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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In past years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has been riddled with dirty politics.

Nothing much has changed in recent years - accept the dog eat dog mentality has gotten worse. This time around the dogs have fleas which make the matter - worse.

Sterile and impotent politicians - steeped in greed, corruption, with no interest to serve the constituents of San Francisco - are hoodwinking innocent San Franciscans in broad - daylight.

This nonchalant attitude must stop - and some of us are watching the crooks - like a hawk.

Some of us who follow the state of affairs of this City and County of San Francisco - are fed up with the blatant politics.

With mostly outside forces - doing what they do best - raking up millions - using Primes and Consultants such as Platinum Consultants - to divide our City, steal our tax payers money - and facilitate "thugs" such as Dwayne Jones.

Dwayne Jones had the audacity to invite folks from Oakland promising them contracts and opportunities. Invited some folks who did not know what was happening - and spoke to me at length how they were taken for a ride.

So where are the Asians, the Latinos, the Samoans in this equation of fake outreach?

The decent Whites, Blacks, Native Americans - we have seen these tactics before - filling the room with ignorant folks - who Dwyane Jones will use like a rag - and throw in the bin.

He did it with Young Community Developers, he did it with Communities of Opportunity, he did it at City Hall with Gavin Newsom - he does not live in our community and he works for Platinum Consultants. Who is watching the store?

The SFPUC decided to have its meeting - off site - at Pier 40 - to discuss some pertinent business.

The meeting started with a "Closed Session of Sorts"  with three SFPUC Commissioners - coming out of closed session and declaring - rather boldly - after someone proposed a motion and another seconded - that the matter they had discussed; behind close doors - was not to be revealed to the public at large.

Such shenanigans have been going on for a long time. When our public officials - resort to such gimmicks - transparency and accountability are - thrown to wind.

These three SFPUC Commissioners were discussing the process how to choose but more how to reveal - in a convoluted manner - who would be the next General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. We already know!

The present General Manager has decided to call it quits - even though he should remain - to see that the Sewer System Improvement Project - is put on some sound footing. Some Blue Print that does not follow the inept, shallow, plan that slowed down the Water System Improvement Project.

Calavares here we come - and with a fake slide looking at our face - we must now spend more money - while all the time someone chiming - all will be right. Yeh!

Some one has to checkmate the Project Managers - the time line to complete the project - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Most can be fooled - have been fooled - but just trying to address the Digestors before has been a JOKE - two times before most everything was ready to go - and this time - the Digestors will be ready to be installed closer to 2017. Who is fooling whom?

All the checks and balances -  linked to the SSIP - must be in place. This is a $6 Billion plus project - all tax payers money - bond money that some think they can play with - like some sort of MONOPOLY game.

The Water System Improvement Project is at its tail end - a $4.4 billion plus project - that had too many pit falls.

For sure - a pathetic record linked to - "Outreach".

Some idiots think they can now challenge the "public at large" - by permitting a "thug" like Dwayne Jones - to conduct - expanding millions of dollars and insulting all San Franciscans - with fake training and outreach that stinks to high - heaven.

This will not happen on our watch. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be apprised - and as with Lennar - I will head the required issues to be investigated - complete with documentation and empirical data.

The Water System Improvement Project  had major - problems with routing the totally revamped system, faulty welding issues that were ignored by the Commission, lots of protesting from the Primes and subs on the many contracts - but the crooked ones kept and keep making hay while the shine was shinning.

Anson Moron was once a General Manager and now he is the Chair of the current - SFPUC. Willie L. Brown Jr had something firing him at some time - but, as much water flows over time - the memory fades - people tend to let past scars heal.

With Willie L. Brown Jr his hands are full of blood and corruption is his middle name.

I remember a woman called Pat Martel a former General Manager of the SFPUC. Then Susan Leal who followed her and was fired by Mayor Gavin Newsom - we call him Mr. Dipstick.

Of course Ed Harrington the current General Manager is here for now; while the dog eat dog scene is played before our very - eyes.

I have known Ed Harrington for a long time more as the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco - and have watched all the ploys and machinations - at the SFPUC - all these many years.

Who will be the next General Manager and will he or she have the fortitude, the moral ability, the engineering finesse, coupled with a vision and sound leadership - to see that the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - is done well.


The off site meeting by ATT Park at Pier 40 was divided in two sections - the first one mainly discussing about Water Conservation linked to the Hetch Hetchy system - one of the largest in the world.

The Engineers who conceived and built that system - had it all ready to go - more with the water flowing mostly by gravity - from the high ground to  plains and flat ground.

Bringing the water to be stored in large reservoirs in our City and along the way in reservoirs more dams; at Calavares and Crystal Springs and there is more.

Filthy rich folks arm twisted Congress to steal the land around 1912.

Pristine water belonging to the Miwoks and the Piutes - far away from San Francisco was stolen and dammed at Hetch Hetchy Valley one of the most beautiful Valleys on this Earth.

Some decided to rob the Piutes and the Miwoks of their treasure and Sacred Water.

No good comes from the after effects of thieves - and today the same ones - are dividing the loot - more with ploys and machinations - and with no "soul" whatsoever.

Faking statistics and projecting crap that they have no control over. The bottom line is you stole the water - so the rest really does not matter - the actions of most thieves - in written clearly by the sordid deeds not words.

Many of the advocates were there - and a fair representation - of SFPUC's regional partners - who consume millions of gallons of water - more commercial and less residential.

Our water comes from Hetch Hetch which is miles away. The water was damned - against the wishes of John Muir - who many say died - despondent - and so the cycle in now complete - with those greedy, having no clue about Mother Earth -continuing the GREED and having no concern about a precious resource - water that has to be taken care of - used sparingly and treated with respect.

At the source the water is pure - pristine - but contaminated water is added taken from other sources - and Treatment Plants - used to kill the contaminants - including some latest technology of sorts - infra rays - that purport to do the job - but truly speaking that was not necessary for thousands of years.

The White Man is the curse of the Earth. Most people do not have the guts to say it - but, wherever he sets his foot - he will steal, plunder, contaminate, rape - all to foster GREED.

Only an oxymoron will discuss "conservation" when for the longest time ever - clean pure drinking water - in the millions has been used to flush commodes.

Paradoxically, when the guy was giving his fake statistics - what he deemed to be true - lots of conservation in San Francisco was attained - using low flow toilets and washers for clothes.

It is so pathetic how these folks think - they waste millions daily and have for years. Millions of gallons today leech in the ground - good clean water - they know it but make no mention about it.

Millions of gallons wasted before; and today to water the golf courses; foster other commercial uses - millions of gallons used as coolants for their sordid operations -  more to make money and all the while disrespecting Mother Earth.

There will be a drought - and very high temperatures - with people dying in the thousands. We got a glimpse some days ago - in the East Coast - but the one that we will have - will make the FOG go away for months. You just cannot disrespect Mother Earth and that grin on your face and a heart without - remorse.

All your fake conservation - will be for nothing.

For too long, have too many, been bluffed - and reason is simple - most people are naive if not plain - stupid. Listening to an explanation so moot - and riddled with flaws. Boring.

The Southeast Sector needs practical planning, programs with little or not red tape.

I have tried to work with the SFPUC but they are so slow, so moronic, so inept - you literally need to kick them in the butt and still there will be no - action.

We have individuals - making over $150,000 some $175,000 per year - our tax payers money - sitting and whiling away their time.
Thinking more about themselves and less about the tax payers - the decent constituent who has been - shafted.

Thugs are given millions over a 5 year period - most of them do not even live in San Francisco. They were at the latter part of the meeting at Pier 40 - like vultures - seeking to make some money - with nothing - I repeat nothing to offer but hot air.

As I said we are watching like a hawk.

We shot down the Combustion Turbine Program rather quickly - and we can bring to a halt any Program, any Project - since we learned much from bringing LENNAR to its knees. Lennar is history - much as others will be. Aho.

Here are some photographs from the dog and pony show at Pier 40: