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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Politicians today love talking and promising and in doing so - beg the question - can you walk the walk - or do you prefer just to talk the talk?

One Supervisor comes to mind - shallow and drab Supervisor Malia Cohen from District 10 who continues to adversely impact District 9.

The Portola District in the past 80 years has contributed a lot to San Francisco.

The many residents had a foresight that today has been trampled by crooks, those uneducated on issues, immoral folks that want to focus on greed.

Few know about University Mound a Reservoir that holds sufficient water that feeds thousands - including the millions that come to ATT Park and the Financial District. Thousands others that live in District 9, 10, 11, 6, and 3.

We have McClaren Park where those who had a vision bought land so that others may enjoy. A Park so large - second to the Golden  Gate Park.

Once the Green House produced flowers and vegetables - more in the 30s, 40, 50s, and 60s. Few remember all this and more in the Portola District.

Nothing happened to the homes and businesses during the 1906 Earthquake. The businesses provided thousands with food - let history record this - for the present folks to remember the truth.

There was some crime in the Portola - but not what we see today the rampant crimes - where those unsavory characters - venture from one District where there is despair - to steal, rob, pillage things from those of another District - to take what does not belong to them - without impunity.

The Bayview Police Station will announce in its weekly report or the other reports all the Incident Reports - demeaning, immoral, clearly charting how and in detail the crimes.

When folks are not given opportunities, lack education, shun spirituality, have no father figure in the home, are reared by single mothers with children out of control - have no etiquette - how can folks once decent act like human beings?

Why would you have roving gangs - come on San Bruno Avenue and cause damage in broad day light?

Why would you have ignorant folks - harass the Chinese for no reason at all?

Why would you have roving gangs - beg for attention - attacking anyone that looks at them?

The reason is simple - the authorities and society has created a void - they have forced the youth to give up Hope and once you give up Hope - you are the living dead.

There are over 60 plus Churches in District 10 - but if you talk to the Pastors - they are at a loss for words.

Monthly the attendance at the many Churches is dwindling. You have the very young babies and the Elderly - the in between and especially the youth - are missing in action.

Those that treasure decency - remember the times when at Church on Sunday that was no standing room. Activities at Church empowered one to carry on one's duties - learn and respect, respect the Elders for sure - empowering one thorough out the week to do better. Looking forward to attend Church and share communion.

The Elders; we called them Saints graced the pews - and when you entered a Church you felt their presence. What has happened to those that held the moral ground, stood against oppression, and gave us leaders like Douglas Fredrick and Dr. Martin Luther King.

We now see crime in broad daylight on San Bruno Avenue.

Black youth defy the norms, breaking the rules, and now bring gang violence - shootings and killing - in an arena full of decent people - violating another's right - and shooting to kill - 5:30 pm on San Bruno Avenue by Felton Street. What is happening to San Francisco?

The Chinese are scared to hell - and not a whimper. "Why are these people doing this to us they ask?" Others from war torn countries - who sought refuge in American - having gone to tremendous trials and tribulations - are forced in these time - to suffer a flash back - some trauma they put behind - but now see right before their face.

The San Francisco Police Departments prefers talking to those that point fingers, talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Most old folks, much like the Poverty Pimp Pastors - who have no clue about Community Policing and leave in the past and have made no effort to embrace the future - with new forms, models that works, and meaningful outreach.

At these drab meeting not once have the "youth" been encouraged to talk to the old folks - so that they might be some - understanding, some common ground - some progress that take all to a better - place.

If you gather the youth and ask these folks who purport to know everything backed by the SF Police Department to go into the streets and contact the youth - half of them will die  of shock. " Oh no that is for someone trained to deal with the youth " - they say to your face.

There lies the disconnect. The old folks are so far removed - one segment of the population cannot relate to another - instead of having inter-communication - we have folks pointing fingers at one another.

It is in the schools where there is discord.

The Community Response Network - forced to act as psychologists, counselors, mediators, pacifiers - while the organization that use them - use them as tools - how can we operate in such a manner?

The San Francisco Health Department is a joke? They talk a good talk. At the last Hearing on Violence - in Room 263 at City Hall the presentations - were shallow and drab.

These entities that receive millions must be audited. Crime has been allowed to be become so wide spread - that today it is the "in thing" to do crime - much as the "baggy pants" - and the other totally out of place behavior.

Society has - more since the 1980 introduced Crack Cocaine, sold guns in the hundreds, fostered prostitution, spread Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS too - and other vile crimes, and today - just like that - wants such demeaning behavior to fade away. That is not going to happen.

Add abject poverty to the mix - and this land of opportunity - has been demeaned so much - it is like dog eating dog. You really have to be armed to stand your ground.

Blacks have brought disgrace of themselves - with black on black violence. Hundreds of young Black men have been killed - and no one wants to address the under lying issues.

Turfs are a joke - in Public Housing - where nothing belongs nor do the people who live there have real jurisdiction - on one block you may have three turfs - this a JOKE!

The many Community Based Organization still receive millions over $300 million on the Third Street Corridor - and have not made an impact. It is like throwing good money after bad money - more very tarnished and blood money.

Crime so fully grown to the hilt in District 10 that it is spread to District 6, 9, and 11 and beyond.

We have seen this, we have written about it, we have spoken at City Hall - only for those that can do something - turn the other way and pretend nothing is the matter.

For those that lived in the Portola from the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s - never, ever did they envision such crimes coming to their door step.

The Elderly in the Portola District are attacked and robbed, cars and homes broken into, and hundreds of other crimes committed all reported every single week - in the Incident Reports sent and if you want one contact the SF Bayview Station.

The two District Supervisors from District 9 and 10 must meet and discuss these crimes and personally walk the streets and see that something is done about it.

We cannot pay our taxes - San Bruno Avenue pays millions and gets little if nothing in return.

Our roads are not paved. Our pedestrian crossing ways faded for years. Trees planted and only recently some were pruned. Who is fooling whom?

The Representatives including Mayor Ed Lee has been to Tiffany's for breakfast - but, how come he does not order the streets to be clean, the roads paved, and we do not have any " bike lanes" on San Bruno Avenue - surely not from Bacon Street to Silver Avenue. The traffic is too congested.

At San Bruno Avenue and Felton sometime ago the cross walk - was faded - and created a menacing situation - where on many occasions that would have been an accident - one time a car stopping inches away from hitting a child and her mother.

I requested Ed Reiskin from MTA and Mohammed Nuru from DPW to step up and they painted the cross walk and fixed the pot-holes. I requested Supervisor David Campos to issue some certificates of appreciation to the workers - and he and his office did so. Thank you.

No one pays attention to stuff like - deferred maintenance - it is like a plague - you defer and defer - until one day the issues bites your ass - and then you start screaming and shouting for help.

The politician of today - unlike the politician of yesterday does not care about Quality of Life issues. For sure in District 10 we had two - Sophie Maxwell  - followed by Malia Cohen one worse than the other.

Both of them fostered - "gentrification" the result thousands of youth do not go to school - over 10,000 youth chronic truants and the hunting ground - for most of them - District 10 - and now we have the "roving gangs" - in broad daylight - on San Bruno Avenue.

I have requested the Chief of Police of San Francisco - Chief Gregory Suhr to step up - foot patrols - more Officers on bikes - it makes a great impact.

These patrols can contain the mayhem that is taking place on San Bruno Avenue in the Portola District - which is far away from Third Street - as some ignorant folks purport to be.

The Portola Distict has thousands of Home Owners who pay taxes - we are talking about good homes - and the City has chosen to neglect the Home Owners.

Preferring to use the taxes paid by the constituents of the Portola District to cater to other areas - like the Pacific Heights neighborhood - these folks are filth rich and do not pay their taxes. They prefer Capitol Investments and tax breaks - for those that comprehend what I am talking about.

30% of our youth drop out from the San Francisco Unified School District - we have a population that is decreasing of about 805,000. Over the last 10 years over 30,000 decent straight families have left San Francisco.

One of the best Districts with nice homes and decent families who take care of their neighborhood is the Portola District. Million dollar homes - well built by mostly Blue Collared workers - when work was plenty and the pay was very good.

Now we have blatant intrusion from District 10 because of fake Representation from Malia Cohen - despicable to the core.

Malia Cohen by her sordid actions - has permitted crime to increase in District 10 and overflow in District 9.

Never mind her parents and she purports to have been raised in District 9.

This is a warning to those in charge - in these dire economic times - San Bruno Avenue businesses gave the City and County millions in taxes - we want those in charge to maintain the best Quality of Life issues  - possible - to the Portola District.

I want to walk the Mayor - Mayor Ed Lee and let him hear the truth - do not permit a fake ass person like Malia Cohen - think for a moment that the Portola District respects her - no. Less walk with her where she has no jurisdiction.

Now, for sure with redistricting - she has nothing what so ever to do with District 9. Good riddance of every bad rubbish.