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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Malia Cohen is a panderer - she has no clue about what Representation means - trained well to lie - she works with forces - to divide the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding areas.

A despicable person - who suffers from lack of self worth; identity crises - she will do all in her power to be divisive - to rake in the millions - she is focused on - and has failed on REPRESENTATION.

It does not help that the Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point have fostered CRIME - be is selling drugs, prostitution, lack of education, lacking family values, spirituality - and have as a segment of the population - tolerated Black on Black violence - for the longest time ever.

The many sell outs - mostly Black and the Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black - are working with evil forces to destroy the community.

Added is the dire economic state of affairs since 2008, the thousands of Home Closures, the lack of CAREER jobs, and the many other shenanigans that Malia Cohen and the MACHINE are part of.

In the Bayview Hunters Point we do not have one single leader - who understands the pertinent - and salient elements that garner sound, proven, governance.

Of the forty thousands that can vote - only about 25% exercise their power to vote. And when they vote - 15% of those that vote - are disqualified - with addresses and signatures that do not - match.

We have many loud mouth - mostly Blacks that talk a good talk - but cannot walk the walk. Daily spread rumors, trying to lead others down the path of destruction.

We have other Blacks that do not live in the community - but act as agents - provocative, diabolic, and work for entities that do not have the better interests of the Bayview Community, that of Little Hollywood, the Visitation Valley - other areas like Silver Terrace - the District 10 as a whole - the community at large.

If there was any decency left - Malia Cohen would have stepped down.

Since becoming the District 10 Supervisor - crime is on the increase and all she has to read are the weekly crime statistics sent to her by the Captain of the Bayview Police Station - that are simply - sickening to read.

Malia Cohen purports to know about Community Policing and the Community Response Network - wrong.

I was - and I am involved  -with both these entities from the very start and did not see this despicable woman - any where on the horizon.

Malia Cohen recent commentary on STOP and FRISK and her diatribe about New York and the millions of Stop and Frisk incidents conducted by the New York Police Department - is one issue that she misrepresents - because she has no idea about the fundamentals.

Stop comparing New York to San Francisco.

San Francisco has a dwindling population of about 805,000 - New York has millions - with thousands coming and settling down in and around New York every month.

New York still has a viable Black community, more a community of Color - San Francisco's Black community is dwindling. Taken San Francisco as a whole - dwindling what others call "out migration" - truly speaking - gentrification.

As far as Latinos, Samoans, Native Americans, Asians the SFPD stays away from them - pretty much.

It is because of the Black sell outs - and their despicable mentality - that most Blacks have been targeted.

Black snitches the likes of Malia Cohen - make a living - working against the community she must - represent.

New York receives millions of dollars to do their Police Work and with the happening of 9/11 even more - millions.

San Francisco has no funds not only for the San Francisco Police Department - but, more importantly for the Office of Citizens Complaints.

The recent increase in early Retirements within the Police Ranks - will soon impact the entire SFPD force.

The caliber of recent recruits - is not what past Police Academy Classes produced - but Malia Cohen would not know that - closeted that she is with her thinking and more with her illogical - mentality.

Of course the inept, dumb, ignorant, and very arrogant Malia Cohen would not know - less comprehend the suffering of those that cannot defend themselves, who are poor, indigent - and are targeted - many a times - just because they are BLACK.

Malia Cohen opens her mouth and purports that just because she is a Black lesbian, a member of the Board of the Supervisors - elected in a fake Rank Choice Voting system - where a huge number of candidates - some 23 plus - diluted the elections - and brought the worst results ever - in the history of District 10 elections.

Malia Cohen thinks - because she worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom - she is something - when Malia Cohen is just a laughing stock at City Hall and more in Room 250. In San Francisco in general.

Recently 9 more SFPD Officers were added to the Bayview District police force.

I plan on meeting the new Captain and some others - to share my deep concerns about lack of Community Policing, Para- military tactics, lack of focused communication, blatant harassment, and most importantly - lack of  LEADERSHIP.

Malia Cohen is not from the Bayview Hunters Point nor from Potrero Hill where she has made her abode recently.

 She is from District 9 - the Portola District - always staying away from reality - and being a closeted Lesbian.

In recent months - her ilk are irritating San Franciscans - who see in such folks - shallow to the core - divisiveness. 

The SFPD in previous years has conducted raids and with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agency, the various Correctional Officers from Institutions - raided the Bayview Hunters Point - too many times - with little success - causing tremendous - distrust.

It has not helped - that City Attorney - Dennis Herrera - forced "Gang Injunctions" on the community without consulting anyone.

Further spreading - blatant racism - and nullifying 33,000 signatures against the sordid actions of the now dead San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The TRUTH always wins - and Dennis Herrera is still trying his best - but constantly ending in the "cesspool" of his own - creation.

Dividing the community - and putting "fear" in many a mother and grandmother. Of course Malia Cohen a Black Lesbian who went to Lowell High School and purports to be educated - has no sound education; less qualified information - when it comes to the population she must serve and represent.

Malia Cohen is surrounded by fakes in her office - former devils that worked with SF Redevelopment Agency - trying to be dictatorial. 

Time will tell - and time is on the side of the community at large. Malia Cohen does not care for the every day person that works hard - she cares for those that fill her sordid - pockets. She is about money - as most of her ilk are.

This same logic can be linked to the Latinos who do not trust her, the Samoans who do not trust her, the Blacks that do not care about her - others that she panders to - who will use her like a dirty rag - and throw her away.

Her predecessor Sophie Maxwell - was no better - pandering and amassing wealth taking bribes from any entity and more a Rogue Developer - LENNAR - in the thousands.

Under both so called Supervisors - not worth the salt - Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - both ignorant Black women, not educated on issues - Quality of Life issues have been compromised - the community divided and mostly Blacks have had "gentrification" - imposed on them.

Black children and Black women - have suffered most under these two despicable women. One would have thought these two would have taken the lead and done well - but the opposite is true. Evil to the core - with both of them having no morals, less ethics, and corrupt to the core.

It is easy for Blacks who do not live in the community - "per se" - to act as conduits spreading drab, shallow, general information - always seeking opportunities for themselves.

It is another - to have participated in the hundreds of meetings - facing the sell outs that I have mentioned before - the likes of Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Doris Vincent, Angelo King, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses - others of the same ilk - that have "with intent" - decimated the community.

Meetings like the Restoration Advisory Board linked to Hunters Point Shipyard, the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Lennar and Parcel A, the many conferences on Crime in the Bayview, the many SF Planning workshops - where our conceptual plans were thrown in the bin - and SF Redevelopment brought in.

I worked hard to get rid of the SF Redevelopment Agency and I am monitoring the Successor to the SF Redevelopment Agency - a fungi that must be eradicated in toto. Tiffany Bohee and her gremlins!

Behind the scene Malia Cohen worked to cause damage - and divide the community - with folks like Alex Trouk and others - when she worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom.

We have a long rap sheet on Malia Cohen - and her support and pandering to the Zionist - and her recent trip to Israel to learn some - but she has learned less from the Bayview Hunters Point and has with intent - decimated the community at large - all the times this pathetic Lesbian has been around - fostering ideas that do not serve - decent families - father, mother, and children reared by such families.

Life style matters - more when you think that you are some snotty person, a Black, a Lesbian, and have NO heart for the ordinary Black person - that is in the most despondent situation.

The living dead - who want some opportunity to rise up - but are constantly harassed and kept on a leash and many a times anchored - down.

Policies like STOP and FRISK will come and go - much like the "failed Gang Injunction".

Malia Cohen did not oppose "Gang Injunction". 

Malia Cohen did not sit down with any of the Bayview Leaders on  Community Policing.

Here is a document of a recent trip to Israel:

Malia Cohen is a diabolical, pathetic liar, and that comes with her closeted self, and her inability and failure to REPRESENT.

She is what we call on the street a F*** Up!