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Thursday, July 19, 2012


San Francisco has always been known to be very fair, compassionate, the City that knows they say - and willing to compromise - to take one to a better place.

San Francisco has never been known to badger people; bully people - destroy the lives of innocent people - and do all this in a nonchalant - manner.

In recent years - the City that was named after Saint Francis Assisi prefers to be rude, and more in recent years - taken the good name of our City and County of San Francisco - and dumped it - in the putrid - cesspool.  These sordid actions by a few - who are linked to the MACHINE.

Eliana Lopez - the wife of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi took the stand - in the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi trumped up charges linked to so called Domestic Violence- and answered the many dubious questions poised to Eliana Lopez - who first language in Spanish and second English - our two City Attorneys - one worse than the other bullied her as best they could - and lost hands down.

Eliana Lopez was forthright in revealing how folks like Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom and others - tried to gang up against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - just because they wanted to - like some gangsters.

This so called members of the elite Democratic Party have and are setting a very bad example. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi use to belong to the Green Party - switched to the SF Democratic Party - has always be know to be a Progressive - but never, ever a sell out.

Those that tried to gang up against him - and still are - are despicable, pathetic, and need to take up on these charges - before a decent Court not a kangaroo court - like the Ethic's Commission.

There has been no such case adjudicated before the Ethics Commission - the last one any one can remember the Mazolla Case from the Plumbers' Union - and that too went to the Courts and was thrown out.

There use to be a time - when all San Franciscans  believed in fair play and decency - no more.

The case of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is a case in point.

The fair name of our Great City San Francisco has been tarnished - no one dares drag a man who has served our City well as an advocate - and drag him through the gutters with glee - pathetic morons - your day has come.

Wasting millions in tax payers money - while all the time - dividing the City and pitting one segment of the population against the others.

The authorities that govern this once Great City have chosen to destroy - an elected official who received more votes than Mayor Ed Lee in the last - election.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, his wife Eliana Lopez and Theo their son - have all been put through hell. Why?

Is it because - some corrupt politicians with intent are afraid of him - afraid that he may be the next Mayor - afraid that they cannot debate him - afraid that they cannot stand up to his stellar track record compared to their pathetic public record?

Does it take some call from the outside - some very corrupt folks the likes that I mentioned above - consulting folks like Willie L. Brown Jr and Rose Pak - all part of  the MACHINE who are focused on wanting - to destroy Ross Mirkarimi, his wife Eliana Lopez and their only son Theo - just because they feel to do so - being evil to the core.

What has become of San Francisco? Why is there no hue and cry? Why are so many afraid of whom - and why are will not standing up - for the truth now and now after the sordid acts have been adjudicated?

Today was the second day in a row that Eliana Lopez took the stand. Judging from the answers she gave - our two City attorneys who were cross examining Eliana Lopez - should be ashamed of themselves and will fail miserably - as many of you will see presently.

This City will fall flat on its face - in total disgrace - as this case proceeds and those that ganged up against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - one by one - will fall by the way side. Karma.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi now stands a good chance to get back his job.

Of course Mayor Ed Lee might not want that to happen - but, as I said before he asked for it -pandering to some corrupt folks that I have mentioned before.

These long sessions more hearings - by the Ethics Commission are a joke. Pretending to be some court when they have none of those powers. The Ethics Commission is charting through some choppy waters - and mostly finding it difficult - to stay afloat.

Waste of tax payers money. There is no logic to this on going saga and madness - and it does not bear well for San Francisco - when we are made the laughing stock - for all over the world to see.

This Madison woman; who started this pandemonium - calling the police with ulterior motives in mind - will have her day in court.

Judging from what we know she said and did - her fate in near and clear - she will have to bear some severe - consequences- in future and she has tarnished her name - the little she had forever.

Madison called the police on Eliana Lopez - after Eliana Lopez confided in Madison who is  a non-practicing attorney; about a family incident that did not come anyway near Domestic Violence - but this Madison woman called the police and her statements the written ones - point to fabrication and more blatant - lies.

This on going charade by the Ethics Commission will soon go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - for some inept and shallow - adjudication.

How that will fare - is already known - the evidence clearly points in favor of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Early today - July 20, 2012 - Eliana Lopez was permitted to speak and be with Ross Mirkarimi. This is good news. The happened at the Criminal Courts at 850 Bryant Street.

The judge; Judge Garrett  Wong lifted the stay away order - uniting Sheriff  Ross Mirkarimi, his wife Eliana Lopez and son Theo.

Here are some photographs from the hearing that went pass 10:30 pm at City Hall on July 19, 2012:

The MACHINE the likes of Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, other dubious in nature - could be brought together - to bring elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - stated Madison - Eliana Lopez's neighborhood - who she trusted but totally - betrayed Eliana: