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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When you witness - what I have witnessed.

When you go the aid of those victims - who have fallen prey to gun violence.

Black on Black killings - in the hundreds - has happened so often - that most people are nonchalant - immune to such violence - and when you state such fact - for most - it is a matter of fact. 

How did this all come about? Who brought about such a state of affairs on the Black community? Was it the Latino, the Asian, the White - or rather the Black who has not learned to love his or her own?

When we read about Fredrick Douglas - when we hear the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King - when we study our Black leaders - there is no doubt that many Black laid their lives - for all Americans.

In recent years - we all are forgetting about the history - and the noble lives led by many Blacks - the courage the man Blacks had to march - set upon by dogs - who challenged those that adversely impacted them - and won.

When we see the courage of those people of those time all Black - we see they were steeped in spirituality - and feared nothing. When these women, children, and men sang: " We shall overcome - we saw in them warriors - women warriors and men warriors - and we remember them - and must remember them - for all times - and praise God that we had such women, children and men - who shed light where there was darkness". They indeed took a stand.

"Stop and Frisk" as is done in New York - will never, ever be done in San Francisco.

Our Police Chief - Gregory Suhr; would not permit that - that I know for certain. Our Mayor - Ed Lee would not want to infringe on the Civil Rights of everyone - as "Stop and Frisk" does - so, let us give him a break.

Now having said that - let us all contribute to stopping Black on Black violence.

Let us stop some knuckle heads - shooting a gun - side ways - with bullet flying off target - ricocheting and hitting innocent children and others. Happens all the time.

This madness that you can settle a score - by killing must stop.

This madness when you carry a gun - to defend yourself - mostly against those that you do not like or have a beef - mostly Black must - stop.

This madness when you are angry - and lost a round - in a debate or argument of sorts - when some one had the better of you - that you go reach for a gun - and bring a sister or brother down - and think - you are something - is far from the truth - you are a "coward".

A life is precious. Just like the saying goes - a mind is a precious thing to waste. Ask a mother what a life is - and when you fathom that - some sanity will hit you - where now you are numb and killing and taking a life means - nothing. This nonsense must stop.

It is best when you go visit such fools in jail - they took a life and now no one else wants to visit them - and the brother says to you: " I lost it".

Well, you would not have lost it - if you listened to your Father and your Mother. 

You would not have lost it - if you had some sound - education.

You would not have lost it  - if you learned to pray - and had some spirituality to help you - over come.

You would not have lost it - if you had a job - and learned to work as a team - learned to socialize and made something of yourself.

You would not have lost it - if you eaten right, kept the right company, and learned to get along - with your sisters and brothers. Done less of drugs - even if it means a puff from some roach - or popping those pills that give you a high - more mixed with alcohol - and you think it is cool - when it truly land you in the cesspool of your own - creation.

Often times - I am on the MUNI bus 9 - the Third Street Lightrail   - and some youth - loud mouth will start trouble. I go and stand up - and look at them - and there is silence. And people are surprised. Why?

When these youth were very young - I took care of them. More, when we had the Boys and Girls Club on San Bruno. More when I use to help the Brown Bombers and other youth programs. They know me - so all they need is for me to stand up - and be a witness to their - foolishness.

Our youth lack discipline - because few say they love them.

Hold them and ask them - what is going on - in their lives.

Listen to them and hear their aspirations. Life is for the living not the living dead.

We must take control of our lives - and we must do better.

It is a joke to see some sit at Third and Palou - from 8 am to 8 pm - just whiling away their time. It is sad - when they talk trash to some young mother with children, our sisters - and yet think they are some man.

When will young men learn to be educated and excel in school.

Learn to work - and not while away their time.

Learn not to use the B word, and the F word and N - word - just because - they want to use it. Such words bring no reward to anyone, it does not enrich, it does not take you to a better place.

I have attended more than 240 funerals - seen it all - since 1999.

How much more can any decent human being take - so let us put this vain talk - that some one did this and some did that - and STOP and ASK - what are we really doing to better - ourselves?

People rally for all wrong reasons - and you can do it in America - and we should do it - when it warrants a good cause.

Find out who first reported in detail about Oscar Grant?

Find out really - who were the first to go to Oakland - and rally the sisters and brothers there?

Find out who stood for Community Policing in San Francisco - complete with a plan to empower our people?

The ones that are true leaders, the ones that have God in their heart, the ones that treat our Sisters and Brothers, our Elders, our little children with utmost respect - I said utmost respect - know who the true leaders in our community are.

The Black community has reached the cross roads.

We see so many living dead - crack cocaine - other drugs have the better of them. No one is taking the lead - to stop the drugs - and with all the divisiveness going on - daily the sale of drugs - increases.

The time of platitudes and blaming Mayor Ed Lee for what he may have said - more to stop the Black and Black killing in frustration - does not warrant protest and throwing arrows in the air. Nothing much will happen - with such out bursts.

Do not get me wrong - bad things happen - and we must get to the bottom of it - in a rationalistic manner.

Study every aspect of the issue - we fail to do this - only looking at some end result - without studying the circumstances that led to this very sad - episode. 

The larger cities have millions of Black - millions more of people of color - and things happen there - and will happen in New York for many other - reasons.

San Francisco is not New York - and San Francisco has led the Nation - many, many, times taking the lead and doing things, better.

Today the Nation is proud of San Francisco - and more of San Franciscans - and its many - contributions.

It is sad when we do not have a strong, educated on issues Representative at City Hall from District 10.

You have just to read the incident reports - emitting from the Bayview Police Station - no sound leadership.

What is more Quality of Life Issues are compromised. Such a shallow and spineless - Representative must be questioned - not the Mayor to whom - hundreds often call  - calls made in desperation - when tragedy - strikes.

Talk to the Community Response Network - the Community Based Organization that do Case Management - and have them address the rallies.

Rather then those - that have no clue - bark and shout and no one worth the salt will listen to them. Where spineless speakers -  spew diatribe - and do not know what the hell - in really happening in San Francisco.

We must take care of our own - love our own - and not elect leaders who have no morals, less ethics - shallow, spineless, and very corrupt.

Now throwing stones on our Mayor, Ed Lee - who may have stated something, fed up of killings and shootings in fraustration -  stating something but NOT meaning to execute such nonsense.

Having no intention of depriving us all San Franciscans - of our Freedom and less of Human Right and Civil Rights. Go figure.