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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Our mostly ignorant leaders in California - and more here in San Francisco - including the many Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Black - have no idea about the Police Bill of Rights. Most of them have nor read it - if they did - they would not backing the entities - that aid an abet in the murder of our youth and young adults.

One single read of this nefarious document - which protect all Law Enforcement - especially those many ' rogue law enforcement " Police Officer - who hide behind the sordid Bill of Rights  - use there guns - to threaten - shoot and kill first - ask questions latter. 

Linked to the Police Bill of Rights - State laws that prohibit giving out any information what so ever - on any case involving murders by Law Enforcement - the many killing and shootings reported - try to get some information - even using tools like the Freedom of Information Act - and see for yourself - what you encounter.

The America  - our so call leaders talk off  - and pretend they know off - is a America that needs drastic change - drastic evaluation -  ratification of the present Police Bill of Rights.

So many Blacks are incarcerated - all over our Nation - an inordinate number.

Our American Leaders - including President Barrack Hussein Obama - has NOT once - mentioned the issue - the Police Bill of Rights.

 Have NOT spoken about the Police Bill of Rights at length - for the good of  America and the constituents - that truly matter.

Anyone can speak in generalities. The Police have a track record that goes to the time of  "slavery ". The well known " slave catchers " the very sordid history of America - where human beings were lynched, killed, tortured, maimed - and no questions asked.

Where women were raped, slave children suffered the most - were sold at liberty by Whites - and the world thinks these atrocities any more - are not known and what is most important to note - have not adversely  impacted the many millions of Blacks and others - who were adversely impacted.

Education for our youth - and especially our Black youth - is not present in our Inner Cities .

Children of color - suffer - from lack of sound schools - learn in schools falling apart from years of differed maintenance.

Teachers who are poorly paid - and schools books - handed to the students - tattered and torn - mostly hand me down.

 The children know something is wrong - and no one in our so called leadership - including the White House care.

Our soldiers Black soldiers who fought during the Civil War. World War I and World War II. The Korean War, Vietnam, the other wars - when it comes to our Black soldiers - they are not recognized - and this and other factors in every day life - the rampant discrimination - must be factored in all that is happening today in America.

Anyone can make speeches - anyone can wag that tongue that has no bone.

Actions count - and that is lacking at the White House - now occupied by a  lame duck Black President - who missed the boat, the bus, the train and the plane.

He can moan and groan, pull his hair if has some - his teeth - it does not matter now - he must take a stand and call a spade a spade - if NOT - he will not leave a - legacy.

President Barrack Hussein Obama - must take a stand - studying the empirical data - that is there for all to see.

Change the Police Bill of Rights - by Executive Order - and stop giving cover - to entities - that have put drugs on the streets with intent to destroy - certain segments of the population.

Sold guns in certain inner cities - to further the cause of gentrification.

Committed other actors - too dangerous to reveal.

Our Law Enforcement - all over our Nation - are becoming more and more prone to using para- military tactics - more from 30 years ago.

Hundreds of youth, young adults - more people of color - have been killed on the Streets of San Francisco.

When advocates study the many cases - and bring it to the attention of the many Commission - no one pays attention.

The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is a JOKE - they have NO ability to investigate - less to adjudicate - they rubber stamp  and created long documents - that lie on the shelves collecting dust.

COPS has been created by the Department of Justice - that I call the Department of Jokers - to deceive us all - and circumvent the situation at hand.

When we read " texts " - and read the words " animals " the " N" word repeated so many times - we who deal with the issues - know that the " KKK " - is alive and kicking. in San Francisco.

Our youth and young adults are traumatized - more youth of color.

Totally - left out of the equation our QUEER youth - their plight is the worst - and for all the talk the leaders that matter are totally - ignorant on this issue of the many QUEER youth dying on our streets - here in San Francisco - all over the Nation - too.

We have at our disposal TRILLIONS of dollars - put aside - to kill innocent people in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in other places.

We will NOT spend money on Quality of Life issues - protect our youth and give them opportunity - to contribute to our great Nation - once called Turtle Island.

All youth - Queer youth  -  youth of color - white youth,  asian youth,  native american youth,  latino youth,  black youth - all youth. 

The youth of today - cannot be bluffed and hoodwinked - like previous generations.

The elements have changed - the harsh elements of disparity - high rents - lack of opportunities.

High tuition more in our colleges and universities - less opportunity - after graduation - making a mockery of our educational system.

Government failed to address Quality of Life issues - the failing infrastructure, the poor services given by our Government on the Federal, State, and Local level. Fees increased and very poor service given and delivered on time.

Government taxing too much and delivering little if nothing.

Other elements - have forced everyone - to look deeper into the many above mention causes - and there is more.

The adults in their sordid arrogance practice discrimination - fund projects that favor the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The husband of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - and then we are told to listen to - crooked politicians - and vote for " crooked Hillary Clinton " - it is not going to happen - she will never be respected.

The fake ceremonies in the churches - at other places - are spontaneous - and not well thought off.

This happens when people live in a vacuum - and then react without thinking much. This happens when folks that talk the talk are spiritually - bankrupt.

The resolve of the thousands of  youth, young adults, seasoned advocates - others all over our Nation - have been strengthened.

The Mayors Edwin M. Lee from San Francisco and Libby Schaff from Oakland are put on notice.

Our leaders for the longest time - have used pacification - to quell the tempers of those that they have provoked - too many times - the youth, the young adults,  more ,  those with compromised health.

Too many physically challenged and mentally challenged have been treated with disdain - never mind the guarantees laid down by  mandated Acts -  like the Americans for disability Act and so on.

 The laws are there on paper - the large Corporations, the Federal and State government - tout these ACTS - but do the minimum.

Recently in San Francisco in the Bayview we have seen a brand new school named after the former " thug" Black Mayor - Wille L. Brown Jr doing badly - over 30 million was spent to build that State of the Art school. 

The operation of the school an utter failure - the first Principal jumped ship after a few months.

 The second Principal cannot handle the situation - teachers have left - other refuse to take on the rowdy students. -- 

Students and some parents  - incorrigible - a reflection from the neighborhood they come - where dysfunctional families and lack of opportunities - have created - the worse conditions ever - and released into the community - uncontrollable and incorrigible - students.

25% fewer students to to school in the Bayview - the truancy of young people in San Francisco is in the thousands. 

50% plus of those incarcerated in our jails are Black - and the Father Figure - is missing in many Black homes.

Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Respiratory diseases, Cancer of all sorts - prevail in large measure in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

 The Supervisor Malia Cohen from District 10 - failing to represent. 

Malia is on of those House Negros - loves to open her dirty mouth - she talks the talk but fails - each and every time - to walk the walk. Why? She is NOT educated on issues - her heart in not the right place - she is FAKE.

We have a lap dog Mayor in San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - he talks a good talk - but is shit scared to come in public - he now needs a posse to accompany him - POPOS - that say they will protect him - really?

The farce and the disgrace of the actions of the above so called Representative is a disgrace to the human race.