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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who is sane, has lived in San Francisco, and has any experience with hospitals - that California Pacific Medical Center - governed by the Sutter Group - have one of the worst performances - when it comes to sound, and holistic - care giving.

More when it comes to the Sutter Group making promises - and royally shafting the entities is makes promises to - each and every time. The did it at Burlingame, they did it in Marin County, they did it in Napa, they did it in San Leandro, they did it to Saint Luke's in the Mission - in San Francisco. Sutter loves to lie - as if there was no tomorrow. Failing to comprehend that Sutter is playing with lives - putting GREED before service and sound health care.

Anyone with common sense who studies hospitals - and I have written many articles - understands that hospitals are built surrounded by acres of good land - wide open spaces, gardens, trees - such as we had on the Presidio of San Francisco Letterman Army Medical Center and Letterman Army Research Center. Laguna Hospital - the Poor Hospital that was first started by the People of San Francisco - to cater to Indigents. Now controlled by SF General Hospital - that is much better than the private Sutter Health Group.

Our City could have had it all - but chose not to do so - under Mayor Jordon - when it came to two hospitals on the Presidio the Letterman Complex and the Public Health Hospital - belonging to the Veterans by 15th Avenue in San Francisco.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi chose to foster and prosper - the Presidio Trust - and rake in the millions.

The other SF Mayors chose to wait until now - to implement the State laws - to bring our current hospitals to par - upgrade them to meet - seismic standards. Hoodwinking the people - and waiting for the eleventh hour - pretending to do some good - in a hurry to meet the dead lines.

Mayors Art Agnos, Willie L. Brown, Jr., Gavin Newsom - all could have started the upgrade of our hospitals long ago but did not - in some measure all of them failed the people  -  all of them chose - to wait until the last moment - for ulterior  and selfish motives.

The area around Van Ness and Geary on a measly two acres piece of land - surrounded by the worst congested traffic - is the worst place to build a hospital - and Sutter wants us to believe this is the right spot - with all the wrong reasons. 

Who is fooling whom?

The Sutter Group is using this ploy to shun Saint Luke's - which they will - and then cut of their losses and leave San Francisco. They have done it before and they will do it again. We must pass legislation in Sacramento to censure the Sutter Group - now.

We must hold the feet of the Sutter Group - a notorious band of thieves - who take over hospitals - as they have in Marin County, Burlingame, San Leandro, Napa - make as much money as they can - by charging those that have good insurance.

When it comes to Charity Care - they could care less.

The main reason why they do not care about Saint Luke's - is because they promised to do better - than the faith based church from which they bought Saint Luke - the Episcopalians - and once they bought it - they closed the Departments such as Mental Care - and really wanted to shun their responsibilities - until some of us fought to keep Saint Luke's Hospital open.

At that time - we got little help from the SF Board of Supervisors.

Then there was a time the SF Board of Supervisors were bought. 

Recently, the SF Board of Supervisors - more because the advocates did their home work - fully realized that the Sutter Group was more corrupt then the SF Board of Supervisors - themselves. 

Malia Cohen long before this charade - was part of a $4 million deal to build a Wellness Center - without on single meeting in the community. Money received from the Sutter Group to conduct such ploys and machinations in the community. This money may not be forthcoming to build the Wellness Center - and Malia Cohen and her partner in crime Dr Nadine Burke - may be taken for ride - which they deserve.

Malia Cohen introduced legislation to change the zoning of over 26 Blocks - all industrial - to accommodate hospital uses - by Cargo Way one of most contaminated areas in the Bayview. Bombarded by the stench of the Sewage Plant - day and night.
A Wellness Center in the midst of this filth - figure that out?

No one is looking into this matter - now, suddenly Malia Cohen is turning against the Sutter Group - the process to build Saint Luke and the proposed hospital at Van Ness Avenue and Geary.

The current SF Board of Supervisors - must be ashamed of themselves.

The have dragged this process to certify the fake Environmental Impact Report - linked to the two projects to upgrade one hospital Saint Luke in the Mission, to build a brand new hospital at Van Ness Avenue and Geary - and divided the community. Wasted over forty hours of the people - by not doing their home work and due diligence.

Hospitals, Churches, Learning Institutions bring people together - but we have some immoral, shallow, inept SF Supervisors - who could not care less.

Scott Wiener is one and Malia Cohen is another - both sit on the Land Use and both have abused their power - and must be sent to jail.

The SF Planing Department approved the EIR linked to the two Sutter Projects - with false assumptions that were not vetted.

The Disposition and Development is totally flawed - from the amount of housing units - that would come on line, to the number of career jobs offered to the constituents of San Francisco - or created in general. To the amount of Charity Care - to revealing Sutter's financial documents - that are dubious in nature.

The Sutter Group has used as its friend large Insurance Groups, crooked Accountants, crafty Chief Executive Officers - and have paid them in millions.

Fleeced innocent people who are their patients. There is nothing good about these very corrupt folks - parading themselves as angels of mercy - when all of them are certified - devils of the highest order.

So, when Mayor Ed Lee went to meet these crooks - they took Mayor Ed Lee for a wild goose ride.

Some SF Board of Supervisors - took money - the November Election is here - they should give the money back - soon.

Again and again; the SF Board of Supervisors in recent years - have shown poor judgement - passing Environmental Impact Reports - that are flawed. They did this with Lennar, a Rogue Developer on Parcel A - voting against the will of the people. That Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) is in default.

The SF Board of Supervisors did it again - going against the wishes of the people with the Parkmerced Project - choosing the bring down 1500 rental homes - impacting thousands of innocent seniors and others. This EIR was fake, with many SF Board of Supervisors on the take. Four Supervisors were charged by the SF Ethics Commissions - two being Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

The same with the 8 Washington Project - condominium on the high end going for $10 million - on the low end $5 million - such blatant corruption - favoring the worst type of adjudication - by a Board of Supervisors - who are inept, shallow, immoral, and love the taste of putrid money - GREED.

Now, on the heels of all the previous corruption, and there is more - comes the diabolical EIR that the Sutter Group managed to bring and pass before the SF Planning Department.

The EIR - full of loop holes - the Sutter Group for a long time - blinded folded the SF Supervisors and fed them crap.

It is only in recent weeks the SF Board of Supervisors - stupid as they are - have fully realized the people are sane - the Supervisors are fools - and now want to sanction the Sutter Group.

Why do you SF Supervisors - that I have named BOZOS - why do you NOT listen to the voters, the people that you must serve and more listen to?

Do you think you are smart? Most of you are not respected - and many of you will fall on your faces?

You SF BOZOS have brought disgrace to Room 250, upset the tax payers, the voters, the constituents of San Francisco - and this time around - you will pay for it. Make no bones about it.

The Sutter Group is NOT to be trusted - ever.

No hospital should be built on any measly two acre parcel - contaminated by the worst particulates - heavy traffic - and congestion - that defies logic.

What truly is happening to the our SF Planners? Some one - who is receiving the bribes must be brought to book.

Why are we hiring some stupid SF Planners - who cannot understand the fundamentals of sound planning and Land Use?

Sutter must be mandated to rehab and expanded Saint Luke's. Deliver the services it promised - none of which it has adhered and kept to. Failing that - Sutter can take a hike.

We the people, do not want them in our community. A warning to those that have hoodwinked our community  - working for Sutter - we know - who you are.