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Thursday, June 30, 2016


The Main Media has now join the fray - trying to analyze the rampant  " homeless " - situation.

Thousands of homeless all over San Francisco. Sleeping on our streets, under bushed, under bridges - facing the inclement weather.

The Main Media are too late the damage has already been done.
Now the Main Media has chosen to sensationalize the plight of the poor - no through investigative reporting - some superficial gossip type stories - just to make the headlines.

Local blogs have done their part to expose the situation at hand.

The digital world affords local " blogs" - an opportunity to report in real time - only for the Main Media to steal the information - and pretend they are addressing issues - that have already being reported again and again - years ago.

In San Francisco over a quarter of a billion dollars - are expanded - pretending to solve the homeless problem.

Now we have some Homeless Outreach Workers - driving in new cars - the black cars - with white letterings - the uniform put on the mostly White black - laughing as they cruise around San Francisco.

No dent has been made to resolve the homeless problem in San Francisco.

In fact the homeless problem has got so chronic - and what has not been addressed - at all - the homeless have been traumatized.

Hundreds die a slow death - and no one wants to report of these deaths.

Th many Jane Does and John Smiths - laying in our Morgues.

Society has been kept in the dark - and the Main Media has risen from their slumber - at this late hour - to make an appearance of sorts. Pathetic.

Not once has any of the supposedly informed Main Media - looked into the how the City and County of San Francisco have traumatized the homeless - on the streets of San Francisco.

Better still no one cares to report on the many deaths - of poor and indigent constituents -  on the mean streets of San Francisco.

Gastapo tactics - snatching the belongings of the poor - and throwing it away. 

Snatching their medicine and leaving them vulnerable and surely  for dead - when the poor and the indigent have no access to their much needed - medicines. 

Treating the poor - all of them like a dirty rag - and forcing them out of one place -  threatening the homeless - abusing the poor souls - treating the poor and the indigent - worse, than animals. 

All in San Francisco - a City of compassion. - has turned its back on those that need help most - so many homeless and more joining their ranks - each and every hour.

Again and again the early sweeps - give minutes for the homeless to vacate - many of them physically and mentally challenged. 

Many of them awoken in the wee hours of the morning - and no one bothers to do something about this trauma - inflicted on the indigent, the poor - the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - the many Seniors that need help - on an emergency bases.

The above matter -  has to be adjudicated in our High Courts - the lawyers and attorneys are fast asleep - and the " pro bono " attorneys must step up to the plate - and do justice on a matter that cries to heaven for fair play and justice.

Then with all the confusion happening - the homeless left stunned and hapless - some of them can hardly function. 

Many of them pushed and beaten - and San Francisco must be ashamed that such sordid happenings - and injures - inflicted on the homeless - the indigent and the very poor - are happening daily.

Add to that the " thugs" that prey on the poor - and more when the are assaulted - just because they need help - no one knows - when their day will come - when they fall of bad times - we all are vulnerable - many families -  one pay off - being exposed to homelessness.

The respective illness forces the the homeless to stall - more without their medication. Even more when they are assaulted. 

Even more the poor  resign to fate - they get into some paralysis that the psychiatrists and psychologists - can analyze - and represent fairly - hopefully - the situation at hand - and there is more.

The Courts must take this situation into consideration - and we advocates are at a loss for words.

We Advocates -  will rally and counter the adverse impacts - by revealing in writing - so that future generations - can come to the rescue and restore - some decency,  some humanity - some much needed - compassion - as we all believe in HOPE.

For the City and County of San Francisco - to treat the thousands of " homeless " - with disdain is a disgrace to the human race. 

Leading the charge Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog Mayor - who no one respects in San Francisco.

San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - use to exude compassion - no more.

The City and County of San Francisco - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has destroyed whatever little decency was left in San Francisco.

He lacks compassion and with him - the lackeys that carry his orders.

The Mayor has no problem providing millions of dollars of tax right offs and benefits to TWITTER. Even providing TWITTER free MUNI transportation - all at tax payers money.

Google, Uber, and AirBnB - other devious corporations - that rake in millions of dollars - in sordid - profits.

We the tax payers foot the bill - while these large corporations - use our public MUNI bus stops - to ferry their employees from San Francisco to the South Bay  - Mountain View and further.
Creating congestion and treating San Franciscans with disdain.

The immoral techies - use their money to hike up rents - one bed room unit now go for $3500 and two bed rooms units - for $5000.

These evil techies have ruined our City and County of San Francisco.

In the last 5 years - over 40, 000 families have left San Francisco. We now have a population of 850, 000 - ten years ago it was close to 620, 000.

UBER and other companies like UBER  - LIFT - SIDE CAR -have destroyed our local taxi companies.

No one in their right mind understands - why such morbid and evil companies are even encouraged to do business in 
San Francisco.

Defying the authorities  - ply their taxis and carry passengers without proper insurance and many of the drivers - felons.

 The drivers  carry no legal insurance - their drivers involved in raping passengers - and if they get into an accident - they have no comprehensive insurance.

It is not uncommon for these drivers - to drive like maniacs. 

The Mayor is in bed with AirBnB - and AirBnB has now taken our City and County of San Francisco to Court.

AirBnB - has chosen to use our homes in San Francisco - as vacation rooms - for those tourist - who favor the AirBnB style.

AirBnB -  has destroyed our neighborhoods - gobbling up rooms and giving our City and County of San Francisco a bad name.

Senator Dianne Feinstein when she was Mayor of San Francisco - chose the Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - as a model - to house the homeless. 

This woman - who should get out of politics - and who was once the Mayor of San Francisco - has done nothing for us -  must step down. 

She has failed to represent - and she have used her power to help her husband Richard Blum - get millions of dollars of dollars. 

So much so that she was removed from a Congressional Committee - because of nepotism and corrupt practices.

Senator Dianne Feinstein - has two large homes in San Francisco.

One of her homes the second one - has City property that she stole - and then when notified - agreed to to take care of the property - paying for the upkeep and paying for the landscape. 

A thief must pay restitution and not be encouraged - to use her clout and money - to circumvent the law.

Senator Dianne Feinstein has permission to carry a concealed  gun.

 I suppose a pistol - that she can conceal under her sordid - knickers.

Senator Dianne Feinstein - is against assault weapons - but she cannot set an example.

She has not recovered - from the targeted attack on her mansion - by the Private Presdio Golf Club in San Francisco - by the Symbonese Liberation Army that targeted her - some decades ago. Why no one knows way.

It is the same with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - living in style having a large home in San Francisco and another in Napa County - spending more time in Napa -  miles away from San Francisco -while pretending to represent - San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi's family has deep connection with the Mafia - and all those who live in and around Pacific Heights - are known as the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Most of them involved - in nefarious activities - these corrupt folks - give a damn about - poor people - more indigent - the mentally and physically challenged.

These corrupt folks - spend thousands daily - eating stuff that cost thousands - escargot, wine costing thousands of dollars, other fancy meat cuts - caviar from Russia - licking their fingers with glee - and practicing gluttony.

Do not think - for a second - these policy makers -  stop with their gluttony and nefarious actions.

Many of whom are in bed with Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  they give a hoot about the homeless, the mentally and physically challenged?

The pay to play and get their permits and what they want on a platter. The are part of the EVIL - MACHINE.

These folks - the very corrupt politicians - they do NOT care about the Seniors - who work with Supervisors Scott Wierner, Mark Farrell, London Breed and Malia Cohen ( two House Negros) - Katy Tang -  corrupt to the CORE - pushing their nefarious ploys, machination, and shenanigans - to the limit.

In San Francisco right now - we have very poor political leadership.

The  policy makers - are spending over a quarter of a BILLION dollars - on some 8000 plus so called homeless - according to their sordid - figures.

It is more like 30, 000 those sleeping in their cars, two, three families sleeping in a one bed room unit. Others crashing where they can - they have a roof - but cannot live a normal life. 

Quality of Life issues have been compromised - to the detriment of Society - and those in power do not care - the Main Media has just awoken from their slumber - where have they been all these many years - to shed light where there has been continuous darkness ?

None of those purporting to help the poor, the indigent, those that need help have done anything viable and sustainable.

All of these folks have access to the funds - in the millions totally a quarter of a BILLION - the do not care about the poor - they care about those they out source money to - in the millions.

None of them have their heart in the right place.

Again - so called homeless czars - all Jewish are chosen - to help the poor.

 None of them truly care about the poor - these czars are paid over $250, 000 with benefits.

These so called Whites lack cultural competency - they can talk the talk - but they fail to walk the walk. 

This is Ohlone land - more Muweka Ohlone land - and these sordid folks - have contaminated the land , the air and the Bay - the watershed. 

Now they have chosen to target the poor - they keep - making a mockery of their sordid lives - the greed has consummated their being - and they continue to live - doing harm and less good.

They strangers stole the land - they keep inviting other crooks and folks that practice " greed " to San Francisco.

They  think nothing about gentrification and displacing the good - more - decent, hard working, tax payers - all San Franciscans - who work hard to create our unique neighborhoods.

We do not want them here  in San Francisco.

Leave and go elsewhere - and take with you - your EVIL ways - you all have BLOOD on your hands.