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Monday, July 16, 2012


Ranking choice voting is bad for San Francisco and more for meaningful - democracy.

We happen to have astute and educated San Franciscans - all over San Francisco. With the inception of one or two areas - hot spots - where few care to register and even fewer care to vote.

If you look deeply into these hot spots - featuring lack of registering to vote - and not voting at all - it all boils down to - sound education and quality of life issues. Stability with good jobs and an environment that makes you want to live well and contribute to society.

The last time around we experience a malady was when over 20 candidates inept, shallow, dysfunctional - the likes of Malia Cohen entered the race in District 10.

The result is what we are experiencing now. Utter confusion, lack of leadership - and candidates favoring life style issues - more Sodom and Gomorrah. District 10 has gone to the - hogs.

It is the same in District 6 where from no where Jane Kim became  the resident candidate and ultimately the winner in District 6.

 Over a long period of time I have watched this watch this woman - it is the same - she is dubious in nature - plays innocent and will get you when you least - expect.

Pandering to the Big Primes, and enriching companies that can hold their ground - giving them tax breaks - the likes of TWITER.
While all the time doing the bidding of folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. and other nefarious entities - that do not have the best interest of our community at large - all over San Francisco.

It is always interesting to watch these politicians - that favor life style -  they have a tendency to argue in circles. Clearly pointing out to all concerne that they cannot think logically.

That is why I say - these candidates - must be vetted. Another blatant example - Scott Wiener from District 8. Constantly making amendments and trying to force ordinances and laws that make no sense. He always wants to have it his way.

It is time we bring to the fore sodomy - vett someone character issues - and call a spade a spade. Right now many of these candidates will kiss you and pander with you pretending to be straight - just to get into the arena - once in - like any thief, any sodomite they push for a hidden agenda.

Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, and Scott Wiener are despicable to say the least. They do not represent the constituents.

These sordid folks joined politics to further a hidden, despicable agenda - and are backed by some evil people. The MACHINE with the likes of Willie L.Brown Jr., Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and others to many to mention - have NOT represented the constituents of San Francisco - and favor the the SF Board of Supervisors - who favor life style.

I have seen Jane Kim flirting with Willie L. Brown Jr., that is how she got to be the Chair of the  Joint Transbay  Board. On this Board most everything is decided behind close doors - and in the end this project will be stalled - for lack of funds.

Jane Kin has no Engineering knowledge, less about Transportation Issues, has no idea about the history of Land Use and Planning - even less about Contracting and Compliance.

She will speak in generalities - and has brought disgrace to San Francisco. She did not do well either - at the San Francisco Unified School District - which is drowning in the cesspool - of its own creation. Over 30,000 decent straight families left - while Jane Kim was on the San Francisco Unified School Board.

Then you have Christina Olague - who recently got caught in the web linked to elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Christina Olague did have a dialog over what transpired; linked with Mayor Edwin Lee. The problem is Christina Olague was naive about these intricate matters - the laws that pertain to such matters - and unknowingly - participate with the Mayor.

For this she will pay a price. It all stems from being anointed, having NO political experience and thinking that if you pander - all will be fine. It catches up to you - you make think one thing - but the fact been ignorant - is sufficient to bite you in the arse.

Recently Rose Pak, Willie L. Brown Jr. and his minions had a fund raiser for District 5 Supervisor - Christina Olague . Those who gathered-  raised over $49,000. This is what I am talking about - pussyfoot with the devils.

David Campos is an openly gay man and has never hidden this fact. He also strives to represent everyone - and is very careful not to be biased as the rest  of the diabolical QUEER- that I have described - above.

Politics is a dirty game - but what makes it even more disdainful are these candidates who are QUEER and pretend to represent thousands of constituents who are STRAIGHT.

This paradox is something to be very concerned about - no one can talk freely about this issues - because some IDIOT says - it is not politically - correct  taboo - and not to discussed at all - this BS must stop - especially in San Francisco.

We had this debate in all the more conservative faiths and arrived at the right decision.

We had this debate in the military and arrived at the right - decision.

Many countries will NOT tolerate such nonsense - and those that tolerate this nonsense - are closer to Sodom and Gomorrah - San Francisco is.  

It is crying shame that we have allowed such disharmonious, disdainful, characters - who cannot discern, are immoral, pretend most of the time - that they are doing right - when they are doing - wrong.

As I mention the two that stand out - as part of this diabolical on going machinations and ploys - are Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener. One worse than the other.

Lucky for me  - over the many years - all over the world -I have many lesbian and homosexual friends. Most of my QUEER friends  are all open - and as you may imagine.

I have known most of them for over 40 years and do not care - what they do in their privacy. Most of them participate in the makings and creations in what I am involved in - mostly linked with Quality of Life Issues - and all in all - most of them - all QUEER - represent - well - and have been my ardent - friends.

However, when it comes to our Supervisors - the likes of Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, and Jane Kim - deleterious actions seem to thrive and  embellish  for all the wrong - reasons. Deplorable.

Rank choice voting seems to work if we have fewer more astute and experience candidates - who can represent. It will not work with inept, shallow, candidates, more immoral, lacking standards, with hidden agendas - as we have seen in District 6, 10, and 8 in San Francisco.

Ranking Choice Voting - did not do justice - to the last Mayoral Election.

If in the future vested interest, those devils who plan things to destroy what is good - flood inept candidates, shallow to the core - to divide the votes. 

Inciting the crooked candidates - campaigning hard and encouraging constituents to vote for them to secure second place; as did Malia Cohen boldly stating so in her campaign literature -  for second place votes.

Not only to destroy the system, taint the standards, but, abjectly to  circumvent the process and vote of thousands of ardent voters - something in wrong with this sordid - system.

We must not use convoluted mathematical formulas to bring about solutions, deliberations - that can be done - in a straight forward - manner - to bring the inept, shallow, spineless to power. Time will tell.

The current SF Board of Supervisors are pathetic - more Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

Scott Wiener destroying the system and depriving an astute disabled candidate sitting on the Sunshine Task Force one Bruce Wolfe who is my good - friend.

What type of person would do that - only one that needs his head examined - and that is Scott Wiener for you - complete piece of S*** and ardent Zionist that should not be permitted to - represent.

For you folks who have NO clue what Rank Choice Voting is and how it diminishes the true way of direct voting that most logical people like - those into convoluted ploys and machinations - love Rank Choice Voting: