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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today the 4th of July, 2012 more then any other 4th of July we must remember our Veterans.

The women and men who laid their lives - when called by  mostly crooked politicians - who answered the call - and today many are dead - and thousands maimed.

I was downtown San Francisco and saw a Veteran begging for money.

He had his military identification - just to tell the nay sayers - this is indeed - happening to thousands of Veterans.

Over 900,000 Veterans on the waiting list - to receive their Disability Benefits. Many have to wait for nine months and still some over a year.

Thousands of Veterans with missing limbs - their families and friends - supporting them at the hour of their need. The suffering crying to haven for help and more for justice and fairness.

Still thousands of Veterans - in this Great Nation - the United States of America - begging for alms - sleeping in our streets - our warriors who have returned to our Nation - with deep scars.

Daily they sleep somewhere under a bridge, by some door, some place where they can find some warmth - daily facing inclement weather.

The Veterans Administration purports to pretend; to help the Veterans - but, the fact of the matter is that - the help is slow in coming - and when it comes - tremendous damage is done.

I took part in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. When that war was over in less than a month - I thought I would welcome our soldiers - and they would be healthy; with sound mind and body. The opposite is what I saw and I could not understand.

I was very disappointed and I am to this day.

It took this Nation over 10 years to finally admit about the Gulf Syndrome. Much; as it took 20 years for this Nation to admit the harm done by Agent Orange to our soldiers and personnel who fought in the Viet Nam war.

In that war we loss over 58,000. We must remember that.

The politicians are fast to make up their minds to send our women and men to war.

Our women especially have stood up and done wonderful things - and our men admit this - and thank them of their sacrifice and love. In the recent wars our women have played an important role and this must be noted.

War is not pretty - but only those understand war who have seen it first hand.

It often happens the "politicians" who decide to go to war - are bereft of decency, have no conscience, and seek ulterior motives - the likes of Dick Cheney.

Today 4th of July is one of prayer - more to open and touch the minds of the corrupt politicians and we have a couple in San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - who should just move along - but, stay in place to make our conditions worse - and rake in the millions.

Not a single American Veteran should be begging.

There are models in San Diego - there are models elsewhere - but our politicians - especially those that have never ever served in the Armed Forces - have no clue about sacrifice and less about compassion and of genuine love.

Politicians are the scourge of modern day politics.

They do anything and everything to make a buck.

They lie, cry, dance the jig just to be noticed.

These scum bags are despicable and one of them is Malia Cohen - another Scott Wiener - both SF Board members - and one worse than the other.

Things in the Armed Forces are not going pretty either.

It is amazing when you have a group of highly educated members of the Department of Defense - having a conversation.

It is another to witness a bunch of politicians - drab, shallow, uninformed pretending to know about war - these are the scum bags that we have in America today in Washington DC - who conduct themselves in shabby manner - and by pass those that really know what the military stands for - complete with plans that have been pondered for long.

Only for civilians with no experience to be throwing arrows in the air - and hoping against hope the will fall of some target - with no planing and most of all - no care.

President Dwight Eisenhower was a great General and one that spoke his mind.

In his deep writings he laid out what can happen to any Nation and more America -if  WE become "trigger happy". 
Unfortunately no one has paid attention to his writings.

So, when General Powell lied that we have found "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - and then tried to say he trusted the system.

Well, he screwed up. Thousands died as a result of the Iraq War - millions continue to suffer - and Democracy as we understand it in America - cannot take place in the Middle East not even in Israel.

Remember it is the Middle Class the make Democracy Work.

As the middle class erodes as is happening today in America - divisiveness, corruption, cheating, lying - all hell breaks - loose.

The ONE percent and the NINE-NINE percent.

Simply put we the United States of America - are a blessed Nation - we call it America but it was called Turtle Island by the First People - for thousands of years.

Today we have a population of a little over 311 million and our history of a little over 300 years - since the Whites came and began to cause the destruction of sorts - fostering - GREED.

Long before our Founding Father formulated the Constitution - they were open minded and learned much from the Native Americans, the First People - the Six Nations.

The Iroquois Federation and its government stunned the Founding Fathers - and much of what we see in our American Constitution stems from the Six Nations.

For thousands of years the First Nations in America ruled wisely - that is until the Stranger came - I call them - " the blue eyed devils".

You must learn to read between the lines. For sometimes it is worthy to rock the boat - so that the TRUTH may be revealed.

This July 4th, 2012 may not be celebrated by the many Native Americans - for them today marks a day of "injustice" - and continued oppression. Millions were segregated in their own land - and kept on reservations.

Even today the situation is so - pathetic. And here we have our Secretary of State and others purporting to bring democracy to Libya, Iraq, Tunis, the other nations like Egypt - when sincerely speaking our First People are handcuffed and made to suffer.

There is no way that anyone worth the salt - can stand still and watch this paradox that has been going on for years.

This 4th of July, 2012 - I am requesting President Barack Obama to grant Federal Recognition to all those Tribes from Turtle Island - and recognize that this land - all of it - belongs to them.

President Barack Obama is involved in all sorts of ploys and machinations - some worse than the Republicans who the Democrats - in all their foolishness - blame.

You once had it - but in your arrogance you lost it.

Both, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein shudder when the words " Federal Recognition " are mentioned. Why? Because both fully understand - that all the land we call San Francisco was stolen from the Ohlone.

This 4th of  July, 2012 we must adhere to have the fortitude to be educated on issues. We have too many shallow, inept, immoral, folks lacking character that want to Represent - and we tolerate them.

Jesus Christ was a Jew and he spoke out - you have just to read the New Testament. We have folks - that, all they do is worship money - drug money - money from prostitution - money from Real Estate - money from stealing - bluffing, killing, maiming - all ill begotten wealth - you know who you are.

As long as you have blood money you must seek forgiveness - and this is not easy - you cannot exercise immorality,bathe in corruption of every sort - and think for a second that you are worth the salt.

This 4th of July, 2012 we must seek to bring comfort to our Veterans as we do to others too - but, more our Veterans.

I served three Generals and won two Commander Awards of which I am proud of. I won other higher awards and I am proud of those - but I am proud of those military awards that I find comfort with and was recognized for.

This 4th of July, 2012 - I call upon my friends - those that seek truth and speak truth - spread all over the world that I will be visiting you all soon.

Unfortunately for all the Blessing that were given to the tribes of Turtle Island - latter taken by force by those that killed, raped, maimed, stole - the Blessing do not belong to the thieves. The Blessings will NEVER belong to the thieves. Hence their present - plight.

The signs of the times - point to calamities - drought, fires, wars, starvation, diseases, moral turpitude, ignorant folks worshiping GREED - the fall of Nation and their economies - that day is upon us.

This 4th of July we must turn away from War - and learn to acknowledge that this Earth is here to be taken care of - and should not be contaminated by operations of War - without any discernment.

For those ignorant who are pushing your sordid operations of sorts  - change you ways.

Do not dare admonish those that warn the morbid, the sodomites, the immoral, the thieves, the murders, the liars, the buffoons - some one must warn them - and this is not easy but it must be done.

Today, at City Hall there is a storm on many fronts. From time to time I warned them but they did not listen. You will fall on our face - as I warned and your day has come.

To the very few that know to discern - you must keep the faith and stand by the laws that are written by those that have had the wisdom.

Follow your conscience and do not pander to those that are - abjectly immoral, lie, steal, plunder and pander.

Do not be confused, confounded, baffled, and perturbed - there is still some little time - but continue in your ways and you will be not warned - again.

The signs of the times are here - the Veterans are sent to war - and when they come home - treated with disdain. This is wrong - and her is one more - reminder.

Think about it - what Superpower worth the salt - does this? Treat the Veterans that deserve the best - taken for granted - and left to wither away in inclement weather, conditions not befitting any human decent human being. Aho.

Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - a short documentary: