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Sunday, July 31, 2016


People may not comprehend it - but to lead a " movement " and fall prey to the Democrats more the sordid Democratic National Convention - is totally - uncalled for.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats - the leaders they have chosen - to lead the United States of America - are unfit.

We must not allow our Nation to be tarnished for decades. This must not happen - and there are many ways to deal - with the situation at hand.

The " situation " will require the MOVEMENT to act now - and come out with a model.

An unique " model " - and if the leaders from the movement - those vetted - those that toiled and spent thousands of hours.

More - canvassing - these unique leaders - are in the best situation - to change drastically - who will vote - and for whom.

In my opinion - we have the frying pan and the fire - now. 

I would be a fool to choose either to these - sordid, options.

America is at a crossroads - and what Wikileaks and other conduits have done - is fullY expose -  with empirical data - the sordid Democratic National Convention - corrupt.

We have proof that folks like Debbie Wassermann Shultz with intent - favored Hillary Clinton and her operations - and legally speaking - such actions - impeded  - " fair play ".

Hillary Clinton is the establishment - lock, stock, and barrel.

Hillary Clinton lies - and when she is caught with her hand in the cookie jar - she will amend her writings, circumvent any question that requires a direct answer - plainly put - she cannot be trusted.

As for Donald the other candidate - there is nothing - whatsoever - good to say about this candidacy. Egoistical maniac.

Power to the people - COMMONS.

Our Nation - once named Turtle Island - was nurtured by the Native Americans - the Native Americans kept all that we see today - some 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles pristine.

The Native Americans - more the Six Nations - the Iroquois Nation - contributed their Democracy - practices for thousands of years - to our Nation through our Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers incorporated much of what they learned from the Native American leaders - way back in 1776 into our Constitution - in and around Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly love - and may I add Sisterly love.

Both Hillary Clinton and the other candidate - are here vying to be the President of the United States - using corruption of the highest order - to attain their goals.

There is no justice. We see the symbols - and even the Supreme Court - has declared -   "Corporations are people too ". Think about that.

We take it for granted - that what we see and hear - is something that can be tolerated and believed - and that is not so.

Millions of dollars are spent on Television Advertisements - to trick people into believing who is right and who is wrong.

Both of the leading candidates - from both of the major parties - are diabolical and NOT to be trusted.

As in our Nation - all over the world - there is turmoil - those in power - more politicians - say one thing and do another.

Our Nation is great not because we are great - but because our land is blessed with resources.

We have a population - of about 320 million.

For thousands of years - the Native Americans who we have failed to acknowledge - many NOT put on the Federal Register - are treated like second class citizens - and this is wrong.

Washington D.C. has created too many situations - with so much divisiveness.

Trying to create confusion - using the Main Media - to tarnish our thoughts - the thoughts of the people at large.

The Movement - rallied millions - and we must - do all that is takes - to carry on the Movement.

Prepare four years from now - to change - the establishment - that now is in place - reeking with corruption - of the worst order.

We have the leaders - and what is important is being laser beam focused and united.

 There are millions in our Nation - the United States of America - that are fed up with the two Main Parties - one worse than the other. 

We must seek another party - to deliver - one that has the support of the COMMONS.

Where the wealth is distributed - where our senior, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - those with compromised health - those that need help - are all given the help and opportunities to succeed.

Right now the ONE PERCENT - have too much - and GREED rules the ROOST. That must change drastically - Aho.