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Monday, July 9, 2012


Often times we stare, look, and do not bother to study the situation at hand.

No community can be divided, no community can have its power taken away - until and unless the people themselves want it.

The Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco is now at a crossroads.

We have been seeing before our eyes the death of the community - our children have been treated with disdain, adults enticed to take drugs, over a period of time - some forty years plus - with deliberate intent - opportunities not provided - so that once vibrant communities - can die a slow death.

The Police has been used to intimidate and harass - but they themselves unknowingly - got shafted in the creation of their own operations at Hunters Point - and once they realized their grave mistake - moved out of the contaminated Shipyard.

But not until - many of them were exposed to cancer - some died and other will die a slow death. Who are the culprits of this situation at hand?

It takes millions to train an officer - and we the tax payers - pay for it. No death of any Officer should be taken lightly - but who are these jerks - who without knowing much - put of Officers in harms way?

All this in the City and County of San Francisco - where the United Nations was once established - so that human rights and other basic right may be upheld with the highest standards. Shame on those who think - that we are not watching this charade of sorts.

The Southeast Sector is sunny - the climate one of the best - but those that discriminate - chose the area we call Bayview Hunters Point to place the Power Plants at the edge of the Bay.

For years dirty particulates some 100,000 plus  tons per year spewed from the two Pacific Gas and Electric plants.

In the early years coal was used and then natural gas. One of these plants closer to Hunters Point was decommissioned and the other first sold to Mirant - situated closer to Dog Patch - and then recently also deactivated.

Linked to the sale of both power plants at various times - mitigation money was given.

Corrupt forces took the money and spent it - any which way they wanted. Sophie Maxwell played a role in these ploys.

Over $1.5 million was given to the Conservatory of Flowers - and why would you think - such an amount of money should have gone so far away from the community - if it was not because of corruption of the highest order?

Today the Conservatory of Flowers wants to rake in the money - and has never, ever once - acknowledged; this large gift from the constituents of  Bayview Hunters Point.

The Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club is a joke. Three million dollars was the fine paid by Apartment Investment Management Company - for failing to maintain healthy units. Fungi and other elements forced the Department of Building Inspection to take action.

The money should have been spent on the units to rehabilitated them and clean up the mess. The City Attorney with the help of Sophie Maxwell - donated $ 1 million from the $3 million fine to the Willie Mays - Boys and Girls Club.

Today, few children go there - in fact children are bused to the Boys and Girls Club. The paradox is stark naked in this Boys and Girls Club you have a Police Station. Why?

If you go to Hunterview some 800 plus high density units are being built. The area is contaminated. The old PGE plant - that I mentioned earlier - contaminated the area - the old PGE site is being abated - with all sorts of contamination spewing in the air.

Near by the Lennar Corporation - a Rogue Developer - has with intent bombarded the community with Asbestos Structures - and was fined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - $515,000 for all the Notice Of Violation (NOVs) - and Lennar paid it.

Lennar came into the community - and from the inception used "thugs" mostly Black thugs - to divide the community.

At that time the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency was active. With the help of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) - all sorts of ploys and machinations were used.

Some of us fought the SFRA and with its demise the "well" ran dry - and all those "thugs" who were being paid - are now licking their chops - bone dry. Included the Poverty Pimp Pastors - all Black and all not respected by the community at large.

Lennar divided the community - but what is more poisoned our children and our elders. The mostly Black crooks who worked with Lennar and still trying to position themselves - but, we are watching them.

The dirtiest operations - be it connected with the concrete companies that spew mercury into the air. Aggregate and sand with dust flying into the air, the over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas from the landfill - prone to liquefaction and flooding - all impact the constituents and residents of Bayview Hunters Point - in the Southeast Sector.

The Sewage Plant by Phelps Street - which takes 80% of the City's Sewage but more from Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City and God know where. This plant stinks to high heaven - and the outfalls - populate the Bay and Islais Creek. No one cares to investigate - but we are watching the culprits - try to figure out - how to circumvent the community - with the Sewer System Improvement Project. Time will tell.

The Bayview itself has over 350 toxic hotspots that is the responsibility of the City and County to clean up.

The San Francisco Health Department - and the SF Health Department of the Environment - Dr. Rajiv Bhatia is responsible for the clean up.

Rajiv talks a good talk but fails to perform. I am requesting the SF Health Director - Dr. Barbara Garcia - to look into the Empirical Data - SF Health former reports - and get the bottom of these on going cancer.

City Administrator Naomi Kelly and Mayor Ed Lee to follow up - if not after a month - there will be more detail exposures about this mess - that is overlooked. Talk about the City's Carbon Footprint and the other diatribe - some folks talk about - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco.

At one time our San Francisco Police Crime Laboratory was placed at Hunters Point - in a ware house - infested with fleas and cat feces.

Material stored for evidence - was contaminated. Hundreds of cases thrown out - mostly drug cases - that were linked to those selling drugs - and many of these cases were dismissed to the dismay of many - but someone who was foolish - brought it on themselves.

The other paradox linked to the Mayhem at the Hunters Point Shipyard that is Superfund site - was that this site is very toxic - more with radiological elements.

The home of the Radiologicl Defense Laboratory - where Depleted Uranium and Atomic tests were conducted.

Our former City Mayors permitted our San Francisco Police Department to station their Crime Laboratory in such a contaminated place. I spoke about this at several Police Commission meeting - few understood for I was talking about.

Over fifteen SF Police Office - came down with cancer.  Some died - some of the Police families spoke to me about these incidents.

The SWAT team was stationed at Hunters Point Shipyard.

All sort of training was conducted - putting our Finest in harms way.

Such are the diabolical ways of some of our City Leaders - to save a buck on rent - they put hundreds of Police Officers in harms way. Who truly is liable for this nonsense?

The above is such a tip of the cancer - there is more to come.