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Sunday, July 3, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee has chosen to cozy up to the large Corporations, corrupt developers the likes of Forest City and Lennar Urban - Property Managers - the likes of the John Stewart Company and Mercy Housing.

The above leech on San Francisco and more decent San Franciscans - why?

Is is because of poor leadership - and leading the charge of shallow, inept, spineless, without any vision - what so ever - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Now, it is time for these entities that leech on our communities - who came here uninvited - who are always seeking breaks - to fork up. - five percent if not ten percent of their sordid - profits. 

If they feel they cannot contribute - after depriving us all of so much - making hay while the sun shines - they can leave. - now

Mayor Edwin M. Lee still brags about our City and County of San Francisco.

While the majority of San Franciscans in this City and those that are decent - do not respect Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

For all practical purposes - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a lap dog - he still does not get it - in fact he will not ever - get it.

If it is true we spent a  quarter of a Billion dollars on our homeless - that this City purports amount to some 9, 000  or so.

Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture.

What really is wrong - is that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has chosen to out source programs - to his lackeys - and his lackeys make the money - on the backs of the very poor and indigent.

Again our City and County of San Francisco spends a quarter Billion dollars - on some 9, 000 homeless - and the situation as it stands to day on the streets of San Francisco - is getting - worse.

San Francisco is now tarnished - and the dirty streets - coupled with the homeless begging - the mentally challenged running amuck.

The increase in petty crimes - cars broken into - purse and chains snatching - and you have pandemonium of the worst order.

Quality of Life issues are compromised - but that means nothing to the lap dog Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee has never been astute at solving problems - he has been good at begging for  money.

Money for his campaign coffers - and will always remind you - to make a personal check to him - I have to been told this again and again.

At San Francisco's City Hall - all the heads of the our City Departments - are puzzled - why they have to cut their budget - ten percent - or whatever percentage - when Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps doling out jobs - to his lackeys.

Our City and County of San Francisco now has over 30, 000 on their pay roll.

Our City and County of San Francisco's - Human Services is known for its corruption - going back the time when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr hired two thousands of his cronies - and all of them under the title of  - Administrative Assistant.

They all assisted him in more than one way above and below his belt.

Our City continues to be Racist - after each square inch was stolen from the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a transplant from Oregon - and as soon as he gets his bloated, pension - he will leave San Francisco - and go back to where he has built his nest.

The Chinese in China town detest - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a transplant Chinese though American - but fails to stand up to American values -  of which is has none - he is a cheap skate - and has no " blue print " - no vision - that is holistic in nature.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee shenanigans are well known  - many cases pending in the Courts.  I have read the briefs and will be revealing the information at the appropriate time - comes.

The bigger corporations - the corrupt developers - the non-profits and for-profits  that make so much from the out-sourcing - must contribute to the betterment of our City and County of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - loves to make his bed with AirB&B, Google, Facebook, Twitter , Uber, Lyft, Sidecar - all of them have derived immense benefits from San Francisco.

It is time for the above entities - to put aside five percent -  that is not too much - to give to the City and County that has given them so much.

So when Supervisor Eric Mar - put his well thought - stellar plan for vetting and quick action - only those that do not care for our City and County of San Francisco - will oppose the plan - and of course leading the charge - our lap dog - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

I want to remind all once again - in the past Chevron left San Francisco - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Bank of American - left - and the City and County of San Francisco - still do business with the City and County of San Francisco - and in reality should not.

If AirB&B, Twitter, the others that I have mentioned want to go elsewhere - the soon they go the better - we do not want those that take a lot - and cannot even give a little - I say go - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

San Francisco detest the pompous - more, crooks who are corrupt - developers like Forest City and Lennar Urban that have tarnished the good name of San Francisco.

Our neighborhoods are unique and have always had so much to offer - that is until Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the lackeys he favors - came here and screwed things - over.

Rents in San Francisco - have gone up $3500 for a single unit - that most people cannot afford. One would have to earn over $120, 000 to live in San Francisco. More if you had two or three children.

The congestion of our streets - the dangerous particulates that float every where - the pollution from the dirty air - all have contributed to an increase in respiratory diseases.

Cancer of every kind - and Barbara Garcia and Tomas Aragon from the San Francisco Health - are no where near  addressing these and other pressing - issues that plague  - our City and County of San Francisco.

Those most impacted our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - the mentally and physically challenged and more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - looks the other way in disdain - bragging that San Francisco is a world class city - that cannot even keep its streets clean, filthy every where - more excreta that the Mayor must sniff and see the nastiness of the situation - for himself - pathetic.

Human beings have been sleeping in tents - for the longest time ever - San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world - not even in the Third World countries - do you have so many people - sleeping on the streets - families too with children - facing the inclement weather.

I have been around - and know of no other world class City - that has compromised its Quality of Life issues - as does San Francisco at this moment. 

Wake up and do something San  Francisco - the challenge goes to the Mayor and his lackeys - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.