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Thursday, July 5, 2012


There was a time when we had good newspapers in San Francisco. No more.

For a time the online blogs provided some factual news - no more.

So, now we have some using Social Media to further causes and spread fake news.

This increased traffic of superficial gossip mongers and purveyors of  fake news in increasing - and has now been accept as some fade - linked with the Social Media.

The result more damage than good is being done.

We know people by the company they keep.

This is America you can do what you want to - but do not let your contamination affect others.

Increasingly this is happening - selfish folks - adversely affecting the lives of others.

The snitches, the sell outs in many communities are now actively furthering the cause - of those behind - "gentrification".

In earlier years we saw "thugs" who had spent years in jail - come out and vouch and install the "three strikes law" - all because they wanted some real estate to themselves - and did not want - what they perceived to be - "trouble makers" - in their midst.

This may seems paradoxical but it is a fact.

If you have money - and you have connections - be they folks that can lobby in Congress, at the State, on the local level in our corrupt SF City Hall - you can pass legislation - and make things happen.

People are using Social Media to start - revolutions.

They say that is how the - "Arab Spring" started and that may  be - so. But, her at home - people are faking others with shallow ideas, drab news, and concepts that have no foundation. The result thousands of people are adversely impacted.

Once the damage is done - it is too late. Parcel A on Hunters Point is a glaring example. Selling out to the SF Redevelopment Agency is another. Pandering to "thugs" who sellout the community is on going especially in District 10 - all the time.

Be very careful of what you hear and how it is presented on the Television. There are master crooks behind the presentation - you hear one thing - but what they are really saying is another.

The many Slates sent - have a purpose - mostly to further a fake agenda. Mostly to favor the very - corrupt.

The election and the many ballot measures that we just voted on - had so many examples of what I am talking about.

The Tobacco Lobby came from behind and took over the race. It sounded and looked at first as if it was a good idea.

But, when you read the fine print - it was all about making money and less about caring for the constituent and the voter who was taken for a ride - with a message that was indeed - misleading.

We have a Supervisor - Scott Wiener - who is a staunch Zionist - and purports to be an American - and he is constantly furthering legislation - that looks good at first - but at further review and evaluation - deems to have adverse impacts.

Once something makes it to the Ballot - the chances of it passing - is all on how the constituents perceive.

If the crooks have the money - and can bring the sordid message to your home - by constantly bombarding the constituents - the end result is that - some shallow, drab, ballot with muster strength and win.

Aiding these crooks are the gossip mongers and the purveyors of fake news.

We saw this with Lennar and Proposition G - that spent over $10 million. The proponents of Proposition F who fought Proposition G - spent a measly 5 thousand.

First Proposition F was winning that is until the devil went to work. That is until the sellouts and the snitches - took money to sell out the community - among them the Poverty Pimp Pastors - all of them Black.

We saw this with the mostly Black Sell outs that still have NOT learned what is truly happening at Parcel A - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Sellouts and snitches were on the payroll of Lennar and some still are.

I am not going to name them - but, I have before too many times. They are all well known in the community - and their day of reckoning came - when the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - was abolished. But, more is coming since they have BLOOD on their hands - they will FALL on their FACE.

I worked hard for the demise of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - and I am the only one that named the crooks and the snitches - that destroyed and keep destroying our community.

Those that with intent - bombarded our community with Asbestos Structures and now want to build homes on contaminated soil at Parcel A on the Shipyard.

Why would anyone want to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl?

Each one will have to sign a waiver - you will not be able to grow or touch the soil in your back yard.

If you go to the water front - you will have to stand - a couple of hundred yards away - because you will be warned about the contamination.

At Hunters Point - the U.S. Navy has decided to cap Parcel E2.

The community is not even aware of this fact. The snitches and sellouts have spread the falsehood and fake promises for so long - that the people are now fed up. They are zombies - they are like the living dead.

If there is an earthquake and the cap raptures - all hell will break loose and the U.S. Navy will say that it did not think - such a catastrophe would take place.

The day when such a catastrophe will take place is upon us and thousands will die - as has been said by the experts from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

All of the contaminated material - most of it radiological elements  - that are very contaminated - must to totally removed and the contents - shipped off site for disposal as hazardous waste to dangerous to cap.

Parcel E2 is very near a neighborhood waiting to suffer the consequences - Hunters View, Middle Point, Mariners' Village, Kiska Road, that Hill and those living near by will all suffer very serious consequences and thousands will DIE.

Make no bones about this - we are talking about something very, very serious. And all of it is documented.

The U.S. Navy with intent created the infill which is 80% of Hunters Point Shipyard.

With intent it polluted the land - experimenting with various projects and programs linked to the War Effort in World War II. Much of the contamination has radiological elements emitting very high readings an very, very dangerous.

Since the early 1950s - thousands of innocent people have suffered and died at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Many families that lived at Hunters Point - can related to the fact that members of their family - that worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - died from diseases - related to their work.

The snitches and the sellouts do not care about the death the Shipyard brought to their community.

This is a clarion to those that can still come out and speak out - Parcel E2 should not be capped.

If it is capped the blood is on the sellouts and the snitches that have helped destroy our community.

The ones that spread the superficial gossip the purveyors of fake news.

Their time is coming - always into ploys and machination - using the MACHINE for favors, making money illegally, and always betraying the community.

The worse ones the Blacks - selling their community without any thought or consequence.

Those seating on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Shipyard. The Project Area Committee that now has no clout - and totally - sold out the community.

These are the same diabolical entities who worked with Sophie Maxwell and now work with Malia Cohen - two despicable individuals that brought disgrace to the community - because they are not educated on issues, have no conscience - and are on the take.

Now; is your time to hold accountable the GOSSIP MONGERS and the purveyors of FAKE INFORMATION.

We do not want to have anything to do with them in our community. They should go somewhere else and do their - sordid, thing.