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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a consummate  liar - and more very arrogant - as is her husband former President Bill Clinton.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed Hillary Clinton - not at the behest - of the Agency but at that of Hillary Clinton.

Those who are in the know - know what the culture of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is all about. 

In like manner we know - what is the prevailing culture of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The lengthy speech delivering the final assessment of the situation at hand - by the head of the present FBI is just that.

Very serious infringements - linked to Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential - chains and pieces of intelligence - were compromised.  Such infringement have no gray area - either you are right or wrong. 

In this case the blatant infringements - have harmed our Nation - and those involved - must be punished.

As the former Congressional Liaison of Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - unlike most of those that " gossip " - the training, the education, and the processes that were taught us - have been flagrantly thrown to the winds.

Our Nation has been poorer when past discrepancies - tarnished the good name of our Nation - the United State of America.

We remember and have flash backs - of President Richard Nixon - and how - he left the office of President of the United States - and brought shame on our great Nation.

Years latter we saw the same with -  President Bill Clinton  who had the guts " looking straight into the camera and saying: " I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky ".

 We found out more - and the rest is history. about the Monica episode. 

Sordid actions that have clouded Hillary Clinton and that of her husband who is accompanying her - on many of her appearances - as her bequest to be the the next President of the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders - who did his best - recently had to concede - the corrupt Senator the likes of Dianne Feinstein - others one worse than the other - calling on Senator Bernie Sanders - to relinquish his campaign - and step down.

President Bill Clinton - circumvented the situation at hand - and remained in office - the Monika Lewinsky episodes - did not slow down President Bill Clinton.

Many of us forget the millions died in Rwanda - other atrocities were committed - laws enacted that sent mostly Blacks to jail for longer terms. 

The House Negros today want to vote for Hillary Clinton - preserving in modern times - the fake mentality of the " House Negro ' when large plantation favored those that we know - have BLOOD on their hands.

There has been a gray cloud hanging - around the White House and other U.S. Governmental agencies - to this day - from the actions of former President Bill Clinton.

As the former Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton poor judgement - has adversely impacted many countries. Hillary Clinton keeps harping she will fight for women's rights - and that may be so.

However in most of the countries that are ruled by nefarious and sordid  " macho men " - by out dated customs such as those practiced in Saudi Arabia and other other countries - where women still continue to be treated with - utter disrespect.

Even here in the United States - will all the talk - most decent women will tell you - there is " no equity " - talk is cheap - it is the walk that counts.

Our Nation needs a very strong President - to take us to a better place - for sure Donald Trump is not that " person ".

 We see before us - the " circus of sorts " - that is the best the Republicans are offering this Nation.

We saw today - how our Federal agencies - are cowering down - and accommodating the lesser of two evils - and when that happens - we can only see and wait.

Independents are growing in numbers - however, the two major parties - do not want change - and it is these dynamics - that will bring to bear on the results that matter.

There is a large segment of the population that are simply fed up with the major two parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

We have two  rotten reeds - weak and tarnished - blowing in the wind - moving any which way - Hillary and the other one.

We the public - we the constituents - are anxiously watching and waiting - to see what will befall - our great Nation.

This great nation for thousands of years before the strangers came know as -  Turtle Island - the land of the Native Americans who were here - and preserved and protected this Nation - kept it pristine.

Turtle Island now known as the United States of America - the land where true Democracy was practiced - for thousands of years .

We should read our history - not so much time is spent on knowing more about - the Six Nations - the Iroquois Tribe - the many visits to the White House by these Tribes.

Our Founding Fathers - chose to create a Constitution to maintain some balance. Not so any more.

Our Founding Fathers - had a deep respect and learned much from the Six Nations - we may not want to believe it - but the facts are there to read and understand.

The Supreme Court have declared in their " foolishness " that Corporations are people too. Such actions - further deplete our value - hence the 1% who control 95% of the assets - of our Great Nation.

Our great divide is clearly seen in San Francisco - where the disparity and great divide has been compared to Rwanda - a Third world in Central Africa.

Our Electoral System is so primitive that it begs the question - more about of our called fake Democracy .

The Super delegates giving an edge - to those very corrupt candidates - such as Hillary Clinton - who wins some sordid Election. Reminiscent of the Feudal times.

The Main Media or Press in our Great Nation -  and the so called Constitution Experts - go with the flow.

Failing to challenge and expose the ploys, the machinations, the shenanigans - exposing the corrupt - the MACHINE - that have brought our Nation to this sad state of affairs.

When the Independents truly want to express themselves and vote - every hurdle possible is brought to keep their votes out.

We have hags the likes of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco. - who participate in nefarious activities and actions - and must step down.

The lap dog Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - others - the MACHINE -  are testing the patience of the people.

Good Americans - the people who pay taxes - work hard - who are deprived of their constitutional rights - amended and tarnished by our very corrupt - politicians - and corrupt courts.

This is Ohlone land - all the land was stolen.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - and what I write are facts.

 Those who are not educated on issues - fail to comprehend - and others who will go with the flow - better wake up - time is running out.

This cesspool is being created by EVIL people - and we must move fast to stop this train - that is moving fast - and will crash sooner not latter. Aho.