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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Some time ago those of us who witnessed what the Sutter Group is capable of saying and negotiating - blatant arrogance - telling the San Francisco Board of  Supervisors at a meeting in Room 250 - flatly; that the financial records of Sutter - linked to California Pacific Medical Centers - were proprietary.

Only the more astute SF Board of Supervisors did not take the bait - and told the CPMC counsel that she was wrong. If that was the case - CPMC would not get the votes need for CPMC and the Sutter Group to go forward.

The counsel came back and apologized but said not a word about sharing the financial documents - not to this date.

We now know that the Sutter Group of hospitals have been involved in such machinations - in Burlingame, Marin County, San Leandro, Napa, and a number of other hospitals in Northern California.

In all fairness we need Saint Luke's to be built and expanded. There is all the empirical data we need to aid Saint Luke's - so that St Luke's can serve the population from the Southeast Sector.

Supervisor John Avalos comprehends this - not the sell out Supervisor Malia Cohen. Malia Cohen and one Dr. Nadine Burke - have taken $4 million from the Sutter Group - to try to operate a Wellness Center in the Bayview.

The first site was at Third Street and Cargo. A very contaminated site. Malia Cohen - took upon herself without one single community meeting - to change the zoning of over 26 Blocks - from an Industrial Zone - to accommodate a Wellness Center. 

Supervisors Eric Mar, David Chu, and David Campos were at their best -  at the last meeting in Room 250 at City hall -and it is the work of this trio - that has got CPMC in deep trouble. These three help CPMC feet to the fire.

CPMC make have hoodwinked the Mayor in the deal made behind close doors. But, CPMC cannot and will not hoodwink those that are educated on issues.

Sincerely speaking we do not want any monstrous 
hospital on Van Ness.

This hospital will only cater to the rich and be used to help those with rare diseases - but, the main ploy is that those that are helped; in this proposed hospital - must have very good health - coverage.

We have said it before and we will say it again - CPMC does not care much about "charity care" - to the very poor and the indigent. Again, they only care about giving care to those that have a sound insurance policy - so that the Sutter Group that owns all these hospitals can rake in the millions.

On taking over St. Luke - Sutter promised one thing - but in a very short time they closed down the department offering services to the mentally challenged.

The Sutter Group are despicable when it comes to making promises - and lying and NOT keep their promises.

Our City and County of San Francisco must hook up with Kaiser and help them - more. This Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) - have better possibilities to serve the public at large from the Southeast Sector.

Kaiser is proposing to build a new hospital at Mission Bay.

Another well know and recognized hospital the University of California - San Francisco must step up - with better hospitals to address pre-natal care, helping those with cardiac problems, and the many serious diseases that will come with an aging - population - that will demand such needs.

UCSF is already doing a great job and has so far served thousands of people in Northern California, Nationally and world wide.

It is the largest employer after the City and County of San Francisco that employs over 28,000 thousand.

CPMC says it employs many employees from San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - but, we really do not have the figures. We have them for our City and UCSF.

The haste to upgrade and rehab our hospitals follows State of California guide lines and mandates.

Every one waited until the last moment. Most of these upgrade should have been completed five years ago. Time will tell.

CPMC which belongs to the Sutter Group of hospitals is out to take our City and County of San Francisco - for a ride. We must stop this.