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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Corrupt forces the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase that have destroyed our economy - now; similar forces want to take control of our recreation resources - more our playing fields - encouraging artificial turf.

Only this time it stinks worse than some rotten Fish.

Who do the Zionist Fishers think they are fooling?

Taking over our playing fields - carpeting them with artificial turf - made of synthetic rubber - laced with lead - that spews poison everywhere - and harms our children.

What is happening to our San Francisco Supervisors? 

Time to vote these vermin out.

Seniors and those that truly vote - must exercise their vote - and do not let these vermin - serve more than one term.

Anyone that voted for these artificial turfs in not worth the salt - if you put money before our health - with intent harm nature, the birds, animals, and the fauna - you must go.

At the Western End of Golden Gate Park - and from the inception - the entire area was destined to be left intact - natural.

You folks that voted for putting artificial turf - must be out of your mind - always thinking how to fill your campaign coffers.

All over the City - these vested parasites - the likes of the Fishers - invade our community and with bright lights - using these artificial turf - playing fields - disrespect our communities.

At Silver Terrace for example on Bayshore and Silver Street - in a neighborhood of color - past 10 pm - you have most White folks - shouting, screaming and playing soccer - with glee.

They do not give a hoot about decency. Less about respecting the community - take your noise, your unruly behavior, the artificial way you all inter act with the community - snotty folks who think they are superior - somewhere - else.

Some weekends these folks - deprive the locals from using the fields - they come from far and wide - at night it is like watching ghosts run all over the place. The sight from far - makes it look all scary to look - at these folks - in the bright, bright - brighter lights.

No concern for the neighborhood and especially for the children and elders that need the sleep - and do not like - loud noises - past their time to bed.

Outsiders who come into our neighborhood must pay a fee - a mitigation fee - that should go the neighborhood fund.

Failing that it is easy to protest - and demand a fee - a large fee - before any one is permitted to set foot on the neighborhood playing fields.

Artificial turf stinks - and I always like natural grass.

Artificial turf does not drain well - and when it drains - it contaminates.

The contaminants - pollute our drains, adversely impacts the health of our children and as far as cleanliness is concerned - dog pooh, cat feces, other very foul substances once it lands on the turf stays there - forever.

If it rains - that crap spread all over the place - much like these greed bastards - who without any decency, any caring, are using our children as ploys - pretending to do good - while screwing us all the time - spreading like something viral - this love for everything - viral.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our SF City books. So, why is not someone referring to that Ordinance - that City law?
We have SF Board of Supervisors - so wired up - so much got up with the money - that they are FAILING to follow the law.


Folks like the Fishers are a cancer. Moral turpitude. 

So what happens ten, fifteen years from now - how and where are you going to dispose of the artificial - turf. The folks living in Pacific Heights - must build a recycling center - stark naked in their neighborhood.

The Fishers must be mandated to set a fund of about $50 million - to address the recycling and maintenance issues. These issues are not discussed - because idiots like Phil Gingsburg - are selling us San Franciscans - out.

So, our Recreation and Park under Phil Gingsburg is encouraging such nonsense - what is Mayor Ed Lee doing about this issue? What is Barbara Garcia from the SF Health Department doing about this? What is Rajiv Bhatia doing about all the issues noise, contaminants - other health issues.

What is the SF City's Department of Environment - who follow the wishes of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - doing about this on going nonsense?

Wake up San Francisco - artificial turf is contaminated and as much as we say we do not want it - the SF Board of Supervisors - feel it is fine to permit the Fishers and other Zionists - encourage - something that we detest.

Another one of those folks - with a unique ploy - who will sell their mothers for a dime - a small segment of the population who prey on us - and have failed America each and every time.

Did Phil Gingsburg not do sufficient harm under Mr. Dipstick - Mayor Gavin Newsom to our City employees? Why are we tolerated this skunk?

We do not need folks like Gingsburg who are a curse to our City and anything he touches.

Recreation and Park must be ashamed of itself - allowing private entities to take control of our City's playing fields, golf courses, and soon everything where outside forces - can rake in the millions.

What happens after ten years when all the artificial fields will need complete revamping? We want an answer.

Will Recreation and Park have the money to resurface these sordid fields - that now harm our children and are a disgrace to our City and decency?

Why do we permit these parasites the ilk of Barnie Maddof to come into our living room and rearrange our furniture? The Fisher need to be put on notice - and we must put them on notice.

We had Don Fisher who passed away and his wife Doris - trying to force us to build a contemporary museum at the Presidio of San Francisco - where I spent a lot of time. Trying to build a museum on the Main Parade Ground.

The man had no sense of history, less of the ethics, surely no morals - and all these Zionists are the same - greedy to the core and despicable.

They already control our Real Estate, they control most of the businesses, the are the liar lawyers, sit as judges, are everywhere in your face as politicians - and we allow these vermin to do as they please. Now they want to take full control of our playing fields.

The West end of the Golden Gate Park is hallowed ground. Only those who have truly lived here in San Francisco know about this. Once set aside for our Veterans - but no one seems to care.

The area now named Beach Chalet Athletic fields  - further Beach Chalet Fields - in the General Plan - was to be left intact - natural - natural in all senses.

For sure not be be bombarded by very bright lights - to disturb the birds that migrate to this area. To destroy the solitude of those that love to watch the stars. To those that want to take a stroll - in the cool breeze and not feel as if you are in a shopping mall - with shouting, screaming, and what urchins do - when the are playing where they aught not to shout, scream, holler at night.

Here come some idiots - dumb stupid idiots - and want to flood the area with artificial turf, brighten the area, ruin the entire area - and adversely impact the birds, the animals, and those that enjoy the quiet and peace of a dark night - closer to Land's End - which only those that are spiritual - know how to experience.

These folks - and I see them all the time - busing in our children - who are very young - encouraging them to repeat lies that the adults themselves - have no idea what they are talking about. They bring them to City Hall and these young children testify with their parents standing by them - these can come only from a certain segment of the population - steeped in the "in thing" - artificiality of all that is mundane. 

Even on Treasure Island which is contaminated - all contaminated ground - some diabolic entities have covered the ground without abatement - and placed artificial turf - just to that they can make money - at the expense of the health of the children - and soccer fields.

We do not want the Zionists controlling our recreation facilities. 

Suffice to say they control our media, our politics, are in for the money - and we must stay away from the Gap, Banana Republic, Navy stores - anything the Fishers are involved with - I know them and have been knowing them. Greed bastards not worth the salt.

The West End of Golden Gate Park - has fauna, animals of a kind, red foxes, other animals that have lived there for a long time. Some folks took upon themselves to get rid of feral cats - to save the birds and the birds are flourishing.

Now comes the bright lights. What insanity? Who do these folks think they are? Something will give - and it will not be - pretty.

Once the artificial turf is put on - during the day time there will be light of course, natural light - and at night bright light - pathetic, artificial light, light that spreads a glare - a funny glare that adversely impacts; everything natural.

What happens to the birds, the animals, the other many creatures - who will represents them?

The two legged animal - the greedy one - more the Zionists - can be so mean, so self-centered, so full of crap - that it is just makes you puke - when you think of them.

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone.

The First People of San Francisco. They were here for thousands of years - before the ghost came from somewhere - far away - and started their shenanigans. 

I tell you as I represent the Ohlone - we do not care about the Fishers and what they stand for.

They have with intent - cut the Redwood - and then with dirty money - bought some acres of old Redwood forest - pretending to do good. But these scumbags - have always been about money - and San Franciscans must shun them.

You can fetch one hundred thousand dollars - from one huge red wood tree - these majestic trees that survived for thousands of years.

The Fishers know better - and for a long time - they went on a rampage - cutting our Redwood Trees - until many protested outside the Gap, the Banana Republic Stores, Navy Stores - and shamed them.

We San Franciscans must take this matter to court and while we do it - shun away from all the Fisher enterprises - they are into construction, all sorts of sales, investments, that some one can post easily.

We must hurt these bastards - where is really - hurts.

Our SF Board of Supervisor especially Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu - other too - will just go with the flow - salivating for money - blood money from the Fishers and the Zionists - to fill their campaign coffers.

We are watching you all - corrupt politicians.

How can you idiots possibly hurt our children - when artificial turf is know to harm children? Where is your heart? How mean can you be - and the SF Planner trying to justify the situation - was she on drugs or something? She looked all wired up.

Like fast food and most things shinning they look good - but only dumb folks live on fast food, drink and eat stuff that is not natural.

Who do you think is raking in the millions - behind the scene - the same forces that screwed our economy - make no bones about it. The Zionist are the scum of the earth.

The year three SF Supervisors went to visit Israel - next year another three SF Supervisors; if not four will go to Israel.

Go visit the Gaza Strip and talk to the people. Go to places like Ramallah and talk to the people.

America must stop aid to Israel - those billions of dollars can be spent on our Elders, our children, on our Nation.

Let the Fishers, the Blums, the Shoresteins, Pelocies - the other Zionists that control our politics - and have helped destroy our economy - fund Israel.

Stay away from our Recreational Facilities - enough of the remote conditioning - suggesting what we wear, where we live, and now on what type of play grounds we play on. 

Some reasons why Artificial Turf is NOT good and reasons why:'s/fact-artificialterf.pdf

After years of trying out artificial turf - in many areas - all over the Nation - the many contaminants - elements leading to cancer - have forced institutions and other facilities - to get rid of - artificial turf: