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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Thank God we have some very astute advocates in San Francisco - more advocates - who can and do shine light where there is abject - darkness.

When the constituent of San Francisco - at one time decided to have in place the Ethics Commission - the main purpose was to have an entity that was educated on issues, could discern, could be partial, not ever fall into the hands of the corrupt and more the politically - corrupt. Now just the opposite has happened.

Sad, first with the recent report of the Grand Jury and with the facts we have in hand - over the last five years - the Ethics Commission has gone to the hogs.

Hundreds of cases from decent constituents have gone before the Sunshine Task Force - who after through adjudication - have sent the serious cases to the Ethics Commission - only for the Ethics Commission - to reject ninety nine percent of the cases.

If this is the case - and the Ethics Commission is so pompous - the time has come to reject and declare null and void - the Ethics Commission.

A bunch of good for nothing people - and that is putting it mildly - to meet the abject standards of the "White Corrupt Mentality" - being politically correct - and mocking any decent judicial system - where fair play, proper adjudication, justice, and decency are the prevailing norms.

The Ethics Commission is catering to the City Attorney's Office that has failed San Francisco. Using this City Department that has failed the tax payers and more San Franciscans.

The right way to send the strongest possible signal to the City Attorney's Office - is to get rid of the Ethics Commission now - through a Ballot Measure and  amending the Charter. 

That should send a clear signal to the City Attorney's Office that with some stringent measures and amendments incorporated in the same Ballot Measure - that pertains to reforms - within how the City Attorney and their pathetic office - how the City Attorney's Office has conducted itself - in recent years - can be called to order and adjudicated in our Courts.

The City's Attorney's Office is NOT the highest entity - where sound adjudication is offered - it is perhaps the lowest - in the Chain of Command - and as far as the City and County of San Francisco is concerned in recent years - non-judicious and despicable.

The City Attorney's Office and one Dennis Herrera has failed us with the 33,000 signatures and SF Redevelopment Agency. We put the measure and made it to Ballot Measure - only for the City Attorney to declare it null and avoid and work against the people.

The City Attorney has failed us with San Francisco - City Employees fired for no cause - then promised the City workers - their jobs back - only to bluff them - and the workers be left out to face the elements.

Again and again the City Attorney's office has lost major cases with entities like Pacific Gas and Electric.

Now we require an Independent Audit - to see how the City Attorney's Office has fared with all the cases that have come before the City Attorney - in the last five years - and how the drab, shallow, inept City Attorneys have fared. 

We the people  must find out how much of tax payers money has been wasted?

How many City Attorneys do we hire to work for our City and County of San Francisco that has a $7.2 billion dollar budget.

How does our City fare - and if these drab City Attorneys are worth the millions we spend over them.

$250,000 on an average with benefits that are sky high. No private firm would hire most of the City Attorneys that work - for the City and County of San Francisco. Most inept, shallow, drab, and incompetent.

Now, let us take the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case. Some one prompted the City Attorney to back them up - some one who truly did not have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. Let us see - what the results will lead to? How many millions - have we wasted and if it was worth while?

I predict right now - as I have from day one - the City and County and those who listened to the City Attorney's Office - complete with the Bovine and the Fox; who work for the City Attorneys' office - that I have mentioned before - will fall on their face and fail.

The Ethics Commission thinks that each time they refer cases to the City Attorney's Office - especially the cases that do favor Accountability and Transparency - that are rejected by the City Attorney - that it is fine to go with the flow.

Well the time has come to deal with the on going nonsense.

More so where San Francisco Board of Supervisors are involved - and the City Attorney - without cause, without justification, without studying the cases - advises the dumb Ethics Commission - that they can dismiss these serious and pertinent cases.

They City Attorneys think they are they are doing us the "tax payer " a favor - when they are tarnishing the good name of this fair City - the City and County of San Francisco.

Well let me tell you - the time has come to take the "Ethics Commission" to the ballot - complete with amendments to the Charter - stringent measures - that put the Ethics Commission in place and mandate - fully accountability and transparency.

The City of San Francisco cannot afford its Ethics Commission to act like the Mafia. And guess what that is what is happening with the present Ethics Commission - they are the Mafia.

Folks come and perjure and the Ethics Commission takes it lightly.

The time has come to address perjury - and the serious consequences that pertain and are linked to those Ethics Commissioners - that partake in such shenanigans. Long jail periods with heavy - penalties and fines.

We could amendment the Charter - to send certain cases - directly to the Courts.

Absolve some shallow, spineless, corrupt Ethics Commission - from abusing some fake judicial process - with powers that they do not have - but fake and proclaim - that they have - them.

The Ethics Commission in NOT a court recognized by any local, State and Federal entity.

At the most they are a hearing body - that may send some case - to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - for final - adjudication.

The SF Board of Supervisors - who in recent years have buffoons on the SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener. We must act with the Ballot Measure and act  - soon - to put things in order - and fine tune a Charter - to offer the best - adjudication in the Court and away from any dubious local jurisdiction of sorts.

We have had some SF Board of Supervisors who were so bold to break some laws pertaining to the Brown Act and other laws - with intent. These cases went before the Sunshine Task Force and then to the Ethics Commission.

One SF Board of Supervisors retaliated and has shut down the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force. Supervisors Scott Wiener knows that it is mandatory for the Sunshine Task Force to have a disabled member.

Scott Wiener has abused his power - stopped the appointed of Bruce Wolfe the disabled member - just to retaliate against Bruce Wolfe and bring the entire Sunshine Task Force to a halt. It has been weeks since the Sunshine Task Force has met - and no one has the balls to do - anything. Not the Legislative Branch - no the Executive Branch - no one worth the salt. What is happening to Sunshine - why do these entities fear to shine light where there is abject - darkness?

The SF Board of Supervisor must represent the tax payers - but again and again they practice - official misconduct  - the language in clearly spelled out in the Charter - but - most people do not read it. The Ethics Commission is slow to take the SF Board of Supervisors on and penalize the SF Board of Supervisors. 

Right now in any other decent Municipal Area - Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener would be lingering in jail.

Why are they Scott free - abusing the rights of the constituents of San Francisco - why are these two rascals - wasting the tax payers money? 

Why are we tolerating such abject nonsense?

It is the same with the evil forces that have ganged up against the elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - who has won the most votes - more votes than the Mayor - in the last Mayoral Elections. 

The  San Francisco Ethics Commission has failed us all in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission - must be reined in - amendments initiated to tighten the current  City Charter - with penalties, fines, and long jail terms - spelled out in detail.

We are a City of laws and fair play - our City must not be a field where the Mafia, more the Pacific Heights Mafia - are having a field day.

The City's Charter for all the world to read - Official Misconduct - Chapter 15 Section 105 - read it for yourselves: