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Friday, July 8, 2016


Some astute constituents met yesterday - as part of the Justice for Mario Woods coalition - to deliberate on many issues - one of them the on going " murders " some twelve Blacks - and seven in the last week - murdered - all over our Nation.

We see the videos on the internet - and all we get from the Attorney General is to be cool and recollected - and seek justice. -
justice delayed.

 While the Department of Justice - has been very slow - to bring about justice - all over our Nation but more in San Francisco. How long can we wait - and more how long can be bear the pain?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) - under the troubling leadership of our present Attorney General - who has yet to send - a  DOJ task force or committee of the Department of Justice - more the committee that deals with Racism and Civil Rights violations to San Francisco - the Racist City - one of kind.

They smile on your face - and make sure that they stab you in the back.

Where is Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi on this one? They both have been silent - that most of us think - they are in some long - coma of sorts.

The above so called representatives are despicable - and yet idiots votes them in - they have NOT said a word  - some statement that is meaningful? What is happening to us in San Francisco?

If the South can do it - those Governors there stepping up - and bringing in the (DOJ) - the Task Force on Racial Discrimination and Civil Right Violations - to investigate and adjudicate - why not San Francisco>

More when we in San Francisco have a budget of $9.6 Billion - and leaders who brag - that ours is a World Class City?

Who is kidding whom?

Where is  the leadership in San Francisco?

No one in sight - with a meaningful blue print - in fact - nonexistent.

 No vision - that this progressive city must have - no where to be found.

If there is one - it is hidden - much like the fog - that hides all within its dense - purview.

Tons of empty words, no action - and what is important to note - lack of compassion.

San Francisco must mandate to have this task force or committee - that has the ability of investigate and adjudicate - and bring about justice to the lingering issues - that are dividing San Francisco.

More Blacks have suffered - beyond the beyond - and Blacks leaders - be it the Poverty Pimp Pastors the like of Amos Brown - other Black leaders - who say stuff that is meaningless - and the few Black leaders - who are on the front line - are criticized.

This nonsense must stop - once Blacks were 25% of San Francisco's population - they are down to 2% - and soon there will be very few Black left in San Francisco.

I can feel the pain - and I have done what I can - to shed light where there is abject darkness. We can do it in San Francisco - with over 2000 Law Enforcement - all well paid.

Many non-profit who spend millions of Street Violence Prevention and Intervention - and have not touched the tip of the berg. Most of them following manuals that are out dated - and having folks in charge - who have no clue about sound de-esclation - mediation.

Training to deal with the physically and mentally challenged - earning good money - all tax payers money - and making a mockery of what is going on - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

We say this again - San Francisco requires a task force - a committee - that can investigate and adjudicate - and bring about some semblance - to the many - " murders " - on our streets of San Francisco - at the hands of - " rogue SF Police Officers ".

Murders - committed on the streets - of San Francisco - one of the most liberal cities in the world. Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee bragging that - it is a first class city. Under his leadership the homeless have increased by leaps and bound.

The streets are congested. Drugs the likes of heroin on the increase. Meth too and the Mayor has no clue that these problem will not go away - unless we have qualified leadership.

Our Governor Jerry Brown with his Jesuit training, our State Attorney General - Kamala Harris who is running for Senator - to fill the vacant seat of Senator Barbara Boxex - who does not want to ruffle feathers - have NO plans to adjudicate and bring about healing - justice - and more show compassion.

Kamala Harris has been circumventing the issues - but she wants our votes this November, 2016.

 The many idiots who are ignorant on issues - will give Kamala Harris  the votes she desire - as they do the others - who do not care about " people of color and their lives".

Kamala Haris - who talks a good talk - but cannot walk the walk - who does not have a deep sense of concern - for our issues - the many murders by " rogue police officers ". 

 Her nonchalant actions - linked to the " murders " of Mario Woods and many like him.

Kamala Harris deep connection with Correction Officers and others that fill her " blooded campaign coffers ". Time will tell. 

Kamala Harris thinks she can hoodwink us all - point to the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - a body that in linked to the Department of Justice - that cannot investigate - and all it does - is interview people - and produced large volumes of documentation - that mostly - are put on shelves - collecting dust.

Time is of essence and none of us have years to wait - and wait - you all must read the play " Waiting for Godot ".

 Our children are dying - the para-military tactics - by our rogue Police Officers - are too much to endure.

We have some good police officers - it is not good to generalize - but in large measure - dubious ones - smile on your face and stab you in the back. Time is running out - and a solution has to be found - now.

Thousands in the Bay Area are fed up - and today - there will be a very  protest - by the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco - closer to Eight Street at 5 pm.

More protests -  will held in Oakland and in other parts of  San Francisco - and in other places - some near and some far away - we all now getting connected - building bridges for good - and as the tempo increases - and the nonchalant behavior of our Attorney General keep us bewildered, confused, and confounded - the drama will unfold - hopefully for - the best of us all. 

The people get more and frustrated -  there is always a "  lone wolf " - some " anarchists " - that will commit acts - that none of us condone.

Acts all the same  committed - because of incompetent people like State Attorney General Kamala Harris. Our San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon.

Our Governor Jerry Brown - who has been silent - on the many murders - that have been committed by - " San Francisco Rogue Police Officers" - he should know better - but he has let us down.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a lap dog - he has no idea how to address the current fiasco -  today and tomorrow -  he will react to the protests - thousands want him out.

In the many days that will follow - protests will be held in San Francisco - creating situations - that would NOT occur if there was swift - adjudication - of the many pending murders.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - more our two House Negros - do not have any clue - less information - about de-escalation.

Even less about  community policing - they have NOT risen to the occasion to help us remember Mario Woods - we are remembering him on July 22, 2016.

By an unanimous vote - all the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - all eleven of them - in a vote 11-0 - voted to honor Mario Woods - on July 22, 2016.

That has been their the extend of their commitment.

 Tine will tell - and time and time again -  events will reveal - the lack of compassion - the lack of cultural competency on the part of those that are Supervisors and White.

The rest who are quick to pass Resolutions that are not binding.

Supervisors Malia Cohen and London Breed - two well known Supervisors - more, House Negros - who took upon themselves to invite the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - linked to the Department of Justice - a body that cannot - investigate and less adjudicate.

Who is hoodwinking whom? I know one of you say - you are from the hood - but even in the hood - there is respect - that the two of you House Negros - lack.

These two and others too - failed to provide us the community - a task force - a committee - from the same Department of Justice (DOJ) -  like the one who can investigate and adjudicate - Race Discrimination and more Civil Rights Violations - in San Francisco.

The KKK right inside San Francisco City Hall -
below the Rotunda - in uniform, other regalia -
banners flying from the balcony - and more.
Circa 1938

San Francisco is a Racist City - and has been for a very long time.

At one time the KKK - had access to City Hall to conduct - their ceremonies - complete with uniform - other regalia - banners hanging from the balconies. 

We have the empirical data - we have the photographs - and we know - what we speak and write about.

Finally God see it all - it is heart break to watch the video - where the girl friends sees - everything unfold before her eyes and the eyes of the little girl - the White Police Officer - shooting first and then asking questions.

It is inherent in the DNA of many White Police Officers - who think they are superior - that all people of color are more  " like animals".

Our President Barrack Hussein Obama - could have done better - but he has not. Recently he spoke - and may be for the first time - we saw that he has some of his facts right.

Can the President please send a task force from the Department of Justice (DOJ) - to investigate and adjudicate quickly the many murders - committed by San Francisco Police Officers - on people of color.

Can the President please contact the Attorney General and tell her to STOP send the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) to San Francisco.

We are fed up with the interview. People telling us about long processes that take years. We want results - we have had the opportunity to meet COPS - and tell them to their face - to stay away for our faces. Despicable to the core - and not welcome to San Francisco.

With an acronym like COPS - what else can one expect - if not the worse. Aho.