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Saturday, July 21, 2012


No sound democracy can work without accountability and transparency.

It is critically important; that those politicians in San Francisco - do not target those that are better educated, work harder, and who have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco -  are sound politicians or public servants - with disdain.

You did that with elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - and it has back fired. Shame of you all.

All those that had a hand from the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch - the SF District Attorney's Office - the SF City Attorney's, and sad to say the SF Police Department - those investigators that were not sensitive to the parties that were vulnerable - one witness who was pregnant and yet was - hounded.

Two individuals who have done well in their respective fields - Ross Mirkarimi our Sheriff in San Francisco - and his wife Eliana Lopez - who is an actress and well educated - were targeted by some mean spirited folks - and the on going trial before the Ethics Commission - have revealed their names.

It is a crying shame - that some very evil politicians - chose to target Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - who once was with the Green Party as a founding member - but a few years ago - chose to be a Democrat.

The paradox is that Democrats like Kamala Harris, Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom - others too many to mention - think they can influence local direct governance - by intimating people - and from time to time - targeting those individuals - who can hold their ground - some one like Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi -surely comes to mind.

At any time - on any subject - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi can debate a host of Democrats - some; that I have mentioned above - to a debate - in a public forum setting - and win hands down.

The reason is simple - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is educated on issues - the others talk a good talk - but cannot walk the walk.

They others - they all suffer from some deep - inferiority complex. More they are dysfunctional - as are many of the politicians that follow a life style - that does not favor decent families with children.

30,000 families with children have left San Francisco - because they are NOT comfortable with polices that hurt children and families. This City calls it " family flight " - but can do nothing about it - but; spew diatribe and hot air.

I am setting the above scene to introduce Eliana Lopez a well known citizen from prominent South American nation. In her own right - she a well known actor - comes from a decent family; is well educated - and very proud of her native - heritage.

This January, 2012 Eliana just received a Green Card - which entitles her to stay legally in the United States - but does not protect her from the many rights - that American Citizens - enjoy.

This sordid incident - disturbed Eliana Lopez so much - that she feared her only son Theo - could be taken away from her. Eliana Lopez is a good wife and more a good mother to her son - Theo.

Right at this time - Eliana's father that Eliana Lopez loves so much is enduring some serious health problems and is in hospital. This has forced Eliana Lopez - from time to time to go back to her home town abroad to visit her dear - father.

This one issue - among others - prompted both Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Eliana Lopez - to have some minor family squabbles - much like all of us have - I have for sure.

Imagine some neighbor calling the police every time some raises their voice - presumes that these so called neighbors can take it upon themselves to initiate some Domestic Violence - Incident Report without sound - justification.

Neighbors help one another - they do not put those that they know and care - in harm's way.

On one single occasion Eliana Lopez and Sheriff were arguing - about Eliana Lopez and her young son Theo - visiting Eliana's ailing father. One thing led to another and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi grabbed Eliana hand - and it took but one second - according to Eliana - as she pushed her hand - to suffer a minor bruise. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi did not strike her - and when he was the bruise - he was profusely - sorry and is to this day.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - did not want Eliana to be away from him just prior to Ross being sworn in as elected Sheriff of San Francisco. Being; just sworn in - Ross wanted Eliana Lopez to support him at home and in general - as he assumed his new responsibilities - as an elected Sheriff of San Francisco - a very difficult - job.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - having won more votes - than San Francisco - Mayor Ed Lee - in the last elections. San Franciscans have hinted they wanted Ross Mirkarimi next as their next Mayor.

His enemies fear this - and have now decided to target elected -  Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

The Sheriff election was a clear one - with one candidate - having better experience in the sense about contemporary models - dealing with incarceration, operations, local government.

Realignment  programs; that embraces those incarcerated and released - actual experience having been the President of the SF Police Academy, working for the District Attorney office - and of course being the Supervisor of District 5 - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has contributed so much - to Society and San Francisco.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with the loving support of his wife Eliana Lopez and Theo his young born son - was all set to put his best foot forward - and serve our City and County of San Francisco - as best he could.

His enemies did not want this to happen. Shame on them.

I know what I am talking about because I attend the key meetings at SF City Hall and have known Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - who before being elected Sheriff - was the Supervisor of District                    5 - and served his constituents and San Francisco - as best he could.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was and is one stellar politician - who has the best interests of the public at large.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi works very hard - perhaps so hard and for long hours - that this incident took a wrong turn. This should be a wake up call to others - and be aware of neighbors - who you make go for succor and end up in jail.

As his wife Eliana Lopez stated - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi must make time - for his family - and I am sure he will do this to better his family life - and cater as best as he can with Quality Time - to those aspirations and needs of his - wife - Eliana Lopez.

A neighbor Maddison - without Eliana Lopez permission called the police after Eliana had confided in her - on condition that she not divulge the contents.

This neighbor called the SF Police Department - and had Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi arrested on a Domestic Violence  issue- over a minor incident - blowing it beyond proportion - calling it Domestic Violence and causing the entire family - hardships and many on going - problems.

Many women - more feminists - protested on the steps of City Hall - calling for Sheriff's Ross Mirkarimi - removal from office.

As I said blowing this one single incident - causing a major storm of sorts - without any justification.

These women have now stopped showing their faces in public.

I know for a fact - many men will NOT be support the causes these vicious feminists purport to serve - but, have by their putrid actions - brought shame on themselves and the general cause of Domestic Violence.

The San Francisco Police Department has been very slow to address real Domestic Violence in San Francisco before and now.

I know this for a fact. The SF Police Department - ventured to teach Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi a lesson and this has - back fired.

The District Attorney also joined the fray by his actions - more leaking information to the Main Media - which has back fired. Time will tell.

The State Attorney General joined the fray - and we all heard from the testimony of Eliana Lopez and the remarks of Madison the neighbor.

These actions - however small - are a crying shame.

Kamala Harris does not have a good track record - she is known for pandering and was propped up by Willie L. Brown  Jr., and those in the know; have knowledge about her and her many ploys and machinations - the intimated relations these two corrupt individuals - Kamala Harris and Willie L. Brown Jr., - have had - over many years. Despicable.

Former Mayor Gavin Newsom - had several affairs - one with his best friends wife's in Room 200 - right in City Hall.

 The same with Willie L. Brown Jr., - who has an affinity for young women - more oriental women - this  is well known.

As Mayor he had a child out of wedlock. Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. has not divorced his first wife. As I have mentioned - even now at an old age - his affinity for women -knows no bounds.

No City Attorney, no District Attorney, No SF Chief of Police - did anything to charge Mayor Willie L Brown Jr., and Mayor Gavin Newsom - both having vociferous appetite for - sex -outside marriage. Public officials disgracing their office in recent years - all steeped in - sodomy.

In they past - the above stated actions when conducted - though inappropriate and illegal - this City seemed to accept such sordid actions - and look the other way.

But, if one is married - and there is minor squabble - this one incident - is blown beyond anything I have seen - in recent history. Destroying the lives of Ross, Eliana, and Theo.

Millions of dollars have been spent on investigations, shabby City lawyers, covering up perjury, blatant lying, badgering the victims for no reason what so ever.

City Attorneys conducting themselves - in a manner that defies - fair play and justice.

No citizen of these the United States can be presumed guilty and treated with disdain - unless given the proper means to defend oneself - and tried in the Court of Law.

Not a body that has been found wanting - like the Ethics Commission - more - by the San Francisco - Grand Jury.

It is a shame that the SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera advised e Mayor Ed Lee - to suspend Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi without pay. This is unheard of in any civilized society.

If the City Attorney backed up the District Attorney - with help from the SF Police Department - and thinks for a second that these actions are right - let me tell you - you all have shamed this City of San Francisco and are the laughing stock of the entire world.

Since March - the Sheriff has been deprived of his pay check.

The City must pay him nothing less than $20 million - as punitive damages - to teach those who think they are in power and act like buffoons - that San Franciscans - do not tolerate such sordid and putrid - actions. Make no bones about it.

I attended the first trial that put Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in this predicament before the Ethics Commission- saw the remaining on SFGOVTV - and attended the last trial on July 19, 2012 - which ended a little before 11 pm. I sat on the second row - just behind Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

I admire Eliana Lopez who defended her husband in an extraordinary manner, shinning light where there was darkness - standing up to the evil City attorneys - badgering her with questions - without cause.

The City attorneys - fell on their faces in utter - disgrace.

We San Franciscans - will NOT tolerate such nonsense.

We San Franciscans do not believe in badgering the innocent.

Those who have participated in these shenanigans - must learn for this experience - especially the SF District Attorney office - who leaked out facts about this case - murking the waters - and adversely impacting the victims in this - trumped up case of sorts.

Few San Francisco had the guts to stand up to the forces of evil - from the inception - I did - and I am proud to have done so.

We see that straight married couples are now in jeopardy.

More because of those who prefer another type of life style that does not favor children.

In all the deliberations - Theo the young child was traumatized. 

This City and County of San Francisco with a budget of over $7.6 billion - chose to deprive Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - from being paid.

Adversely impact his wife Eliana Lopez and more their son, Theo - who a few years from now - will hear and will be told about this sordid - episode.

History must record the villains - expose them for what they are - the San Francisco City Attorney and the San Francisco District Attorney for sure. Both institutions have marred the good name of our City and County of San Francisco.

San Franciscans thank Eliana Lopez - for shedding light where there was darkness.

Shaming the villains. We wish her, her son Theo and our elected Sheriff - the best - and we support you all - one million percent.

Check this setting - away from the evil people - we are dealing with - so called authorities who want to persecute - Sheriff Ross and  his wife - Eliana Lopez: