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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I meet too many youth who confide in me.

The first thing I notice is the fear they have of the authorities. Society has created an artificial society - where you are told what to do and many times how to think and act.

For the longest time ever - I never feared to take a step into the unknown and challenge myself. Maybe this stems from the time - when I was two years old and was inflicted with - polio.

My entire half side of my body was affected - a paralysis that traumatized by being - but did not stop my brain and will power from overcoming.

Today, I am a Senior who only has paralysis of my lower left leg - the rest of my body - is fit enough to work very hard and contribute to society. With minimum four and half sleep every single day - I contribute to Society - as if there was NO tomorrow.

Most people who look at me perform - have no clue what I have been through. After years of working with them - on some days when I feel weak - and drag my left leg some - they will ask me if I am fine. What is wrong with my leg? I always say I am - fine. Never bothering to think - about the inherent - paralysis that is ever present.

The reason I explain my own experience is to instill in the youth - that all of us go through trials and tribulations. Some in large measure and some in small measure - all of us can overcome.

However, we must find our own niche - and overcome. Never mind how deep that problem is - if you have hope and faith - pray to God - you can and will overcome.

Youth come to me with problems they have with Law Enforcement - I can intercede because many of those in Law Enforcement know me - and so when I can intercede; I make sure there is a support system and it works. You have to sacrifice some to put youth on track. These youth love you forever.

The youth be it Samoan, Latino, Chinese, Native American, Black, White, Asian - they all know me - as know that what they see is what the get. 

he same with our Mayor Ed Lee, the Police Chief Gregory Suhr, the head of the Department of Public Works Mohammed Nuru, the head of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Ed Harrington, the head of the SF Port Authority - Monique Moyer, the head of our Health Department - Barbara Garcia, the Conroller of our City - Ben Rosenfield - others - what they see is what they get.

If you are right you are on my side - if you continue to do wrong - you will hear from me.

It is the same in our schools - especially the San Francisco Unified School District - that dishes out inferior education. We must do something about this. We must work on our National and Local education on a war footing. Our Nation, the United States of America stand around 36th in the world - for sure; we can do better.

Youth want it all and you can get what you want the right way and the wrong way. Stealing, cheating, selling drugs, prostituting once principles and standards - is not the way to go.

Our politicians do it all the time. Folks like Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener in San Francisco - are prime examples -  very corrupt - politicians - not worth the salt.

Our youth need jobs - more career jobs.

We have Community Based Organizations (CBOs) who purport to give some training to our youth. But, very few of our youth have career jobs.

We have over 28,000 City Employees - some make over $200,000 and not producing. All those making over $200,000 and not helping our youth - should go somewhere else. Time to reveal their names and the huge salaries they make - and the inferior contribution to San Franciscans.

It is over two years now; that a few of us have had a program where we certify small businesses. We put our own money, our own sweat and blood - to make some good things - happen.

Once the businesses we educate and train are certified - we work hard in these dire economic times - to give some youth good paying jobs with these businesses. All Union jobs - minimum pay S26 an hour - our minimum wage less than $11 an hour.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows about us; others know about us - but all the entities that can do something - are dragging their legs. Not anymore - I am going to take this to the highest - level. First things first - our youth and good quality jobs.

Many of our youth have a difficult time making ends meet. Once they are given good jobs - they feel empowered - with sound instruction, quality counseling, and total support - our youth are doing well. When I see the difference - it brings great solace to my heart and tears in my eyes. 

The City and County of San Francisco talks a lot - but as far as doing what we have done - the City does not want to help us - in any meaningful way with short time lines and a process that does not mimic - Rip Van Winkle.

You have City Agencies that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. This City with intent -has ruined the lives of our youth - more the so called drab consultants - who get paid thousands and do not live in the City - pretend to work in job employment. I will reveal their names - soon.

These consultants who work with Rhonda Simmons from City Build must be investigated. Millions of dollars - expanded by our Enterprise Departments, former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - have been wasted. This nonsense must STOP.

This City does not want to work with us - they want to drag out their funny process - so that we give up.

I have NEWS for YOU all - We will NOT.

We will gather our youth - and give these folks an ultimatum. Soon, you will see portion of our City brought to a standstill - in the Bayview.

In the future you will see more of this. Such actions happen only when people reach a saturation point. Do not ever think - that adults are like puppies that you can taunt - gutless. 

Our City and more our community all over San Francisco are ARTIFICIAL.

Much like the fake Main Media - these jerks want everyone to think a certain way, act a certain way, and want to control our lives. That will NOT happen.

Our youth must stand up and expose this on going charade.

Write about the "thugs" who dole out inferior education.

Make promises to give jobs - but give the youth - nothing; but false HOPE.

Thousands of our youth are in dire straits - and this is not fair - when there are jobs that we can create - we have several models - that no one has thought about - but the City is SLOW to hear us - and when they hear us - the take forever. Screw that.

Then there is Law Enforcement who harass the youth.

The politicians who hide behind their corrupt power.

The Primes who do business in our City - who are NOT from our  City - busy filling the campaign coffers of our politicians.

The politicians who are crooks - who help out businesses use use outside labor and break all the laws, the many other injustices we all suffer - just because no one has the guts to speak up.

Worse of all this City with a $7.6 Billion dollar Budget - that cannot help our small businesses. Again and again our local business are put down - many a time by our City Departments - one major culprit Recreation and Park and Phil Ginsburg.

Who will help support our youth - throughout the year - can we r receive support from the many City employees hold upper Management Jobs making over $250,000 in salaries and use their power to keep San Franciscans down - rather than uplift San Franciscans - and more our YOUTH.

The City's Real Estate, the City's Department of Public Works, the City's - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the City's - San Francisco Airport Authority.

The many other City Departments have not learned to serve the people who live in San Francisco; more the YOUTH - what they know best is to prolong the PROCESS and buy time.

City Department do not know how to act fast and better - they love to talk and you come back after five years and they are still - talking.

Enough is Enough.