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Friday, July 6, 2012


Many of us who have been faithfully serving the youth in the Southeast Sector do so because we know - better.

If we do not - no one else will - and when no else will step up we truly know from past experiences - what the repercussions will be.

This summer we have seen an increase in killings and shootings.

But, also an increase in crimes like robberies, homes break-ins, car theft, assaults and so on. All you have to do is read the reports from the Bayview Police Station and the neighboring Police Stations.

Most of them committed by youth - with the so called leaders who get money from City Hall - operating Community Based Organizations - looking the other way.

At ground zero those that are conducting Summer Programs who truly know who is helping them - more supporting them with their own funds.

Of course Kudos to the few - who against great odds - have to keep the many youth in check and bring some progress - with the money expanded through the many Summer programs - mostly from the Recovery Act - the Stimulus Money - all Federal money.

The Mayor - Ed Lee has done what he can, so has the Director of the Department of Public Works - Mohammed Nuru. As leaders in this case - both have done what they can possibly do - and we appreciate that - very much.

What can I say about Mitchell Salazar - but this man - has done it again - as he has for so may year - going to the days of RAP who are still alive to know what I am talking about - perhaps Jim Queen, John Nauer - but Mitch Salazar he is the last of Mohicans.

I have seen many talk the talk but few can walk the walk.

Lucky for San Francisco the few original OJs are around - they need no mention - because where the show up - they are respected and that it what counts. The "home girls and boys" - paying the silent but deep respect - and that is what keeps the peace - in the midst of the current - pandemonium. 

The factors that affect our youth are many - but the one that stares them in the face - each and every day - is blatant discrimination.

Gang Injunction, Stop and Frisk, other ploys and machinations are for those that are not human - it is time that we think better, act smarter, and give the guts to respect all - never mind if they are toddlers.

It is time the so called leaders, the so called policy makers, the SF Board of Supervisors, the many Department Heads - and the so called  Law Enforcement authorities - treat our children, our youth, our Elders, and the parents of the youth with utmost - respect.

Over the years - the youth have NOT been given holistic opportunities.

The youth have NOT been given long term jobs.

The youth have been treated with disdain - and more when you are a youth  of color.

We have to visit the homes - and learn first that - over 90% of the youth who need help come from homes where the Mother has to deal and raise the children - three, four, five of them and sometimes six and more.

Some perform this herculean job with little help. And what is more most Mothers love their children - and fighting against great odds - perform and shine.

Ask Espanola Jackson from the Bayview Hunters Point who raised her children in Public Housing, today owns a home - and has all her children now in their forties and even fifties - contributing as good citizens.

The situation is made worse when the single parent lives in Public Housing in despicable conditions.

Our City and County of San Francisco - knows about this - and has permitted the San Francisco Housing Authority - and the many "thugs" that run it - to treat mostly indigent people - with disdain.

Our SF Board of Supervisors know this - but, not one of them has the guts to do anything about it. There are tons of vain talk - but, no action whatsoever.

For sure Sophie Maxwell did not do much - and on the contrary would often say "those people" need to work hard and become Middle Class.

Sophie Maxwell made most of her money - raking in the millions - illegally. Lennar helped fill her coffers. Sophie Maxwell left a  failed legacy  - fostering divisiveness and gentrification of the first order.

It is worse with Malia Cohen - who will grin like a jackass - but does nothing much. Has been charged by the Ethics Commission who break the law - and there is more to come.

The authorities do not like to study the under laying factors - the incarceration of mostly Black men - in the thousands.

Many of the youth living in Public Housing - have Fathers who are in jail - for long terms - 10 years, 15 years, and some 30 years. There can be no substitute for a child when they are young - with a Father. More living in Public Housing - in very difficult conditions.

Our Health Authorities have studies on our children and youth - but there is no one single program - that address the concerns of the youth in a holistic manner - taking into account their total health situation - with time lines - and goals to help the youth. 

If the City with all its millions and a now $7.6 Billion dollar budget - cannot offer stable Summer Jobs to our youth - do you think they are capable of offering services and programs to address the psychological, mental, and other required services these youth need to be provided with? The youth have to heal first and it is only then they can - progress and succeeded. 

The San Francisco Unified School District is a mess.

Now and then you have a KIPP school - a charter school - like the one by Third Street - Saint Paul of the Shipwreck - where students who once were failing - somehow do well - under a more focused, small class room situation, with compassion and understanding.

I have seen many students change their lives.

For some of us who work with the youth - we are there to save lives.

If we can provide the youth with jobs - good career jobs - we follow up - and when we see blessings in these homes - that is what make all our hard work, sacrifice, and representation - worth while.

Some of us who do this - know all the City Department Heads, the many fake SF Supervisors who do nothing - foremost Malia Cohen - the Mayor for sure knows what we do - and if he does not  - it is on him.

We love our City the City named after San Francis - and we want compassion to reign supreme.

That is why - in the old days when folks came to San Francisco - they saw a unique situation - where all were embraced. Many came and never left. Today they leave in a giffy.

The Flower Children put San Francisco on the map - where all over the world - folks loved to come to San Francisco - and reminisce - about the Flower Children - but also visit Fisherman Wharf, the Crooked Street - enjoy China Town and our restaurants and more.

Some tasted Haight Ashbury and stayed there forever.

Our City likes to show off our City - those parts like the Financial District and more - but, our City has not done well when it comes to our poor. The City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - should care for the poor.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug Mayor" may have made a statement - " if you want to live in San Francisco - you should be making nothing less than $100,000".

I did not hear him say so. So, even though I have heard the Press quote him and others repeat this cliche - I do not agree with him.

Willie L. Brown Jr once was a janitor and a good janitor.

Willie L. Brown Jr once was aided by folks - even to complete his Law Degree - and I happen to know folks that wrote him a check.

We have to help one another - so when we speak in this context most everyone - including Willie L. Brown Jr. will  agree. Our poor and our single mothers - our Elders - those that need help - we must help them.

Our children we must feed them. Our Elderly we must respect them and love them. Our youth we must stand by them - and nurture them not put them down.

30% of our youth drop out of high school - more our Public Schools. We have an emergency at hand. We have 10,000 truants  in San Francisco - and no one cares - much.

You must watch the SF Unified School District Board - how these folks spew hot air for hours - nothing much is done - and soon our school will be forced to shut their doors.

Straight families have left San Francisco - over 30,000 decent San Franciscans - and with them that unique San Francisco spirit that we cannot find anymore.

There was a time when the neighborhood had fairs. Genuine fairs not the "fake ones" they have today.

Softball, baseball, football, field and track, and all the stuff where youth gathered - gathered good food - music - dance - from all the neighborhoods and shared community feelings - that is what made San Francisco - great.

Recreation and Park was admired in those days - today the path Rec and Park is following is to privatize everything.

It is all about money - and less about community  - less about loving our children and what is more Rec and Park - is becoming a monster.

We even lost the 49ers due to dirty politics - soon we will be left only with the fog that be not man made.

In the South of Market Area - Rec and Park - prohibited our children - more children of color - and when we approached them to discuss about the matter - they retaliated by charging our youth - something unheard of - and put restrictions.

Our SF Health System has failed us. The many Health Directors have failed us - the worst one Mitch Katz - we see some hope in Barbara Gracia - she at least will listen and after pondering do something.

Mayor Ed Lee has seen it all - he needs no introduction to Public Housing.

He needs no statistics when it come to Jobs and Small Businesses.

Yet, Mayor Ed Lee has chosen with intent - to listen to corrupt politicians - getting involved in ploys and machinations - that have NOTHING to do with governance - as a priority.

The people come first - corrupt politicians - the many that we have in San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr. and Rose Pak - can go to hell. 

The tax payers in San Francisco have been let down.

Our youth and children and babies have been let down.

Our Elders have been let down.

We have no leaders worth the salt.

The corrupt politicians can go to hell - all them - scum bags.

The first priorities linked to good governance are the people - the tax payers - that today's politicians use as pawns.

If you continue to mess with the youth - it will take but a split second for the youth - to get your ass - so quickly that you will have no time to react.

Some of us have tried our best to keep the peace - but it has now reached - saturation point.

This is your clarion call. With a special notice to the sell outs - we know who you are.