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Sunday, July 15, 2012


The evidence has been there - glaring at their faces - our great City and County of San Francisco - the SF Health Department, the SF Police Department, the Office of the Mayor and all its many tentacles - most anyone that has sense - but turns away from facts and empirical data.

The many toxic hots pots over a thousands five hundred all over the City and County of San Francisco - have not be abated.

No one cares - and each and every day these contaminated hot spots adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco. May be the City Administrator - should look into this - on a war footing.

The many Judges at all levels pander with the rulings and base them on antiquated cases - some of which make no sense.

With little or no evidence, logic, and what is more shallow evidence. Yet, thousands linger in jails - just because the so called Judges - adjudicated the cases in a drab manner - some statistic - giving no respect to the person before them - and preponderance of the truly, empirical evidence - contaminated environments and its impact on a person and one's health and behavior.

How can Judges judge when they have no idea about contamination and pollution?

The many cancers and other dangerous diseases - that adversely affect human beings - make them think and act - with distorted feelings - linked to some chemical unbalance - that neuroscientist understand - Judges have no clue - and yet they adjudicate - in a whimsical manner. Next please!

No one is paying attention to the contamination. The sewer lines all lead to the Southeast Sector. Why can they be no sewage treatment plants closer to the Pacific Heights Area - surely the sewage can flow - from the top where these filthy rich vermin live - to near by Lower Fort Mason - Black Point and into the Bay - the secondary effluents of sorts.

If the filthy rich are permitted to send their sewage all the way South to the Bayview Hunters Point - they should pay more - twenty, thirty times more for there sewage.

Suffice to say they DO NOT pay taxes - preferring to pay little or nothing - profiteering from investments and other shady deals.

Law Enforcement be in local, state, and federal - are far and beyond the reach of the latest findings - when it comes to linking between crime and contamination. It is all about education - contemporary education - and this is lacking - more with Police Academy classes who have instructors - and live in the past - Smithsonian. 

Crime and diseases such as cancer and brain tumors. Crime and say mental diseases. Again and again we see - Law Enforcement - failing to see the signs of the person and how they behave - and shoot to kill.

We can use the experts from University of California San Francisco - but, again and again - no one wants to hear the truth. Police Chief -Gregory Suhr must reach out and create a video or DVD and educate the Officers - and immediately you will see a change. San Francisco can be first - because we have the resources - but no one wants to take the lead.

In our schools - the few teachers we have acknowledge our children from abusive homes, Public Housing utter disparities.

Children living in contaminated environment - need help.

Over 10,000 truants and growing - with our SF Unified School District in utter - shambles. In years to come SF Unified School District will close schools and soon the enrollment will not be there - thousands of decent straight families - do not want to have anything to do - with inferior and shoddy - education.

Our San Francisco Department of Environment, our Department of Environment linked to the SF Health Department - are busy pussyfooting with other mundane issues - and not addressing - real, health issues.

Adverse impacts to the human being - and especially infants, children and our youth. Again and again when infants, children, and youth are moved to better environment - we see changes.

Sometimes - we take some children to camps - in a cleaner environment - and within hours - we see a change - they breathe better, have no headaches, eat better, and you see the sparkle in their - eyes.

Our City of San Francisco with its $7.6 billion dollar budget, with a measly population of only 805,000 - cannot prioritize the fundamental issues that adversely impact - millions who come to San Francisco.

Our landfills emit over 200,000 tons of methane gas. One ton equal twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - I would like the SF Department of Environment address this situation. And then talk about the savings in the Carbon Footprint - that is pure - rubbish - a figment of their imagination - liars.

Every year more vehicles ply on our roads in San Francisco - and with dangerous particulates - spewing in the air.

The Carbon Footprint that these fools - talk about is as cliche as a dream that one day - most of us will fly to the moon.

We have lunatics that say things and speak in a manner - that defies - plain common sense and logic.

We had a Rogue Company - Lennar grade a hug parcel of land - crush Serpentine Rock which releases Asbestos Structures and no one from the City said anything.

Not the City Attorney, not the former Mayor Gavin Newsom - better known as Mr. Dipstick - not the SF Department of the Environment that is busy - inventing ploys and gimmicks - fleecing the Recology for this, that, and the other.

We have a Superfund Site at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - no one from the SF Department of Environment - that has as its head - a lackey from Congressperson Nancy Pelosi's office as head - opening her mouth and shoving her foot.

She has not read the Final Historical Radiological Report  linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Why would she?  All she is interested is - in grants.

Grants to keep her folks afloat - with ploys and machinations - that favor her deeds - while misdeeds and blatant contamination - continues; not to be addressed.

The City and County of San Francisco continues to fleece the Southeast Sector - raking in millions in taxes - from the over 8000 small businesses - the Controller can speak to this fact.

The City gives nothing in return - but this nonsense will not go on forever - makes no sense favor Twitter and other large companies - while shirking our responsibilities to small business - that are given NO help what so ever.

The City must invest in a laboratory with daily readings of the air, water, and soil contaminants - that should bee sent to the heads of Departments - Department of Public Works, the SF Police Department, the SF Health Department, the Mayor Office and all his other Departments, the City Administrator, the Controller, all the Enterprise Department - especially the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Posted in the Main Media - and there will NOT be a whimper from those that brag about the Carbon Footprint - which is  a Joke. The City today continues to be more contaminated and polluted - then before. This City only talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

It does not help that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District covers up for the City and County of San Francisco. The only noticeable deed - when the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined LENNAR - over $515,000 for bombarding the area around Parcel A - at Hunters Point - and adversely impacting - thousands of children, our Seniors, and others. The City and County of San Francisco - did not utter a word. Had this occurred in the Pacific Heights - where the Pacific Heights Mafia live - they would have been a hue and cry.

These readings from the City Laboratory - if it ever come to be - will be an eye opener - and then for the first time - the light will shine where now there is utter and abject - darkness.

There is more to come. Enough is enough.

This document covers a lot of the inherent health problems in San Francisco and more in the Southeast Sector:

Our Bay once boasted of Abolone and herrings and health fish - no more - thousands of tons of pesticides, nitrates, PCB, mercury, have destroyed our Bay and the many health wetlands:

Toxic hot spots containing radiological elements containing very high levels. Hunters Point Naval Shipyard participated in the experimentation of " Depleted Uranium". Many animals radiated in the Bikini Atomic Bomb experiments - were buried at Hunters Point - all this by the United States Navy that is mandated to clean up the Shipyard - mandated by Proposition P and voted by 87% of the San Francisco voters - in the year 2000: