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Monday, July 18, 2016


Governor Jerry Brown and Hillary Clinton -
leaders who have said nothing about the many murders
going on - on our streets of San Francisco.

This land will call America - for thousands of years before the greedy " strangers came here to this land" - it was well known as the glorious and flourishing  -" Turtle Island ".

History has not been kind to the Native Americans - we all know that - but the mostly " greedy" strangers - have had a field day - raping Native American, scalping the Native Americans and fetching a measly $5 up until 1927 - Governors in California sending " edits " - to kill the Native Americans.

Today - no President of the United States has apologized for all the atrocities committed.

No Governor of California has apologized for all the atrocities committed. And the Democrats are famous for barking up the wrong tree - at all levels - our Governor Jerry Brown, our State Attorney Kamala Harris - our SF District Attorney George Gason, our Attorney General in Washington DC.

To add fuel to fire - many Blacks who at one time - when they fled the Slave Plantations - were aided and sheltered - by the Native Americans - have forgotten their history.

Today, these sell out Blacks - most of them - NOT educated on issues - want to join the ranks - join us in the trenches - to bring about justice - and think that just by talking their can do it.

We few who are on the frontline - all vetted - do not want sell outs to join our ranks. Period. We know that that fewer we are - the better the results. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

We believe in actions - from those that can stand their ground - and who are educated on issues. We have in our ranks astute, smart, proven leaders - and do not seek wanna a bees - I hope I am making myself - clear.

Others want to infiltrate to go back and report to the Master - much like happened at the Slave Plantations of yore - that have brought about - the down fall of the Middle Class and destroyed the foundation of our Nation.

If the Middle Class was strong today - none of the nonsense we see today - would happen.

Our Nation had NO business going to Iraq,  Afghanistan, Syria and Libya - other countries adversely impacted by our fake  intervention.

The authorities that be - are not proven leaders - and simply they can never be good leaders - because all of them are totally  and utterly inept  - simply put - " spiritually bankrupt ".

Our Veterans have been treated with disdain.

Make no mistake about that - look at the empirical data - and then start barking. And if those of you are barking up the wrong tree - the nonsense you are witnessing today - is on you - you have BLOOD on your hands.

Why should so many millions linger in our jails? Why should so many thousands - die all these many years - at the hands of rogue police officers? I want to know.

Imagine serving your Nation - an honorably discharged Veteran - and waiting two years - for an appointment linked to an immediate  and much need operation - to save one's life?

Today, the situation has some what been brought back on track - but still our Veterans - have to wait for months - to see a doctor at a Veterans Hospital. Why?

The families - millions of them - have to deal with our Veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress.

The Veterans who we see with blind folds - have seen bodies blown up - hundreds and thousands killed - from bombs dropped - some 5000 lbs pound bombs - that create a crater - as large as a football field - if not two.

Destroys block on a streets - and those bombs that bury thousands of human beings - be they infants, children, youth, young adults, women - the elders - those with compromised health - none of them have done wrong - but all of them are made to suffer - when some wrong information is given - about the so called enemy - being present at a certain - location.

Innocent women and children have been killed in Iraq,  Syria,  Afghanistan,  and Libya - casualties are expendable - that means whoever is in the cockpit - reports - what they want to report about the casualties.

Our soldiers mostly come from the poorer sections of our population at home - here in the United States.

You can evaluate the soldier who killed 5 police men in Texas. Do your home work.

The same with the incident where a soldier killed three and wounded another three.

No one knows what was going on in the mind of the two soldiers - one a Marine - both happened to be Black.

Both announced before they went on a killing spree - their mind set - all made up - for the wrong reasons.

They were in dire straits - needed help badly - they cried for help - psychological help - and there was none to be found.

It would be prudent that our Government learn from these incidents - and in future send to war - Whites mostly graduates - so that their families that have had it good for decades - understand - what really war - entails.

Senator Dianne Feinstein - she was 
hungry to go to war - kill, maim, and thinks
she bears NO responsibility for what is happening today?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch - here in San Francisco -
we need the task force from the Department of Justice -
that can deal with blatant Racial Discrimination -
abuses of our Civil Rights - now.

Carnage - killings and shootings - innocent people blown to smithereens .

Innocent people bleeding to death - who have NO war with us - never, ever stepped on our soil -  while 5000 lbs bombs - are dropped from the air - some drone takes the photographs - and remote control - the assessment is  - made.

Innocent cries have saturated heaven - and if there is a God - then something - gives.

Our politicians are quick to call our soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress - names. Paint them as good for nothing - so why did you enroll them in our Army - use them like dirty rags - and thrown them away?

Trying doing that with the rich - more the Whites - who will flee to places - rather than serve our Nation - reminiscent of the days when - we called our women and men to join in the Viet Nam war. Thousands took refuge in Canada.

STOP that nonsense.

There are thousands of time bombs out there - and when these disturbed soul -  listen to "idiots " calling their fellow - comrades - fellow brothers names - more damage will result.

In the interim the Main Media - does not want to address - " The Police Bill of Rights ". 

Police murders are committed - with no questions asked - while some enquiry goes on - no one can get access to the countless  " Incident Reports ". 

State and Federal law linked to the " Police Bill of Rights " - prohibits the Incidents Report and the charges brought on the Police Officers - from being - released.

At times some reports are released with 90% of the Incident Reports - redacted. Making  mockery of the Freedom of Information Act. Our President knows this, the Attorney General knows this - others in power know this - so why is someone not taking care of urgent business? 

For those that do not know what redaction means - entire statement blacked out - making it next to impossible to make sense of the Incident Report.

When one makes a request - to gather facts - using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Receives the Incident Report - some times paying a lot of money - may be $1 a page - for 700 or a 1000 pages. 

Only to get statement after statement - redacted. That is how our failed justice system works.

Who is fooling whom?

Police Officers  - more the ones - who we term " rogue police officers " - have been laughing - none the less - hiding behind the " Police Bill of Rights ". 

Some have committed murders on innocent people in one area - say Contra Costa - then left that area - and joined the San Francisco Police Department - to commit more murders.

This nonsense that has been going for decades - I have personally - known the  last 8 SF Police Chiefs - and each of them have known me - too well too.

I have also known the last 6 Mayors of San Francisco - very well - the last four for sure - one worse than the other. The present one the worse of them all.

We have two documents that I have provided for the readers to read - the Blue Ribbon Panel's report and 81 pertinent suggestions made - to improve our San Francisco Police Department. 

We have the fodder now - that the Department of Justice can chew upon.

The Grand Jury too has a report on the shoddy work linked to the San Francisco Police Laboratory. 

Evidence tempered with - the lab technician - helping herself to confiscated cocaine.

In other cases SF Police Officer - raiding Single Residency Occupancy Hotels - and stealing money, lap tops and what have you.

In San Francisco there are umpteen cases - innocent people murdered - NOT one case - of the recent well know cases - have any SF Police Officer been charged. 

Some were suspended - and chose to leave the SF Police Department.

Recently the situation reached saturation point - Chief Gregory Suhr was forced to resign by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who today - does not know what to do - leading that charge.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is in hiding - there is a recall going on - and the people united - will gather the petitions - submit the petitions - and rid our great City - of the prevailing abject - corruption and abject - cancer.

In the interim the House Negros - have been aiding and abetting - trying to placate the constituents of San Francisco - taking money from the corrupt to do the devil's work - one of them Amos Brown.

Decent advocates on the other hand - working hard - sacrificing - who have been on the frontline - and who will do whatever it takes - to restore things to normalcy. Their heart in the right place.

Protests and more protest that encourage violence and destruction of property - is NOT what brings about change.

What brings about change - is true Justice - we want the Department of Justice - to send that team that deals with Racial Discrimination and address Civil Rights issues - to investigate and adjudicate - rightly - the  " vetted "  empirical data in front of them.

We want those " rogue SF Police Officers " brought to justice.

We want some concrete adjudication - so far we have been tickled blue by - the entry named Community Oriented Policing Services - aptly called COPS - who work for the Department of Justice - and have NO power to investigate and less to adjudicate.

Well known entity COPS - producing large documents - that no one wants to read - gathering dust on the shelves - making a fool of themselves - wasting millions of dollars - of tax payers money and more the time to those they choose to play these silly games.

The murders on our streets - all over our Nation are serious and we better get a grip on life. We all citizens of these the United States of America - and the Constitution that says so - giving us the required rights - to right the wrong.

State Attorney General - now running for the 
vacated Senator's seat of Barbara Boxer -
could charge the " rogue SF officers " but
has deferred to COPS 

Our Governor Jerry Brown, our State Attorney General Kamala Harris - our District Attorney George Gascon - our Attorney General in Washington D.C. are all - asleep at the cockpit.

In the interim if we do not know the process - are not educated on issues - then we have but ourselves to blame. 

I represent the First People the Muwekma Ohlone of San Francisco. The land was stolen and the nonsense we are witness today - has reached saturation point - those in authority - lack leadership - but more compassion.

The Main Media is feeding us all with misinformation - and those that cannot discern - cannot filter - shallow is all - and are now suffering from acute - constipation - and do not know what to do. Go figure!