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Thursday, July 26, 2012


When Supervisor David Campos aided by an organization like People Organized To Win Employment Rights (POWER), the San Francisco Youth Commission and other youth advocates - worked hard to fight and permit poor - mostly indigent youth - to travel on our Public Transportation - MUNI - for FREE - all hell broke loose.

Several meetings were held some behind close doors and some at City Hall. By large measure the only one that opposed the plan was the San Francisco Budget Chair - Supervisor Carmen Chu.

With Supervisor David Campos - some other Supervisors like Scott Wiener, John Avalos, Christina Olague, John Avalos, Eric Mar - did what they could to make good stuff  - happen.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission could have found the money to help our poor youth - but, chose with intent not to do so.

All in all the vote was too close and lost by just one vote - 8-7 against funding the youth and permitting them to ride - free. The measly $4 million could be found by the MTC - however, now it is too late. We must seek the money and we must help the youth.

The Private sector could step in - the many High Tech Companies that the City of San Francisco gives large breaks - the Primes that make millions - Nibbi, Cahill, Swinerton, Webcor, Turner and Turner, Flores, Herrera Bolt, AECOM, Parsons, Jacobs - combined these Primes could fork up the money - but no one will take the lead.

Why could NOT Platium Consultants that rakes in millions - fork up the measly $4 million - with former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., handing the check. Much like Kofi Bonner did - handing a $7.3 million check to some corrupt folks - including District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen. Part of that check - could go to help our students from Bayview Hunters Point.

This debacle will now come before the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) in San Francisco - where there will be hue and cry - and right so.

Judging from the meetings held in San Francisco before the MTA will now have to think positive - and help the youth.

Will the MTA relent, give in - and find the money some where?

Will Mayor Ed Lee for all his talk about the youth - find the measly $4 million - perhaps find some one from the Billionaires that hover every where - spending $5000 to $10,000 a day.

Or will the Metropolitan Transportation Agency in San Francisco do the same as did the Regional - Metropolitan Transportation Commission? Shaft the youth - and think less of the consequences.

Our San Francisco City has a budget of over $7.2 billion - and  there thousands of City Employees who make over $175,000 with benefits.

Many of our City employees do not deserve the high salaries - and some will tell you that no one can touch them - quoting that the Civil Service laws - protect them. Not if you are lazy and do not produce! 

We have 26,000 City Employees - some say 28,000 City Employees - and our population is about 805,000. With thousands of families leaving San Francisco - they call it " Family Flight".

Our City also wastes money on fake trials like the current Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi trial - millions will be spent - the City will LOSE the case - and no one will say anything.

It is the same when - accidents happen and the City is at fault - and having "deep pockets" - millions of dollars are forked out to the victims - by our City Attorneys - and life goes on.

This City and County of San Francisco - should put the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to shame - and provide the necessary money - to help our poor youth - the poorest of the poor - and offer them FREE - transportation.

It is not uncommon for the poor - adults included; to take our Public Transportation - and not have the fare for their ride. When the MUNI Inspectors accost these riders and these riders who are poor - fail to show a valid ticket - they are fined - as much as $110 and more.

There really is NO reasonable justification to fine any indigent person or very poor student - so much.

Our mean MUNI inspectors do it.

Most of them a gang of MUNI inspector five or six - aided by the SF Police Department - wait and seek out - some poor people and berate them, scold them - and on top of that issue them the big fine of $110 with glee.

This nonsense must stop.

Often times some of these free riders are mentally challenged - and there is an incident waiting to happen.

Sometimes; we have to discern and we just do not want any incident to happen - where some one get injured - and for sure there could be a loss of life - when an irate MUNI passenger who has mental problems - can target a MUNI inspector and seriously injure them.

The City will find a way to compensate the injured MUNI inspector - over a measly $2 ticket - mishap.

Poor student should be issued a card by the San Francisco Unified School District.

This care could be produced as and when the MUNI inspectors ask for such a card. This is one way to permit - those is dire need - to be helped by our City.

Our youth must be helped - and "family flight" must be stopped.

On several occasions I have addressed the SF Supervisors, the MTA and other authorities - on transportation issues - to help our youth.

Some are opposed to helping our youth - more youth from minority communities. What is their justification - no one really knows?

Several times I have intervened and paid the fare of some poor youth - MUNI inspectors have said that I could not - I said I can and will - and take out my digital camera - and inform the inspector that I will write about them on my BLOG - and send a copy to the Mayor of San Francisco and the Manager of the MTA - Ed Reiskin - and so far it has worked.

I have seen many adults given a fine by the MUNI inspectors - weep uncontrollably - when given a $110 ticket.

Many say they simply do not have the money - that they have NOT worked for years. We do have poor people - who seek work in San Francisco - and cannot find any.

The time has come to bring some holistic solution to this situation. We do have poor students and as a matter of fact - we have many poor people, more adults - who cannot afford to eat less pay the MUNI fare.

These folks are not in the majority - they are in the very low minority - some two percent of the entire ridership - we must find a way - in this civilized society - to do the right thing. Any takers?