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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Representation does not come easily - more so when you have San Francisco Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen who has failed this City and County of San Francisco. Her side kick Scott Wiener - who has dared take on the Sunshine Task Force - and tried to stall - transparency and accountability.

In recent months; we all in this City were shocked to see our elected Sheriff - put on trial - for a minor family squabble that some dared - declare "battering".

Took the elected Sheriff of our City to task - forced him to plead to charges - spread disparaging ideas and false rumors - all to put the Sheriff down - adversely impacting his family - his dear wife Eliana Lopez and his young son - Theo.

All the above goes to the day when the so called "liberals" or progressives - did not have a plan - and brought in the obvious - to the detriment of our City's local governance - remember the twenty minutes break. The time we wanted an Interim Mayor - the ploys and machination of that drab, shallow, corrupt, immoral person - Mr. Diptick - Mayor Gavin Newsom.

That memorable day when we had to elected an Interim Mayor and could not come to a consenus - and the Judas Bevan Dufty and his side kick Sophina Maxwell - decided to buy time - postponed the choice and the election of an interim - Mayor.

The above betrayers - brought in an entirely new element to the fore - and one thing led to the other - until we had the anointing and finally the election of Mayor Ed Lee. Time will tell.

Ross Mirakimi could have easily have won that day - but the leader of the game; more of the pack - decided to play the "donkey game".

David Chiu forgot the day he was given a chance - and made the President of the SF Board of Supervisors. He must now pick the very seeds he planted. The Progressives had their day - and blew it with their "donkey games" and machinations.

Now, Ross Mirkarimi was forced to look at politics another way - run for something that he had good knowledge of - and could handle - but in the light of all things being equal.

Sans the poor unity and leadership of the "Progressives" - under Caligula - Ross could have easily been the new interim President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Then easily earned the title of Mayor - in a fair election.

Secondly as already has been proved - Ross Mirkarimi would have got the highest number of votes - and become of Mayor by his own right. All that did not happen because the Progressives - failed to be United and handed the reign to those that have brought about this - blatant - disgrace on our fair City of San Francisco.

The Ross Mirkarmi case is slowly moving in the right direction.

People have perjured but the Ethics Commission - which is not a Court - has no precedence - handling a case - such as the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case.

Now perjury is a hanging cloud - full of lies and diabolic plots - over this case. People take the stand, they swear - and they LIE.

This case linked with our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - cannot be adjudicated fairly - Not with the amendments made to the SF City Charter - and not when it comes to some elected official - such as the Sheriff - there is no precedence.

If there is let some one who is sane - point to me the direction.

In my subjective opinion - with the evidence provided by Eliana Lopez - there is NO evidence what so ever - that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi battered his wife. Throwing out any signs of true Domestic Violence allegations.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi grabbed his wife's arm for a brief second - while his wife - pulled and slightly bruised her arm - saying the word "STOP".

There was NO laceration, no bleeding, no swelling, no pain that could not be endured, no one went to the Emergency Room - nothing of that sort. Eliana Lopez felt hurt and rightly so - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi felt sorry and rightly so - and both love each other and want to go forward - end of the story.

All this nonsense could have been "stopped" - a long time ago - if the Progressives had unity - sound leadership - and not got us into this debacle.

Can Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi get the required 9 votes when these trumped up case - full of loop holes - with fabrication - and folks like Madison - the MACHINE with Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris and more - all bent to run the political career of our elected Sheriff - come before the SF Supervisors?

Like I stated at the very first trial meeting - before the  doomed Ethic Commission. First of all - the Ethics Commission is not capable to adjudicate this unique - case.

The voters of San Francisco truly chose this method - to permit the Ethics Commission to adjudicate cases of Official Misconduct - but by default the Grand Jury has stated - the Ethics Commission is not capable of such a task.

This is very important to note, ponder, and keep in mind at all times. How can this dilemma be adjudicated?

 Secondly, as I stated at that first trial of this case before the Ethics Commission - I, Francisco Da Costa - do not cast my precious vote lightly.

It is a fact that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was elected by all the constituents who cast their vote for our Sheriff - our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - got more votes than our Mayor Ed Lee - the last elections. This empirical fact must be noted at all times.

In this contest these trumped up charges and all those behind this ganging up against our Sheriff - has to taken - very seriously.

Now, let us reveal to the many that want to use of City Charter - as a tool - the City Charter does not clearly specify "Official Misconduct " - in other words it is very vague.

It does give some lee way to the Mayor to bring these charges - but, in this case - there was "no battering" - there was NO clear, and sound elements - of abuse, continued patterns, intent to harm, intent to torture, intent to imprison for long periods, continued; mental and physical abuse - none of these - took place.

When Eliana Lopez was called upon to testify - I was present - sitting one row behind Sheriff Ross and in close proximity of Eliana Lopez. We made eye contact from time to time - she saw me and I saw her. Her testimony was excellent - she was very sincere - and what is most important - she shed light where there was utter, abject - darkness.

Eliana Lopes clearly stated that her husband did not mistreat her warranting - the label of Domestic Violence.

On that day - the two to them had an argument - that most of us who are married have; from time to time.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi grabbed Eliana Lopez's arm - for a brief second - Eliana herself; decided to pull her arm away - thus causing the bruise.

At No time did Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi strike his wife - abuse her - and had no intention what so ever to harm her.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - knew fully well that his son - whom he loves was close by in the back of the car - in the baby seat fast asleep.

Eliana stated these facts - and since only she was fully awake and cognizant of the facts.

His wife; Eliana Lopez's statements - are the only statements - statements she gave under oath that truly count - and stated her case very clearly - even though English is her second language. Spanish is her first.

The two City attorneys badgered her with questions that were not warranted. They did this to intimate Eliana Lopez - they would not have done this - if Eliana Lopez was a White person. Blatant discrimination - that we must keep in mind - election time.

The City Attorney - Dennis Herrera lost the last Mayoral race to Mayor Ed Lee.

But, Dennis Herrera is constantly - trying to portray himself as a winner - taking some business to court and imposing fines for selling alcohol to minors. Charging some landlord for not caring for his tenants - imposing millions of dollars in fines.

Trying to win points - for his second run as Mayor. That run may happen - but the man will not win.

The City Attorney could have stopped this case from going forward - but chose with intent - to create divisiveness.

Typical of a LOSER - typical of a man who has no standards.

The two attorneys the bovine and the wolf - sent to badger the victim - Eliana Lopez - must be ashamed of themselves. Trying to put words in Eliana Lopez's mouth - that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was power hungry, intimidated his wife - and other unruly statement not becoming of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

This case must be tossed out - it has no merit - what so ever.

Why did someone advice Mayor Ed Lee to suspend Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi without pay? Adversely impacting his son and wife?

What City worth the salt does this?

Whoever advised the Mayor on the suspension without pay - must be ashamed of herself or himself and when Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi wins this case - must be fired.

The world is laughing at us - this case is now gone viral - hundreds asking me what is happening to San Francisco?

Could I forward the emails I get to the Mayor Office? You idiots must think hard - before you leap from the frying pan to the fire.

We have Representatives and City Officials - who have no morals, no ethics, no standards, and hence their mentality and behavior is patently - tarnished.

Most people in San Francisco - voted in favor of our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - Ross Mirkarimi got MORE votes than Mayor Ed Lee.This is a fact - starring in our faces - those that have sense, morals, standards, are worth the salt.

Before Ross Mirkarimi left the Chambers - his final day relinquishing his District 5 Supervisor's seat - most of the current sitting Supervisors - praised Ross Mirkarimi - I was present and these Supervisors know me - I pay attention.

Our City is at a cross roads - we must do what is right.

We must not permit folks outside the current sitting government to pull strings - as was done to bring Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi down - when this case was initiated.

The time is now - and the window of opportunity very narrow - the world is watching.

The man dedicated his life for over 35 years - an advocate in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - in the Western Addition, all over San Francisco.

Ross Mirkarimi - was  fighting contamination, putting legislation in place to stop the sale of plastic grocery bags, empowering Safety programs with concept and ideas learned as an attorney and more as President of his class at the Police Academy. 

Served at the Chair of LAFCO can pushed for all sorts of Clean Energy.

As Supervisor of District 5 - stemming gun violence and personally going to the sites of the killings and shootings, bringing forth the most legislation while he was the sitting Supervisor of District 5 - in Room 250.

For heaven's sake Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi garnered most votes than Mayor Ed Lee - what does that say?

His wife; Eliana Lopez wants the family to heal and go forward.

Is this City in the business of splitting families?

Depriving a citizen who has given so much of his life to San Francisco and San Franciscans - more than any politician in recent years in San Francisco - on many levels - with empirical data starring in our faces. 

The time has come for those decent, courageous, with fortitude; forthright, to speak up - and do the right thing. Now.

We must fight the forces of EVIL.

I have pointed in the past in my articles who they are.

We must NOT permit the forces of EVIL to - divide San Franciscans and deprive us of our elected Sheriff - our votes put him there.

Our votes matter - and our voice must be heard - loud and clear.
God Bless America. The world is watching.

Some photographs shedding light where there is abject - darkness:

The City's Charter - Sec 15.105 - Official Misconduct: