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Thursday, July 26, 2012


No one in their right mind wants killings and shootings in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in San Francisco the main Agencies funding the Community Based Organizations - have FAILED to focus on Quality of Life issues. The result we have shootings and killings - and everyone that gets the money to do something - is pointing fingers at someone - else!

These same same entities - with no accountability and transparency - have no idea about how to stop killings and shootings.

Have with intent - fostered for decades indigent folks to endure hardships - have given them NO opportunities - and have fostered a culture of the worst type of criminality activity in progress - with intent.

The SF Department of Children, Youth and Families - the  San Francisco Department of Health, The SF Housing Authority.

The SF Police Department, the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force - and many other sell outs that come and testify - really do not know about the community.

Nor do they care to sacrifice - they are content to get their pay - and they are content if they act as Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to get their grants on time. Every year they want more and more.

I have attended over 240 funeral since 1999.

Does that give me some lee way and ability to offer some testimony - on killings and shootings - and the on going gentrification.

Removal of people - mostly Black people from housing - public housing - evicting them and sending them on to the streets of San Francisco - more the Tenderloin - to fend for themselves.

So when the sell outs from Visitation Valley who say they are members of this, that, and the other - and work with the District Attorney Office - and feel they must get some respect.

These are the highest order of snitches - one can find - doing disservice to the community at large. They do not know how to deal with crime - but can speak about incidents in generalities - that any fool can speak about.

In stopping the increase in crime - killings and shootings - one has to have the ability to go to the cuts - speak to the gangs - and offer them an alternative. Can the snitches offer the youth jobs - No.

Can the snitches offer the youth anything to improve their lives - No.

The snitches are the parasites of the community - they strive on the killings and shooting - pretending to do something - and always asking for money. The call them CBOs - they should call themselves - BOZOS.

The San Francisco Police Department knows how to play the snitches - give them more information - and the snitches are given money. Either DCYF or some entity will deliver the money - directly or indirectly.

The SF Housing Authority has with intent - run down the Public Housing.

Forcing thousands of innocent mostly Samoan and Blacks out - you never ever saw Samoans living in the Tenderloin - now you see them.

You never ever saw a Samoan sleep on the streets - by Sixth Street - now you see dime a dozen.


Today - the Samoans are warring against some Blacks who did not respect them in the Western Addition.

Never mind that the youth was young - stupid - and careless - this time some one crossed the line - and no one in their right mind - can reverse the consequences.

True the culprit has been caught - complete with the gun found in his house. But, why did he choose to shoot and kill an innocent Samoan youth? Who prompted him to do so?

The Samoan youth was not a gang member. In the streets, in the cuts - there are norms - there are rules - and some stupid person - broke the rules.

The Mayor Office has a representative on SAFETY - who is a QUEER - and he thinks he knows what he is talking about.

Brother; you should take another position - do not even think you know what is happening on the streets of San Francisco.

Even if some one from the SF Police Department - tells you so. The gang leaders behind the wall - know about you - just stop talking nonsense - and go back where you came from.

The San Francisco Health Department has a $1.4 Billion dollar budget - but - has not allocated sufficient to address SAFETY and crime.

Less on a par with toxicity, contamination, pollution, increase in particulates that the SF Health Department has failed miserably - and with that a host of chronic diseases that plague the neighborhoods.

Each time we have a Hearing - these parasites - representing the various Departments - come down with some drab Power Point Presentation.

They think the public are fools - it is - as if  - they are applying for a grant. If you are talking about shooting and killings - we want to know if you have been to ground zero - and what can do about stopping the crime. Really!

There was a time when we had hundreds of killers armed with guns and many of them are incarcerated.

Today - young people - 13, 14,15 years armed with guns - are shooting people.

Taking aim - holding the gun side ways. It makes you wonder - what is happening - this is a lost generation - and the Black on Black violence - is on the increase.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black - cannot do anything - go to their Churches on Sunday - you have the very old and the very young - the youth are missing. Missing In Action.

At the Summer orientations preparing the youth for Summer Jobs - the Mayor must address the youth. Address each batch.

The SF Police Chief must address the youth and tell them what is there for the youth to improve and contribute to Society.

That silly Representative from the Mayor's Office - Anderson must address the youth find out - what really this City is generating from year to year.

The caliber of youth - who will tell you what they truly think of you - if you truly do not comprehend - where the youth are coming from and what they expect from this City of San Francisco. That with your mascara - pretty boy!

Our City has a population of about 805,000.

We have a budget of about $7.2 Billion.

We have more than sufficient money to address Crimes and Shooting.

Just like we pay our City employees over twenty percent of them - over $175,000 with benefits. We have 26,000 City Employees.

For every 28 City constituents we have on City employee.Go figure!

 The City says it has no money to increase the budget to pay the Community Response Network employees. Everyone says they do a good job - but no one wants to compensate them.

Why do you all not want nor have the decency to increase the Community Response Network (CRN) budget and pay them a decent salary? Why?

When meetings are conducted among the CRN they are not encouraged to speak up. Why?

The CRT linked to SF Health Department is a JOKE.

Our Mayor has set his priorities wrong.

He has chosen to listen to people who are not doing their jobs.

He listens to those that pander  to him - he cannot listen to real men - who have balls and will tell him a thing or two.

Our youth are dying - because with intent - some CBOs and some City Departments are putting them in harms way.

Enjoy the photographs from today's Safety Meeting - held July 26, 2012 in Room 250 at City Hall: