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Friday, July 13, 2012


San Francisco always had standards - not too long ago in the Chambers at City Hall - in Room 250 - better, astute San Francisco Board of Supervisors - did better and were looked upon as leaders - worthy of representing - not anymore.

In recent times we see this more and more the abject - despondency. We saw this very clearly with Lennar - the Rogue Developer - who bombarded our comminunity and slowly killed our children and elders. SF Supervisors some of whom - to this day more importantly Supervisors Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener have embraced and plot against our community.

And there is more to this on going sordid behavior - when these two despicable Supervisors - joined some others - to back California Pacific Medical Center. Trying to further carry on - in a sordid manner where Lennar was favored and the community insulted and betrayed.

California Pacific Medical Center must rebuild Saint Luke Hospital - and we the people do not want a monster hospital that caters to those that have good insurance to be built at Van Ness on that very busy - corridor.

As of now - with Lennar - nothing is happening.

Lennar does not have the ability to build one single - "Dog House" on Parcel a at Hunters Point - on very contaminated ground.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors all Black - are begging and crying for money - but the well is dry. Lennar used these despicable Pastors - who sold the community - and did not take care of the sheep. Now, they will burn in hell - they deserve it - putting mammon before God. The likes of Aurelious Walker and Calvin Jones.

The other crooks all Black want a piece of the pie - linked to the check in the amount of $7.3 million that was presented with great fun fare.

That weasel Kofi Bonner handed over that sordid check to the City and County - all blood money - that the crooks are waiting to spend - more Malia Cohen (she loves money) - salivating at the mouth - like hungry dogs and bitches - with fleas.

None of the SF Board of Supervisors have guts to take on Lennar.

Ask for a hearing and ask them when are they going to - fulfill the mandates of their Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA).

The DDA is a legal document.

Lennar has defaulted big time - and must be taken to court. Who has the balls to take them on - who has the "guts" to do right by the law. Who are the ones that are truly representing the community at large?

Lennar will say that the SF Redevelopment Agency's demise - gives them some lee way - the SF City Attorney and more Dennis Herrera can ask Lennar for a time line. But, knowing Dennis Herrera he only zeroes in on those that cannot defend themselves.

His City Attorneys are busy giving fake advice targeting Small Businesses on contracts - where the crooks are given shelter and those with standards and who are diligent - are penalized.

I witnessed one JOG linked to Recreation and Park yesterday at the Human Rights Commission building - and now know for sure why we have so many inept City Attorney - whiling their time away and being paid huge - salaries - giving fake advise.

Dennis Herrera - turned his back on the constituents of San Francisco -  when we collected 33,000 signatures to put a ballot measure - to challenge the SF Redevelopment Agency - because it did not follow the process.

The SF Redevelopment Agency declared a large area a Survey Area - and then a Project Area in the Bayview Hunters Point - without due diligence and not a single community meeting.

We the people collected the signatures Citywide - consulting everyone including the the Clerk of the Board. Mr. John Arntz - the Director of Elections - certified the signatures - but; skunk Dennis Herrera - invalidated the signatures - and deprived the people from putting their Ballot Measure to vote. 

His ill conceived reason - we had to show each person that signed the ballot - a huge document - complete with maps referencing the area concerned - that we did in a simplified manner - which most of the people we spoke to - knew - many of them San Franciscans - much more astute then the skunk - Dennis Herrera. Time will tell.

We will not forget the skunk of a man - never, ever - will.

Two great things happened - the SF Redevelopment Agency was killed by Governor Jerry Brown.

We all know that. My quest to bring to the end the demise of SF Redevelopment Agency is well known - and this singular feat - is well recognized all over California and this Nation.

Skunk, Dennis Herrera tried to run for the office of Mayor - and failed - miserably.

Now the skunk has cowed down a little - and is back in his office - from time to time - trying to shine on some motley case - mostly, targeting those that cannot defend themselves.

The SF Board of Supervisors take all their major concerns to the City Attorney and so does Mayor Ed Lee.

We will see how the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case forks out  - not too well as I see it - with cheap, sordid, shallow advice from the City Attorneys. More not from the two I see - trying to act like Perry Mason and making a fool of themselves.

They must be fired and two or three reinstated - or else the Mayor will represent for the rest of his life. I wrote a long time ago - this City will wall on its face - if this case proceeds. Some issues must be settled with litigation - litigation is for those that have too much money and too much time to waste.

The Mayor has a job - our City's constituents are suffering - but no one - worth the salt - is giving the Mayor sound advice. This is a crying shame. Even now it is not too late - to let the Sheriff go back to work - and for the Mayor to address the urgent and pressing issues of the day.

Of course the SF Board of Supervisors - not one of them has the courage - less the audacity to say - anything.

Their excuse - we have been told to keep mum - by the City Attorney. This case should not have been held before the City Ethics Commission - and less go before the biased, uneducated, misinformed, pathetic SF Board of Supervisors.

If this happens you will see a CIRCUS - the worst one in the history of this Nation.

This case stems primarily from lack of communication between the Legislative Branch - which fumbles, has no standards, and often tries to venture into areas - that not even a seasoned politician would.

The Executive Branch is a puppet of corruption - folks like Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown Jr. - who love and feed on this on going circus - while they rake - millions of dollars on the side.

In the interim the "Realignment Program" and other essential programs that the Sheriff - could have attained - have been adversely impacted. 

The morale of the other Sheriffs who work hard is at a - all time low.

The name of the City tarnished - with people as witnesses in this case being sworn and not used to this type of circus - perjuring - others hoodwinking - with even a "bomb scare" planted - to thicken the plot. What is happening to our City?

The SF Board of Supervisor are tongue in cheek.

Foolish to the core - voting 10 to 1 - in favor of Artificial Turf - having no clue about the General Management Plan and Golden Gate Park - our Crown Jewel. If these idiots cannot first comprehend - secondly adjudicate on something so clear - imagine them swimming in the "cesspool" of their own - creation.

Imagine them trying to fathom - how best to adjudicate the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's case from any angle - when they do not know - where they nose is?

For heaven sake - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was elected by all voting San Franciscans. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than - the skunk Dennis Herrera and of course Mayor Ed Lee.

You can verify this empirical data by visiting the Department of Elections at City Hall - just go to the basement - and for a small fee - you can get that information and more.

In the meantime we the constituents - must figure out a way to send a clear message - all those who voted to insult us by voting for the Artificial Turf.

You so called Supervisors who failed to REPRESENT - will have to to go - never mind - that you smile and think that you are important.

We the people - know for sure - you are NOT capable of representing.

Foremost two weasels one Malia Cohen and the other Scott Wiener.

Both of them and two others were indicted by the Ethics Commission - two have made some amends - but not the two weasels - I have named - they continue to break the law - behind close doors.

Both queer they bring disgrace to anything decent by their immoral ways, turpitude, no standards, and challenging the law.