public Works, the Department of  Contracting ,  as City Administrator - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is NOT a leader - he is a good paper pusher - and a panderer.

There is no one in his administration - who can sit the lap dog Mayor down  - and explain to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - what truly he has done to our great City and have empirical data - that has been vetted to show for it. 

Even the poll results on his performance - reflect single digits - when it comes to Mayor Edwin M. Lee's - favorability.

The advocates, the leaders that matter, those that voice their opinions with empirical data - those in the know.

Advocates, community leaders, our youth, other concerned entities - have done all we can - volunteering, sacrificing, spending hours - trying to keep the peace.

This Mayor simply does not get it - it really thinks like Caligula - that all is well - while the youth are suffering, the artists are suffering, those Queer youth that need help are suffering, the infants and children are suffering - our Senior are suffering - more those who compromised health.

Just look at our homeless - the so called " Navigation Centers " cater to less that a hundred per center at any given time - the population of the homeless - is more than 30, 000.

The City says we have a population of 9, 000 and that the City spends over quarter of a Billion dollars.

Something STINKS in Denmark - our short, silly, mustache wearing - tongue wagging Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - and for sure his sanity.

The Homeless Czar now appointed receives a fat salary of over $250, 000 - the Mayor $300, 000 with benefits,  other City Department heads over $250, 000 with benefits - most of them - do not represent our constituents well.

 They do not work hard - to make our City and County of San Francisco,  better - worst of all - the are not smart. If we are a world class City - it surely does not show it - the Mayor brags we are a First Class City 

The Supervisors London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, and Scott Wiener - would not have lasted anywhere else - we have tolerated their disgusting behavior and actions - in San Francisco - but NOT for long.

San Francisco is a Progressive City - we do not want so called Representatives that say one thing - when they are running - for office - rosy statements on their platform - and once they are in office do the opposite.

One has just to go the San Francisco Ethics Commission website - and look at the donations Malia Cohen has received - the same with Scott Wiener - Mark Farrell truly speaking should NOT be in office - he is in charge of the Budget - what does this say about our City and more Accountability, Morals, Ethics - Transparency and Standards?

Katy Tang shredding documents that should have been archived - and now pretending to be holier than thou.

London Breed - informing many she is from the HOOD - but doing as she pleases - arrogant to the core - it is this arrogance that will bring her downfall.

Here is San Francisco - we believe in empirical data - not hear say .

We know - who is wheeling and dealing - and so when I do not say that Jane Kim, Aaron Peskin, Eric Mar, Norman Yee, David Campos, and John Avalos - do not belong to the other camp - I am saying they are our only HOPE to better the sordid situation that exists now.

The camp of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Kathy Tang, and Mark Farrell - have adversely impacted to many innocent people - all over San Francisco.

You folks - all Supervisors - took an oath - most of you broke the oath - not once but many times - wheeling and dealing - and even now challenging the tax paying constituents of San Francisco - imposing all sorts of hurdles and adversely impacting those that need - help most.

Remember all you Supervisors the Good, the Bad, and the very Ugly - work for the tax payers - the constituents - if any of you think otherwise - go where you behave - like a " thug" - which some of you are - never mind if it is a " white collar crime ".

Sincerely speaking - the RICO Act must be enforced - and the time has come to enforce it - we have the worst corruption in San Francisco- and this behavior on the part of the corrupt Supervisors and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has reached saturation  - point.

Many of us have proved experience - dealing with matters - on legislation, large budgets, the Freedom of Information Act and related issues that I have stated here (hence our stellar Sunshine Task Force), we have represented large constituents and takes to attain solution on Transportation, Safety, Education, Housing and so on, headed large organizations of Non-Profits and For-Profits - with results.

Worked with the United Nations, the White House,  headed many Departments that are part of the United States Government - and represented the United States - here and abroad.

Worked  on many committees addressing Quality of Life Issues, - locally, nationally, and internationally, organized large Summits where leaders have come from all over the world - to share their experiences and we on what we have to offer.

We can go on and on - but those of you who think - the adverse impacts resulting from the analyzes of your behavior and actions - those of you that misbehave - those of you who challenge the constituents of San Francisco - more the hard working, tax paying ones.

If you think - for one second - that we the people will tolerate your nonsense  - the answer is NO.

These protests are NOT about just the murders on our streets by San Francisco Police Officers, the nonchalant behavior of the San Francisco Police Commission - and the SF Board of Supervisors, the many City head of Departments - failing to listen to the constituents that matter.

The increasing homelessness we wasting a quarter of a billion, the increase in truancy linked to our student, the abuse of our mentally and physically challenged in our SF Unified School District.

The congestion on our streets, the increase in respiratory diseases and cancer of all sorts.

The increase in petty crimes that I have described above - and more - all stress us all. We have seen the good days - when our neighborhood enjoyed more - and the environment was more conducive to good living - no more.

Our neighborhood have been destroyed - divisiveness is on the increase - attacks on all - not only the Queer, but the homeless, those that are vulnerable - I have interceded many times - and have seen the violence first hand.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the lap dog Mayor of San Francisco

Our lap dog Mayor Edwin M. Lee is just that - despicable.

Those SF Supervisors who are in the camp that favor adverse impacts - have little time to continue their adverse actions - they will be removed from office - the November Elections - will reveal some of these - results.

Right now we are discussing about creating the office to establish " A Public Advocate  " - who can shine light and more take concrete action - to reduce corruption - and bring back some semblance -  the accountability and transparency that is a must in any sound government. 

Supervisors David Campos and Eric Mar are moving in the right direction and have my support.

Malia Cohen and Katy Tang can try to throw some curve balls - to put it lightly - both of them - have serious issues that needs to be addressed using the RICO ACT. 

For sure they are puppets of Room 200 - imagine Malia Cohen coming to the Rules Committee - unprepared - accusing David Campos - who is better educated, has more experience - but for sure more honest, transparent, and for sure believes in accountability.

Malia Cohen is fake - her drab talk - her fake make up - her talk  - throwing arrows in the air - uneducated on issues - and she has NO respect in District 10 and the surrounding Districts too.

A product of " Emerge " she should be ashamed of herself - some one who is Black - but continues to pander - a proven House Negro - who wants to take on - David Campos who is well educated - is a good attorney - who has proven legislation.

 Malia Cohen in bed with Lennar Urban, Forest City, always acting like a " political whore ' - chose to meet with a FBI mole - with her sidekick - the same mole that entrapped " Shrimp Boy ".
It is no surprise we are dealing with a very corrupt person - who is all for herself - very arrogant - and dubious in nature.

The Office of Public Advocate is much needed - many important cities have them - New York for example - with resounding results.

The corruption here in San Francisco and the actions coming from Room 200 the Mayor's office - are well known and documented. There are several briefs available - cases that are in court - that the many are not privy to - but are available to those that have access to such information. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has amassed wealth - most of it - illegally.

The Mayor's many appointees he anoints - are lackeys - and we advocates who can  discern and evaluate the many appointees that the Mayor has anointed - one worse than the other. Enough is enough.

Some how we all know what is happening - but few can connect the dots - the stress level in our City among the constituents has reached - the saturation point. Enough is enough.