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Sunday, July 1, 2012


In a number of past articles - I have made known the number of truants - youth who should be in school - but crash here, there, everywhere - survive day to day - and DO NOT attend school.

We have a population of a little over 805,000 according to the 2010 census in San Francisco - and we have over 10,000 students in San Francisco - that are truants.

Of these number 20% are chronic - students.

We have about 56,000 students attending - our San Francisco Public Schools.

Our youth in the SFUS District are not given the best opportunities to study and be educated - because they are surrounded by folks that do not have the better interests of the students.

Let me explain.

By large measure our Private Schools more the Parochial School, the Charter Schools - in some cases; have made a complete 360 degree change - when it comes to improving the grades of students - that use to fail but now have better grades.

It can be done - but not with the happenings in our SFUS District and not with the SFUSD Board - that are not in sync with reality - and lack leadership.

The San Francisco Unified School Board keep talking a lot - but they all have been an abject failure - failing and sinking deeper in the cesspool - of their own creation. 

They all talk the talk - but time and time again have FAILED to walk the walk.

This year 2012 and next year 2013 - the San Francisco Unified School District - will have failed all San Franciscans - in a manner that is despicable to say the least.

The reason is simple - we have SFUSD Board Members who are not tuned with normal families, have no clue what is happening at ground zero, and love to seek help - from the "rainy day fund" to over come their fiscal machinations and ploys.

Always finding excuses to blame others - but - failing to see that they themselves - have to be held accountable - and have done miserable - job -year after year.

In the Southeast Sector which includes District 10 and District 11 - we have over 25% of our youth - who have not been given opportunities. Not only opportunities to the youth - but, to their families at large.

Hurdles are put in the way of the families and many of the families are at their wit's end. Many of these family own homes - they themselves received good education in our Public Schools - and now cannot fathom - why our Public Schools - are failing.

Transportation is a problem for the youth. The SFU School Board - knows about this but cannot do anything much.

It does not help when the Yellow Buses - the Laidlaw Buses - are now not plying in large numbers - because the SFUS District cannot fork up the money - because the State of California is - broke.

Our State Representatives not one of them have given us a detail report - why at the State Level - in Sacramento - Public Schools, children and youth - are made targets.

Time to reveal the TRUTH Senator Leland Yee, Mark Leno - Assembly Persons Tom Ammiano and Fiona Ma. 20% of our youth are going to drop out - and not complete High  School - what have you done to address this situation?

The authorities that govern our City have no clue about our youth - crossing three, four, and many times five turfs - to get to school.

Daily many of our youth cannot afford breakfast - have no money to pay MUNI ( our public transportation system), live in fear, do not have a decent place to sleep - less to read a book, even less to do their homework.

San Francisco is one of the richest City in the world.

I could go into details but it would not help.

The authorities -who are supposed to help the youth - waste our time - spewing hot air - diatribe - and have for the last - ten years - "with intent" - ruined the future of our youth.

This is a crime - especially; those that favor the LGBT lifestyle - and want to impose that sordid lifestyle on our youth.

There is something called politically correct.

It really means - you cannot speak your mind. F***
that. These Ass H**** have to go. Take it from me.

I deal with youth all the time.

And it is shame that many of the youth - cannot write a paragraph without spelling words correctly. Using slang and besides not knowing how to express themselves in writing - do worse when asked to speak on any subject.

I speak and write over ten languages. Just for those that want to know - why I write what I write - and why I am deep into - sound education.

What is happening to our youth?

When is comes to games from Zinga and some other entities - youth find time to "waste time"  faking that they are into extra curricula activities - the youth know how to circumvent that part of the territory - mostly when not supervised.

The authorities may not know it - but pimping and whoring - is open in our SFUSD.

Not once has this subject been discussed in open. Of course the Principals deal with it - and our SF Police Department is fully cognizant of the fact.

Why are we treating our straight families with disdain? Over 20,000 decent families with children have left San Francisco. Wonder Why?

Inherent with good education are morals, ethics, standards, good manners, etiquette to those well educated and brought up right in former decades can stand up and speak to these values.

If you dare discuss - the few elements I have mentioned above - the youth - look at you with dismay - and if given the opportunity there is no stopping. You really do not want me to describe what they have to truly say.

The youth are rebelling and they do not like what they see. In District 8 for example - at Dolores Park - vandalism has been used to target the youth. At first glance - people feel angry about such vandalism.

The youth are sick of the lack of etiquette at Dolores Park. On one side of Dolores Park you see families - and on the other side Queer Folks. Go see for yourselves on any sunny day - who behaves - better.

When the youth see the despicable behavior - adults but mostly Queer - naked, drinking, loud - the youth do not like this behavior.

I witnessed this in the open and broad daylight - when I was there at one of the festivities recently.

I could not believe - what I was seeing. Including making out in public. Disgusting. Even animals know - better.

When the youth vandalize the Park at night - that is a way for them to get back.

Do not look for answers with Police Enforcement - look at yourselves and do right. Try Community Policing. Trying talking to youth and make sure you reveal you are Queer. Do not hide behind the SF Police Department.

This is the message for the District 8 Supervisor who still thinks he works for the City Attorney and can target anyone - and have his own way.

There are many folks in the Mission who do not favor the sordid behavior - of those that do not favor children - but, yet like to Represent on our SF School Board, represent San Franciscans as Supervisors - and push for actions and programs that favor those - that love families and more children.

Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor David Chu, others who have the balls - better wake up.

Thirty percent of our youth drop out - and do not complete - High School. When did you all - hear such statistics - before? And if you know about it - what are you all doing about it?

The SF Board of Supervisors are pathetic - not all - but by large measure those that do not favor nor care about families.

Every time you go to City Hall - the talk is about especial needs for the Queer - is this going to be the norm.

With the Supervisor from District 8 - imposing the needs of his District - all over San Francisco. Enough is enough.

While the SF Unified School District has failed miserably.

Now, we have our City Supervisors - the Legislative Branch dabbling in the deep affairs of the SFUS Distict and compromising - Quality of Life  Issues all over San Francisco - deeply affecting families with children - where it is very expensive to live in this City and County of San Francisco.

Our Public School are the business of the State Government per se.

While the City of San Francisco has no deep pocket obligation to aid the SFUS District - our SF Supervisors - many of them with former connections with the SFUSD - are now bring in 
that rubbish - into Room 250 - the Chambers and doing harm to all San Franciscans.

San Francisco is a rich city and we can take control of our destiny.

But, not until we rid folks who have no morals, less ethics, and are perverts openly functioning and trying to brain wash our youth. I am told this again and again - by parents and the youth.

For years through the San Francisco School Volunteers - I could access our SFUSD - and have first hand knowledge about what I am writing about. That is until I had enough - and do not go to the SFUSD - because it makes me puke - to see the things I see.

The youth are not dumb - once they trust you - they reveal to you - what truly they feel about QUEER folks.

While most of us have nothing against QUEER folks - you do what you like doing best - and keep straight folks - out of your sordid business - is all we ask. No one can generalize but the few sordid Queer - make things difficult for - everyone.

Today, the majority of San Francisco constituents are "straight" - it is a JOKE when over fifty percent of those who represent us as Supervisors in our Districts - fail to first understand what our needs are - and secondly will mock us - behind close doors.

Up front we need to know who truly is representing and what they stand for in District 6, 8, 10, 5, 9 and 3.

The best way to save any generation is to work with the youth and help the youth get the best education.

You corrupt the youth and all hell breaks loose. Today we see that in San Francisco - Sodom and Gomorrah. Go Figure.