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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Bernie Sanders - to his followers - " please attend the roll call 
tomorrow " - let us see how the delegates vote -
for good or for " evil " - time will tell.

It is a shame that the Democrats have stooped so low - the President Barack Hussein Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, others devious Democrats - all praising Hillary Clinton - with cliches and empty words - diatribe - " Hillary is a LIAR and not be TRUSTED ".

Hillary Clinton is not fit to be the Commander-in-Chief .

Hillary Clinton - may think she has some experience - but again and again - when discerning her sordid actions - she has failed to maintain a standard - she has lied.

When when asked if she has lied?

This is what she said - avoiding the question - to the CBS reporter - " there is the " Hillary Clinton Standard " and then there is the other standard ".

When asked: " What do you mean by the Hillary Standard ".

Hillary Clinton had this to say: " They hold me to one standard " - while others get a pass - so to speak .

The truth is Hillary Clinton is a liar - she has lied so many times - and lying in inherent in her DNA.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz -
the Democratic National Convention Chair -
that did all in her power to neutralize -
Bernie Sanders - this act was illegal.

Anyone will tell you a judge has to fair and adjudicate - justice.

Anyone will tell you - that a " referee " has to be fair  and rule fairly to one and all.

Anyone will tell you if you are a Chair - you use Robert's Rule and other tools - to conduct meetings - in a fair and impartial manner.

As Chair of the Democratic National Convention - Debbie Wassermann Shultz had to be fair - she went out of her way - for months on end - to be unfair - to Bernie Sanders.

Her decisive acts - have adversely impacts millions of  " independents " - other progressives that do not " respect " nor will they vote of Hillary Clinton.

Debbie Wassermann Shultz is a very stubborn person - who has conducted herself - in a " dictatorial " manner.

Everything she says - is about her - and this sordid mentality - has brought her down - she has fallen  - flat on her face - and does not want to admit she is a utter - failure.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz is a disgrace to humanity.

Imagine her telling those that told her to step down. as the Chair of the Democratic National Convention.

 She said she would not  step down - she created her own vocabulary - she would  " gavel in " and " gavel out ".

 These words will now become synonymous with this episode  -
linked with the Democratic National Convention 2016 - forever -
 become part of our vocabulary - when another like situation arises.

President Barack Hussein Obama -
was quick to defend this despicable woman -
Debbie Wassermann Shultz - 
even though years ago - he wanted her removed.

The President Barack Hussein Obama should have stayed away from the fray. 

President Barack Hussein Obama  chose to insert his voice - and in doing so - lost respect. 

So when Michelle tried to do some damage control - the people that mattered heard her - but both the President Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle - are now swimming  in the cesspool of their own creation.

Independents must " write in " the candidate - for sure have nothing what so ever - to do with Hillary Clinton.

Blacks must remember that President Bill Clinton - passed laws - that keep millions of Blacks in jail - incarcerated for long periods of time. This injustice cries to heaven for justice.

We all remember that President Bill Clinton - should have intervened and saved million dying in the " genocide " in Rwanda. The Hutus and Tutsis - we have not forgotten - those of us - who are educated on issues.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton - have yet to apologize - for this " genocide " - that millions will never, ever forget.

Today - 49 million Americans live below the poverty line  - they are called " indigents ". 

When our seniors run out of money and have to eat - dog food - this state of affairs is pathetic - what has Hillary Clinton done to help our Seniors - what has the Bill Clinton Foundation done?. 

President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton live a good life - have taken millions from the Saudis - from other devious people - be they generous - entries that harm our Nation - money channeled into the Bill Clinton Foundation - a facade - to rake in millions.

Bill Clinton demands $100, 000 per lecture.

What is it that this man thinks - he can say - and demand so much money. 

The man has no compassion - he did nothing stellar for our Nation -  he did not do anything -  to stem the " genocide " - in Rwanda.

Bill Clinton has done nothing - to undo the damage he created - million of innocent people - lingering in our jails - a three strike and other dubious laws - that cry to heaven for justice.

The many cliches - at this Democratic National Convention - hot air, diatribe, verbosity - piling lies over lies - no sense of decency, morals,  ethics, standards - where is the Truth. 

The Democratic National Convention - will fall flat on its face - this time around - it is a stunning - FLOP.