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Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is kind of strange; how the folks that are the authorities at the United States - State Department - carry on conversations and deliberations - regarding "injustice" all over the world.

Tail - to see what is so evident - right below their noses - the Native American situation and the legacy of keeping innocent people who own this land, all of it - on Reservations that have been an eye sore and what is more created situations that cry to heaven for justice.

I heard Hillary Clinton encourage the advocates to protest, march, speak out - to make the world aware about "Universal Human Rights" - and human injustice in general - at 35 year anniversary at the State Department in Washington DC.

The State Secretary; Hillary Clinton made waves recently - - in China. Good for her - she walks the walks.

Hillary Clinton spoke of things happening in other places - but, rarely will you hear of the "injustices" taking places in the United States - in the "inner cities" - but blatantly so - in the so called  despicable "Reservations" - where the First People -  made their abode - living in conditions - that are to say the least - pathetic.

Then; I was listening to some leaders make a connection with Argentina and the Jews there with the United States and the Jews who are their relatives - the diaspora. 

The Jews in Chile and the connection with their relatives in the United States. The same in Russia - and their relatives who are American Citizens in the United States. When injustice is done to the Jews - in any part of the world - it spreads like wild fire. 

It is simply fascinating how the Jews - who are American Citizens - position themselves in places that impact - International Policies.

Always protecting their own kind - never mind if they make huge sum of money - off the backs of people in Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Canada, Russia, and here evidently - in the United States.

The United Nation has taken a stand to protect all  human beings with the Human Rights Bill.

The paradox is that the United Nations began in San Francisco. San Franciscans are proud to fight for Human Rights.

Though, some how in recent times we have the Zionists positioning themselves - where in counts - to take advantage of policies made - and in the adjudication of cases linked with - Human Rights - denouncing some - and being kosher to others.

Not too long ago a small ship left Cyprus for the Gaza Strip with food and medicines. The Zionists from Israel - invaded the ship - fired on the innocent people - among them many International Non-Governmental Organization representatives - leading in injuries and death of a few.

The world was aghast but that was all - nothing major happened. If that had happen to the people of Israel - there would have been a hue and cry.

It is always fascinating to watch Henry Kissinger for example - growl and talk as if he knew and know so much - while spewing diatribe and ignorant people - admiring and savoring his diatribe of sorts.

The world knows that the United States means well - by which I mean the people of these the United States. Not the people in charge who work for the United States government - who make these shallow - policies.

Recently we went to Burma and made some advances more to send a signal to China - to stay away from exploiting Burma - who government has murdered thousands. Used slave labor to build entire cities from scratch.

Suddenly the Main Press adores our move - and bragged that former Burma - the new name Mynamar and we Americans - were best of friends.

It is the same in Vietnam, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Phillpines, Libya, Mexico - we take umbrage and speak our mind on Human Rights infringements - but put on blinders when it comes to the Native Americans - that I like to call the indigenous people or the First People.

Human Rights is in the eye of the beholder.

We see this today the maltreatment meted out to those in Guantanamo Bay off Cuba - we criticize Cuba - but within watching distance - we betray the high values and standards - linked to our Constitution, the standards we maintain and often profess as a beacon - to others that the constituents adhere to - but not the authorities in charge.

Recently; Bahrain fired on protesters and even nurses and doctors - trying help the protesters - only for us with all our adjudication, experts who purport to know this, that, and everything - to state rather boldly - that could sell arms and ammunition to Bahrain - generally speak such a move would help us all - with a broader definition in mind - what garbage! 

It is such logic and defies imagination - and brings disgrace to those of us that truly - know better - the American people who have the real pulse of what is happening in the world today - and did so yesterday.

In the meantime those of us that maintain a conscience - have the ability to discern, practice standards of true justice - must speak up and defend the rights of the First People and indigenous  people of the Turtle Island.

Remember that clown who arrived here on these shores - Christopher Columbus - thought he was in India - and the people Indians. Named Turtle Island - America.

Many take it for granted that history began with Columbus when for thousands of years before that - the First People took care of Mother Earth - only for the blue eyed devil - to destroy what was pristine.

The world dynamics are changing - and Whites that ruled the world - and lost their Colonial aspirations in the last forty years - rapidly spiraling and steeped in GREED - are a loss for policies - they reached their saturation point - robbing and thieving - and heading these escapades in recent time - the Zionists.

The 2008 and before that - economic disaster was an eye opener.

The again the Jews and the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, others of the same caliber - all for sure of the same ilk - were at their best - stealing, looting, robbing, deceiving, and telling us what is best for us.

Human Rights sounds good - but, why are we tolerating those in charge of the policy making.
Why permit these urchins be in charge and jeopardize all Americans. Why?