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Thursday, July 19, 2012


This City did not discern well - when for whatever reason - someone decided to put Ross Mirkarimi on trial - before the failed, stumbling, floundering - Ethics Commission.

Even the Grand Jury condemned the Ethics Commission for not doing due diligence - and throwing out cases - brought before them and sent by the Sunshine Task Force who had done due diligence and heard the many cases that had to be - adjudicated by the Ethics Commission.

It is disgrace to this fair City of San Francisco -  and even more - a far greater mistake - to bring the cooked up deliberations before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - when the Ethics Commission - passes the cooked up recommendations - from this hearing by the Ethics Commission - linked to Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. 

The paradox is that over half of the SF Board of Supervisors - themselves have already been tainted by the Notices of Violations - in recent months - sent to them by the Ethics Commission.

How do we the constituents - expect the sordid, nefarious - SF Board of Supervisors - suddenly to cleanse themselves from their putrid ways and selves - and adjudicate fairly.

Ross Mirkarimi; once a SF Board of Supervisor - now an elected Sheriff - who received the highest number of votes - in the last Elections - should be given back his job as Sheriff and all the prompt up charges - completely dropped.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received far more votes than did Mayor Ed Lee - who has been drawn into this mess - and should have used his Mayoral Powers - to stay out of this family squabble of sorts.  A huge storm has been created in a tiny - tea cup.

Willie L. Brown Jr., Hognisto, Gavin Newsom, Fagan, Peskin, Daly - and a host of others - so called politicians - have stumbled for a brief moment and made mistakes; some in large measure Willie L. Brown Jr., and Gavin Newsom - and nothing much came from their charades and blunders.

The two City Attorneys prosecuting Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi are  a joke .

That is not how you treat a woman witness who has just delivered a baby. That is not how you treat a decent woman - who is not familiar with English - talk slow and to the point and please do not be disparaging.

As much as the two City attorneys tried to tarnish the name of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - they failed miserably. All the learning in Law School - went down the gutter - utter failure.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife stood her ground - and while she stood for family values - good for her - the two City Attorney -  blood hounds - the obese one, and the man with fox like features - failed miserably. Typically of their ilk.

There was a clash of cultures - families values - the two Attorneys the product of shallow, stale, mundane culture that seeks to target the worst that human have to offer - fostering greed.

Eliana Lopez; Ross Mirkarimi's wife stood her ground - and turned the tables around. Upheld family values - stood by Ross and Theo - and shamed this City - once an for all. What else do you morons need? More shedding of blood?

Americans value fair play and justice - in fact most Americans will back up the under dog - anyone that we see is being targeted by the bullies - that are using their fake power - and seeking revenge.

We the constituents see this clearly in this case trumped up to target an innocent man - with far greater charges than can be imagined.

Our judicial system in recent years - has been thrown to the wind. In fact the performance of these two spineless City Attorney was so poor - that they should go back to school - if no dismissed from serving the best needs of our City - we tax payers - pay their salaries.

At one point the City Attorney purported that he was going to read a statement - when in fact he should have shown the script to Elena - have her glance and understand the contents - before opening his wide mouth and shoving his dirty foot in.

Some one reminded him about that - the City attorney was not acting properly and how he should act. The Chair of the Ethics Commission agreed.

It is such blatant disregard for the law, more how Eliana Lopez was grilled harshly - that tarnishes the fair name of our City - and as I said in my first article on this topic:


In all these deliberations, fake processes, remember a precedence has been set by the Ethics Commission - with no clear directions in the City's Charter - governing such matters.

For the SF Board - inept and shallow as the are - many tainted - given the opportunity to adjudicate this case - following some rulings that so far have not impressed those who can discern - and more those who comprehend the law.

Such buffoonery - such a circus - if ever taken serious by this City and County of San Francisco - will lead us San Franciscans down a path of no return.

For God's sake weekly - only from the Queer population we have 
instances of domestic violence - and only but a handful - are charged - from the hundreds of domestic violence incident cases reported.

I am talking battering, assaults, injuries inflicted - in many cases stabbings.

The same is true for the straight population - and no one is looking at the daily and weekly statistics.

Domestic Violence are the signs of the times - and mostly stems from dysfunctional ways of living, lack of spirituality, lack of ethics, lack of education, poverty and so on.

Ross Mirkarimi is NOT a batterer.

Ross Mirkarimi did not intent to harm his wife. 

Ross Mirkarimi loves his wife and his son. Eliana Lopez his wife know too well about family values and shamed the two City Attorneys trying to persecute - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in public.

The two City Attorney I challenge you would not know - how a straight family lives - not if they are deeply tainted with a Queer mentality - that leads them to ask sordid questions - devoid of decency,  fair play - and take our proven justice system - and throw in the putrid - cesspool.

Right off the bat - I will tell you - the other witnesses - including the Mayor will be asked straight questions - and some one will take the FIFTH.

Mark my words - and with that this case will - collapse - distorted and contorted - cantankerous type of questioning bring utter disdain and shame - to anything remotely - decent.

Never, ever does this City need its fair name to be tarnished by forces like Willie L. Brown Jr. - Rose Pak - the Pacific Heights Mafia - and those who we know do not have the best interests of our City.

Ross Mirkarim may be brash, slightly argumentative - but not one that should bear the title of being abusive - I know the man for a long time. I have praised him in the Chambers for his long standing and accepted work as an advocate.

He is known for his due diligence and very hard work that as we see might have come in the way of his personal family communications - work leaving little quality time for the family.

Ross Mirkarimi loves his son Theo - so where is Theo is all of this? Who in the City cares to keep the family united?

Is this a message to target a family much as our City values have been targeted by those that do not want children and see striving families in San Francisco? We have lost 30,000 families in the last 5 years - for sure.

Ross Mirkarimi must be given his job back - complete with back pay - and at least $20 million in punitive damages - so that such nonsense in never, ever repeated.