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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Tilotilo Faoa has been missing since June 2, 2012.

Today, is July 7, 2012 and we still keep our hope alive - praying a lot - and seeking for some solution - so that all of us may have peace of mind.

The parents of the Tilotilo Faoa have been approached by the Golden Gate Bridge District  - with some information that they can share with us.

We are in the process of making some arrangement to review this information. As and when we review the information - we will inform all those who are concerned, are praying, and love Tilotilo Faoa so much.

When a person goes missing - it is a very difficult burden to bare - and so far - we have done what is humanly possible to do.

We have been looking out - searching - and continue looking out for Tilo in San Francisco and the extended Bay Area. Constantly keeping in touch with the authorities - especially when we hear about some missing body that has been found.

One was found recently - the young man that fell near Piers 30/32 the Dodger fan - and at first our hopes were raised - but then we were one of the first to know - that he was this Dodger fan - complete with the Dodger fan colors that he was - wearing.

We have been lucky that the authorities be it the Golden Gate Bridge District Manager - the entire Board - the SF Police Department and its Chief Gregory Suhr, the California Highway Patrol - Officer Bautista who took the incident report - and others, our Representatives local, State, and those in Washington DC know about this case - and all have reached out to support the family and  find answers.

Recently, we had to reach out to Washington DC - so that pressure could be applied to release some information at the local level.

Initially the authorities did not want to release - because of certain Security Reasons. We have overcome this hurdle and we will be able to review some pertinent data - when arrangements are made very soon.

As and when this happens - I will be there - we will report to you all - because we want you all to have the best factual - information on this case.

In the meantime if you hear about something and think it can help this case feel free to contact these two numbers:

Missing Person Number - California Highway Patrol and make sure you state the Missing Person Number: 120439973 first and then the Last Name clearly - the telephone number that 
you may call Monday - Friday: 415.924.1100. The person attending the telephone from 8 am to 5 pm.

The SF Police Department Missing Person number - that you may call Monday - Friday: 415.558.5508  The person attending the telephone from 8 am to 5 pm.

This is a very difficult period and those closest to the case are exhausted but we keep working,  have hope and will not give up on this case.

We also do not want to mislead anyone with false information - we are now looking for clear, factual leads, and are seeking to verify that information had the authorities have - that we asked before - but only now has been cleared so that we can have a look.

This process took a very long time - but, we fought to see all the information ourselves - and now we will be able to do so.

We want to thank each and everyone of you - sincerely.

Those that are praying hard that this case come to a conclusion so that all of us - may have peace of mind.

God Bless You All.