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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Representation does not come easy - especially when you are a closeted Queer and are trying to represent a community that needs the best representation - that are mostly - very straight.

Malia Cohen pretends that she is straight when she is a lesbian that has NO intention what so ever to represent her District. The result the repercussion - have been so severe - and in recent months there have been many shootings and killings.

Quality of Life have NOT been addressed - and Malia Cohen has been busy furthering her own sordid agenda - pussyfooting around - and looking down at her constituents - with disdain.

When Malia Cohen was first was sworn in as Supervisor of District 10 - the first thing this despicable woman did - was display her Police Badge on her Face Book. The police badge - given to each Supervisors - so that they can truly represent - in any emergency situation.

Not once has Malia Cohen - joined forces with the Community Response Network - gone to the crime scene - where someone from San Francisco's District 10 - has been shot - not once.

As you can see when Malia Cohen received this "Police Badge" it was just for show. Her pompousness is well known - her jack ass grin her hall mark.

What makes her most despicable - is that she pretends to represent - she is as fake as the come - and despicable to the very core.

Malia Cohen made a big deal with Stop and Frisk. The SF Police Department - with or without probable cause - stop mostly people of color - more Black men - and frisk them all the time.

Many a time they seize small amounts of drugs. At other times razor blades, knifes, other paraphernalia - needles and the associated stuff that - drugs addicts need to get their high.

You have just to read the incident reports from the Bayview Police Station - which I suppose Malia Cohen does not have the time to read. Less to evaluate the Quality of Life issues that have taken District 10 down the cesspool. Crime and Safety issues at an all time - high.

Malia Cohen has no clue as to how many Black men are incarcerated - from District 10.

Has never bothered to visit the thousands of men and women in the jails. She should take a trip to the Women State Jail in Chowchilla to chill out there with the women. She will learn a thing or two.

To the men's jail at San Quentin and Folsom - may be that will broaden her mind - and wipe that stupid grin - off her ugly face.

No one can say they REPRESENT any community and fail to walk the streets and see for themselves what is happening. All this woman is thinking - all the time - she to make money - fill in her campaign coffers.

Since she is a closeted lesbian - she does not know how to react to anyone straight.

Malia Cohen - is as  phony as they come - and believe me I have many "lesbian" friends - but all of them are open and do not feel ashamed to be "openly queer".

Malia Cohen is the laughing stock on the streets - and those that are in the gangs - talk about her - in terms that I cannot describe - but - if thing do not change rapidly - I will post a U-Tube version of how the youth describe this spineless - so called Representative - who cannot take a stand and truly - represent.

Most affected in recent months the Samoans - and I have been very careful not to say anything much about Malia Cohen - but if Malia Cohen - does not change her ways - no one from the the Samoan community will respect her.

With all the killings and shooting affecting the Samoan community - Malia Cohen has failed to reach out to this community.

She only reaches out when she can make some money. Like the time when she and that doctor Nadine Burke wanted to operate a Wellness Center - at Third and Cargo - an area that is contaminated and very close to the Sewage Treatment Plant - complete with a nauseating foul stench - and contamination and pollution of the worst kind.

Some of us advocates took a stand - and if this project goes forward - Malia Cohen will have to face the wrath of the people. No one should harm our children - who cannot defend themselves - and more place them in a contaminated area - under any pretext.

At the SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen will open her mouth and shove her foot - each and every time. She is stupid - has never and will never be accepted by the District 10 community.

She backs the Rogue Developer Lennar.

She recently opposed the appointment of Dr. Antonini to the SF Planning Commission - and Malia will lose today - as Dr. Antonini will be appointed - to the SF Planning Commission.

For the longest time Malia Cohen did not live in her District - just recently moving to the Potrero Hill - those are the types she likes - folks that the despicable - do not care to serve - those that need help most.

Malia Cohen will use every ploy to further her own agenda - surround herself with crooks - most of her stuff are snotty and think no end to themselves. Often time wasting their time on their cell phones - you call her office - and all you get is a "snot".

As for Malia Cohen her favorite pass time - "pussyfooting around".

Two shot dead at Visitation Valley in broad daylight - July 30, 2012: