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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The adults who use " cliches " that the " youth " are our future - that our youth are what we are working hard for - the many other cliches - that are just that - hot air.

Words spewed with meaning and sound action - means nothing at all. Worse still those that use words - to fall on deaf ears - must stop such nonsense. Learn to walk the walk - with less vain talk.

Adults mostly those over 55 years - in large measure  have failed our youth - and more our sordid politicians that have failed to represent Quality of Life issues - adversely impacting - millions.

Again and again our young adults - graduate from colleges and universities -  all over our Nation.

These hard working students - rake up thousands and thousands of dollars in " college debt " - bring in all the adverse impacts - mostly filled with stress and worry. Those stressed - cannot contribute to society - we all know this - but there is little done - to help the students at large - here in San  Francisco, in California, all over the Nation.

The students graduate - and cannot get a " permanent job " - the many " temporary jobs " - do not offer health benefits - and often make things difficult - for our young adults.

Apple, Google, Salesforce, large construction companies, large pharmacies that rake in billions in profits - financial institutions - other tech companies - can easily step up and help our youth and young adults - but have done nothing at all.

It is the same for our youth in high schools. 

Many of them do not have the peace of mind - that most of us enjoyed - those of us who are baby boomers - who today are mostly retired and making a living.

We all so called adults -  talk a lot about those who are young - our youth and young adults - but that is the extent of the small talk. Few of us implement projects, give our time to the youth and young adults - because many of us adults - prefer to stay put and do nothing. Other talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The digital world has favored anyone who can master the digital tools - learning about many things.

Our youth and young adults - are mesmerized with the digital world - that has many advantages - in the end it is what in put in and the quality of the information - that can lead to sound education.

However - sound experience and education - comes with the ability to discern - that I touched upon above. 

The ability to filter the best information - and all this and more comes from quality experience - that good teachers  can impart - that leads - sound education. Create leaders with a vision that can make our Nation - the United States of America - great.

Great - with sound values - but most of all with compassion - that give HOPE - and make life better for most - and all this talent is here in American - but right now - we need the leadership - good leaders with their heart in the right place.

It is much like a good coach in any sports - who can pass on the best techniques - when practiced again and again.

 Produce a Steph Curry - a Joe Montana - Muhammad Ali - you get my drift.

It is the same with other disciplines - here in the Bay Area - and the extended Bay Region.

We have many institutions and experts that we all can go to - and better ourselves.

Missing in this plan - on a bigger platform - are Quality of Life issues.

In many cases housing,  transportation,  food,  material for work and learning, medical expenses, books and other educational material are very expensive.

In many institution the classes are there to take - but those choosing to take the classes are too many - smaller classes - keep many out - and this problem - can be solved by our higher institution of learning - we see little done - and money is always mentioned - as one of the major problems.

Many of our students are stressed - from the very high stresses involved in our very competitive world. 

The many elements linked to the stress - ever present - has forced many youth and young adults - to seek recreational drugs and other methods dubious in nature - giving one a false sense of relieving their stress.

We all know - that we must face our problems and stress levels - naturally - and that medications and temporary measures - be they alcoholic, weed, other hard core drugs - may bring a temporary sense of euphoria - but such temporary enjoyment - is short lived.

Here is San Francisco - we are planning and working hard to allow our youth and young adults - free college education - at our San Francisco City College.

The plans are in their infant stage - there is a will to make this happen - but, as usual even though the money can be forked up - there is some resistance in some quarters - that cannot see something good happen.

Our hope is that we will prevail and many can get a free college education - at SF City College - that has touched - so many constituents in San Francisco - all these many years.

We have young adults - the likes of Shannel Williams running for the SF City College Board.

 I say such candidates - must win their seats - and make reality happen - create a vision - second to none - and San Francisco will support and more deliver - now.

I represent the Muwekma Ohone here in San Francisco - and hope to visit our High Schools, Universities and Colleges - to educate that inform - about the First People of San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

This beautiful land once pristine - we call San Francisco - was never ever created to have habitants - that were bombarded by pollution at high levels.

Congestion on streets and roads, our beautiful Bay of which two thirds has been poor filled  in - emitting over 500, 000 tons of Methane gas. One ton of Methane gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Our air that has high levels of particulates, lead and mercury - other areas such as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - contaminated with hight levels of Radiological elements - cesium, radium, tremendous amounts of ionizing radiation - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - only the worse Department of Defense sites - are placed on the Superfund Site.

New housing as many as 30, 000 units are planned for these areas - touting that our young adults can live here. But do we want them to slowly die there - more when we have the empirical data - about the contamination, the high levels of Methane gas - and the even high level of radiological elements.

When adults with intent - do not care for the welfare and good of our infants, children, our youth and more our young adults - as we have seen and continue to witness - in San Francisco.

Folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Supervisors the likes of London Breed,  Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell - failing to represent. Many of them charged again and again - infringing our Ethics and standards - deceiving the people with sweet talk.

Our youth and young adults must be told the truth. Those adults who think they can talk the talk and have failed to walk the walk - are well known.

Some of them Supervisors - some television talk hosts - not educated on issues and making fool of themselves - spreading misinformation.

No one can truly represent the constituents - unless they have their heart in right place.

Again and again we see adults - wanting to do more for themselves than representing.

Begging for money - and in many case the SF City and County of San Francisco doling money - to nefarious organizations and entities.

Faking to stop the Violence in our Streets, imparting so called Work Force education, others pretending to help the poor and indigent get housing - and taking the poor and indigent for a ride.

Take surveys on respiratory diseases,  cancer,  other chronic diseases, on lack of sound transportation.

Surveys on lack of sound health clinics,  lack of quality housing, child care and so on - collect million in grants - and spend the money on trivial and mundane - things and projects.

The San Francisco Health Department with a $2 Billion plus budget must be audited.

The City and County has a budget of over $6.9 Billion.

We have a population - of 840, 000 that lives in San Francisco - that grows to over a million from thousands of workers coming to work in our City - during the day - known for its Financial Institutions, Convention Centers, Stadiums that can draw thousands of spectators.

Given that thousands of tourists still come to San Francisco - but that is waning a bit - become of the homeless situation that has tarnished the fair name of our City and County of San Francisco.

Shame on Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he talks a good talk - has no vision - has no stellar leadership - and is affectionately called - a lap dog.

Other stellar Learning institutions - University of California San Francisco, Tech companies that have adversely impacted our neighborhoods - rent going going upwards - $3500 for a one bed room unit. $5000 plus for a two bed room unit.

Again and again reports coming out - have revealed our physically challenge and our mentally challenged youth and young adults have been discriminated against.

More in our San Francisco Unified School District.

Our Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi have NOT represented us San Franciscans -  the time has come for them two - to step down - and fade away into oblivion.

The many protests on our streets of San Francisco will increase.

San Franciscans are savvy and astute - unlike our so called sordid politicians.

Again and again - we see our politicians - raking in the money to fill their campaign coffers - caught in some fake fame - some fake pride - as exhibited again and again by the two House Negros we have on the SF Board of Supervisors - London Breed from District 5 and Malia Cohen from District 10.

Many young Blacks are fed up - and the time has come - to take some action - the action may not be pretty - but the action has to be transparent and with accountability.

Under NO circumstance must we revolve to violence - we can use our intelligence and work with like minded entities young and others - to make our Bay Area, our Region, California and our Nation - better.