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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Sunshine Task Force may not be prefect; but it has been one body that has been able to bring about some adjudication, some clarity in everyday - governance. Setting some standard - where there has been none.

Often times some SF Board of Supervisor, some Commissioner, some body that must act right - acts wrong, breaks a law, an ordinance, does injustice to an constituent -  the SF Sunshine Task Force - has provided some avenue to bring about some redress and prompt - adjudication.

This has happened - time and time again - and on several occasion throughout the many years - I have used this powerful - tool.

In recent years we have had some Supervisors and among them leading this group on the forefront - Scott Wiener - who thinks his opinion really counts in all matters.

Well, it counts to him for sure and it should stay there - when it infringes the right of  others - that Scott Wiener fails to take into consideration. Another Supervisor gaining ground - in this important matter - adversely impacting others - is Malia Cohen - and her fall is imminent. 

Scott Wiener may mean well - but, for him to target Bruce Wolfe - who had contributed to the Sunshine Task Force - and deprive Bruce Wolfe from being on the Sunshine Task Force is a crime.

Bruce Wolfe who is physically challenged, and who will continue to shed light where there is darkness - which has been his forte - his mission - has the support of thousands. I have known him for many years - and we have been very good friends.

The Sunshine Task Force must be restored and those who have stalled it for some weeks now - must be brought to book.

Among them Supervisor Scott Wiener who purports to represent District 8 - and is doing a lousy job - messing in the affairs of most everyone in San Francisco - that is decent and matters.

In recent years again and again at the Public Forums - we have seen some SF Board of Supervisors - act as if they have all the powers of a unruly - dictator.

Failing to abide by the Brown Act - failing to respect the constituents who are the tax payers, who pay the salaries of the SF Board of Supervisors - which has risen from a measly $38,000 part time - to over $120,000 now with benefits.

Many of these inept, shallow, spineless SF Board of Supervisors and one of them is Malia Cohen - have hired corrupt aides - some from the former - SF Redevelopment Agency. These Supervisors - always - looking for projects to - rake in the money. Malia Cohen is all about the money - and less about - sound, decent - representation.

Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener were called upon by the Ethics Commission and served a Notice of Violation - when they broke the law.

These two were reprimanded by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - but not before the Ethics Commission had several other - infringements brought before the Ethics Commission.

Once the Sunshine Task Force is in place - many of us plan to file several very serious infringement against - Malia Cohen and of course Scott Wiener. One worse than the other.

The two not only broke the law - the adversely impacted thousands of innocent renters - living in the Park Merced Rental Housing Complex - some 1500.

With intent these two participated and more illegally participated  and conducted illegal actions linked to the Parkmerced Project - and this matter has been taken to court -by Pastor Gavin - who is out to seek justice and will get it.

Malia Cohen still thinks she works for Mayor Gavin Newsom - the same Mayor who slept with his best friend's wife - and apologized for it - profusely - to the Public at Large.

Gavin Newsom has also been known for participating in other kinky acts - well known in many circles - as Mr. Dipstick.

Malia Cohen was part of Gavin Newsom's team - when all hell broke loose and Gavin Newsom was the Mayor. He in now the Lt. Governor of California - he did run for Governor but withdrew when things got too hot in the kitchen.

Malia Cohen worked for Gavin Newsom - in Room 200 at SF City Hall - and many folks have NOT appreciated the way she treated people then as she does - now.

When Malia Cohen wants something she must get it - never mind if it is not be fair game.

That may work in the uncompromising situations - in the arena of sordid behavior in the sodomite realm of things - but that will not work with decent folks - straight folks, ethical folks, folks that have standards - more law abiding folks - who are decent Citizens of the United States of America.

District 10 in San Francisco has so much crime - that it makes one puke - reading the weekly crime report sent out  from the Bayview Station. The district 10 that Malia Cohen - is suppose to represent. Since becoming the District 10 Supervisor - Quality of Life Issues in District 10 - have gone to the dogs.

I wonder if Malia Cohen - reads the Incident Reports - because if she did - she should have resigned - a long time ago.

The woman is a "closet lesbian" - pretending to be straight. It is this dark closeted mentality - that makes this QUEER woman - and all her actions - diabolically suspect.

The Sunshine Task Force cannot now investigate many of our concerns - many of them - that we would like to file against  Supervisor Malia Cohen. She will be in for a great - surprise.

Malia Cohen in recent weeks is acting cocky - and one of the reasons being - she knows NO one can file complaints with the Sunshine Task Force.

No one can immediately notice her and bring her before the Sunshine Task Force - leading to bringing her before the Ethics Commission. We can take her to court - as has Pastor Galvin.

It is the same with Scott Wiener - who continues to act like a dictator - presupposing that most decent people - agree with his warped logic, his circular manner arguing a simple idea - and his general convoluted mentality stemming - from his dysfunctional - up bringing in New York.

San Franciscans will embrace everyone - but not those that enter politics to serve - and then decided to abuse their power.

Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen are two individuals - who put themselves first - at the front - their warped sense of looking at things - shadowing everything - both are QUEER - defensive - and diabolical in nature.

We know how you talk about straight people behind close doors - when you bring out the "whip cream" - and clown around - but now you know in public - how decent straight folks think about you.

Not to be mistaken I have many Queer friends and many of them receive my articles. Many of them meet me, debate me, and we do things and conduct ourselves in all manner - and have for for over 40 years.

All of them know I know they are QUEER - all of them openly declare they are - and most all of them are fair minded and work for fair play and justice for all.

In fact at City Hall - in Room 250 - the leading advocates that voice their opinions on matter of Sunshine, the Brown Act, who stand shoulder to shoulder with me - are QUEER - and we have a strong bond to represent and do right.

Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener hide behind their QUEERNESS - to seek opportunities to feign sympathy, act as if they are vulnerable, and when given opportunities - stab you in the back.

Sometimes they lose themselves - even when they are recorded on camera - breaking the law - and defying plain decency. 

During Public Comment the public can say speak up and address anyone - under our First Amendment Rights.

The State of California has the Brown Act in place that further respects those mandatory rights.

Again and again the SF Board of Supervisor and leading this group Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - will confront those that speak up - after the comment is made. The Brown Act forbids such dialog - these two morons - must be made aware of this fact.

Many a times not comprehending the statements - Scott and Malia - take them personal - when they are general in nature - revealing their inability to reason, less to comprehend.

That salient wackiness that is inherent in folks who are reared wrong, are dysfunctional and bring this mentality - to represent the public and do injustice to sound governance and democracy that our Nation - upholds.

The majority of San Franciscans are straight.

We have eleven districts and each has a representative.

Of the eleven representatives - five for sure are - Queer. Some say six are - we will find that out soon.

Some are openly queer and this is fine - we want to know why is Malia Cohen not out of the closet- yet?

Most folks in District 10 want to know that - because it matters to them.

Some one may be a politician - but with it comes morals, ethics, standards, being educated on issues - all of which are lacking with Malia Cohen - it begs the question.

Again and again she will open her mouth - and shove her big foot it.

Yesterday, June 17, 2012 she made a fool of herself - asking silly questions - not one question was original and to the point.

When Malia Cohen asks a question - it is in a round about way - typical of those who cannot think straight. 

She says she understands Rank Choice Voting. She understands all the sordid methods of winning - she had campaign posters in English and Chinese - during the last Supervisorial Elections - requesting her voters - to Vote Second Place for her - only Rank Choice Voting - permits such nonsense. Malia Cohen endorses such morbid practices. She has no standards and less leadership.

You would not dare requests anyone to vote second place in a straight - one for one vote - run - that most elections are conducted.

Malia Cohen won by a few hundred votes - over 23 candidates participated in that divisive election - with her - dividing the voters - and bring our in the most convoluted manner - one of the worse candidates. 

The result is - we got is CRAP - someone that is inept, spineless, and very corrupt. For sure is NOT a leader.

Such people are not worth the salt - and should be shunned.

Ethics Commission notifies Supervisors Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener of their infringements - as they continue to defy and confront laws, regulations - defying the Brown Act: