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Friday, July 1, 2016


Chief Toney Chaplin - of San Francisco.

Chief Toney Chaplin who replaced Chief Gregory Suhr - appeared before the Justice for Mario Woods coalition - to hear the public are large - feel the pulse of the community.

Seek solutions - to the on going " murders " - committed by some sordid " SF Police Officers " - here in San Francisco - who continue to tarnish the good name of our City and County of San Francisco.

On this Earth - we must seek HOPE - we could spew diatribe, be negative - spew hot air.

If we have HOPE - then our life means something.

Some of us are spiritually bankrupt - and the time has come for us to step up to the plate - and comprehend - that if we are are NOT spiritually strong - seek the right solutions - be prepared to sacrifice - then the task ahead will be difficult.

If our heart is in the right place - if we have genuine love - then our sacrifice - will deliver - all that we seek - and with God on our side - most things challenging - we can and we will attain our goals - with time lines - and fulfill our aspirations.

I watched the deliberations - a few feet from the podium - and paid attention - to the words - and to the individuals who said them.

I fully understand the community is angry - but - I also fully comprehend that when one is angry - most folks - cannot make sense of what they want to say - and in attempting to do the impossible - spew diatribe.

Words can hurt - words also can cause damage - and if damage is caused with intent - then all that comes from that discourse - good, bad or ugly - is on us.

Chief Toney Chaplin much before he joined the SF Police Department - as a young man - was in San Jose.

He - stopped by the San Jose Police - who berated the young Toney Chaplin. Even challenging him that he would never, ever be fit to be a Police Officer.

All in all - over coming great odds - today - Chief Toney Chaplin who is Black has  - risen to the position of Chief of San Francisco.

He owes this to his Mother - who when he wanted to give up - after the San Jose incident - as a young man - challenged her son not to give up - and today she gets most of the credit - making a man of her son - that she so loved.

The questions at this meeting held on June 30, 2016 at 350 Rhode Island  - were many and varied. Some well thought out - and other begging the question.

Chief Toney Chaplin - cool and recollected - took the questions - and did a good job answering the questions - as best he could.

Herm Lewis my good friend from the Bayview who now works for Recology was in the house - and spoke well - as he always does - when he represents the community.

The murder of Mario Woods - who I knew - committed by some sordid - " rouge San Francisco Officers " was totally uncalled for. 

Gwen Woods - Mario Woods mother - was present - very emotional - and in the three of four times she spoke - she revealed to all of us present - that a Mothers Heart - is unique.

As we all must understand - never challenge a Mother - when she defend her child - for only a Mother's heart and being - knows best.

The love a mother has for her son or daughter - murdered or killed -  hurts.

Gwen Woods and  her words - brought tears to those present - and charged those present - to do something - positive.

Some chose to be belligerent at this meeting - and it would behove those that create this atmosphere of animosity - to be mindful.

 Anger begets anger - and hate begets hate - Chief Toney Chaplin - cannot fire anyone in the SF Police Department or for that matter - adjudicate any situation in the SF Police Department - all my himself. 

If we who dare to challenge someone - with foolish questions - think and act in that matter - this type of behaviors is detrimental to us all.

As the present process is in place - only the San Francisco Police Commission - can accept the complaints - adjudicate the complaints - and if warranted take the necessary - action.

If the matter goes to our Court - then that judgement too - stands valid - may go to the SF Police Commission - that has to review those Court judgments. For those that do not know this process - learn about the process - before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

We all know - even when it comes to the worse crimes committed - our Courts adjudicate the cases. We are a Nation of laws - and if some of us - do not comprehend the processes in place - in our Nation - then the time has come to learn about them.

How crimes are adjudicated  - how we must pursue litigation in our Nation of laws?

 It is NOT to late to study and more be educated on issues and processes.

Subjectively speaking - I detest when any speaker - asking a question -   trying to make a point - with a long commentary - that some of us ignorant and arrogant - keep badgering the speak who has to answer a question that begs the question.

This type of behavior - is totally uncalled for.

The meeting was well attended -  now most of us know - we have our work cut out for us - let us comprehend - we all are in this together.

Let me also subjectively state - the hard work that is left for us to do - demands sacrifice. Let me also state - there can be NO love without sacrifice.

Talk is cheap - there are those that talk the talk - but very few - that walk the walk.

Chief Toney Chaplin conducted himself professionally - and he looks forward to us working with him.

I represent  - the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco - this land we call San Francisco was stolen from the Ohlone.

I look forward to working with the forces that be - on every level - to curtail murders and killings - on this land that is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land. Aho.