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Thursday, August 2, 2012


When it comes to safety and Quality of Life issues - our fair City has lost it - and today with the rampant crime - more killings and shootings in San Francisco.

An increase in Part One and Part Two crimes - just a fancy way of dividing incidents reports - and forming categories to make things difficult - for the lay person to understand - less comprehend. Major crime and petty crimes - when compound hurt Quality of Life issues.

Crime - more shootings and killings all over San Francisco - have a direct impact on how the community in general is adversely impacted. 

ow, we have some small groups of people - not to be confused with large gangs - like the ones we have in Los Angeles and say Compton and places like that - that can really - and do play havoc.

These small groups want to be like a big gang - but, do not have the ability of deliver. Law and Order can be a norm - but the SF Police Department has been lost - and has failed to address the key issues in a holistic manner.

This normally happens when fools think they know too much. This happens when you have a top to down operation - that has lost it roots in work and building trust with the community at large. I have seen it all in the last 40 years and more - and have the empirical data to back - what I am saying and writing.

Our SF Police Gang Task Force is impotent - and instead of conducting through investigations - prefer to pay MOLES or snitches to inform them - what is happening - here, there and everywhere. This type of primitive operation will fail - each and every time.

There is a culture that the San Francisco Police Department knows about - but can and will never understand. Again they can never understand - as long as they feel superior - and do not have the humility to step off their high horse and mingle with the people - the tax payer who pay them their very, very high salaries.

When California - uses Three Strikes and incarcerates so many - no one worth salt is paying attention to - "rehabilitation".

Now, suddenly too many are released - the call it realignment and we have a San Francisco Sheriff who should be out - doing his job - but so me EVIL folks are gunning him down. You will FALL on your faces - and bring disgrace to this City and County of San Francisco.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - when he was the District 5 Supervisor was the only Supervisor who had the distinction to go to the Crime Scene and witness for himself - the many shooting and killings that took place in District 5. Why do we all forget that?

Four SF Supervisors have a case in Court - they have been found guilty of Official Misconduct. How can these four SF Supervisors - two of them Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - possibly in good conscience - participate in any meaningful and fair - adjudication. The other two Supervisors Eric Mar and David Chiu.

The incarceration system prevailing at this time has totally failed society and today the virus has moved in and ruin our Society - all because of blatant discrimination. More people of color are incarcerated than White folks. We did to find out why?

We know more about the lack of sound rehabilitation  when former prisoners come out and try to contribute to Society.

When we the few advocates make a sacrifice because we genuinely love our sister and brothers who have been incarcerated - and we try to give them good jobs. Most people talk but we have a genuine track record - and we have the empirical data.

We find ourselves in a bind - and we have to rapidly create systems - to give those incarcerated support, nurture them - and then operate - using "leadership techniques" - that we have created to given them good paying jobs. CAREER JOBS - we do this without any grant from the City and Count of San Francisco.

The many Community Based Organizations that feed on "gang violence" - the shootings and killings - want money - they keep telling us that they do this and that - but, when you really investigate ; what they do - you find out it is all some sordid - hogwash.

We cannot have a Representative like Malia Cohen who has NO clue about incarceration, less about single mothers rearing children, even less about gangs and how they operate. It is difficult for straight folks to truly comprehend - how to work with gangs and to STOP - shooting and killings.

Now imagine if you are a closeted queer - as is Malia Cohen a closeted Lesbian who talks the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

Malia Cohen has been no where near any of the locations where crime has occurred.

She has not spoken to the loved ones who are related to the victims - not initiated any decent investigation - because she and her staff - are phonies and have no experience what so ever.

It does not help that the person that the Mayor has hired to deal with Safety concerns is a queer too. On the street - these gang members look at Malia Cohen and the man - Henderson - as flakes and that the putting it lightly.

Tutty Frutty is what most of them call them. They other harsh words - I cannot mention - because doing so - would not be diplomatic. Go figure!

In the Southeast Sector we have had six fatal incidents - five of them - where the victims have fallen prey to gun shots and have died.

What plan does the Mayor and his Safety Point of Contact - Henderson have in place?

What Blue Print has the City Administrator have in place?

In the Mission at one time - more with Real Alternative Plan (RAP) an organization from which the contemporary and many other smaller organizations got their inspirations - like for example the current Community Response Network - more direct and holistic services are offered to the victims of gun and other violence.

Many have no idea - have forgotten the Community Policing days when Jim Queen, Ray Riverra, and Mitch Salazar led the Real Alternative Program (RAP) - and brought a halt to gang violence among the Latino and Samoan community.

The then Mayor Diane Feinstein made available grant money - to help RAP. What has become now is that that Community Policing had been put on a back burner. We have Community Based Organizations more begging for money and pandering to the authorities.

Many of the leaders - have no morals, less educated on issues - many QUEER who want to address Straight issues - ain't going to happen.


Today we have many Community Based Organizations - who continue do Case Management without any auditing and less have accountability and transparency. They fake statistics - we found this with Young Community Developers when Dwayne Jones was the Director.

We found this with Mayor Gavin Newsom and Dwayne Jones linked to Communities of Opportunity (COO).

Many CBOs work with models that are outdated - and many have no clue about the drastic changes in Society - that have adversely affected the community at large - during this period and rapid - digital age.

The SF Police Department in the year 2012 is just adapting to having a system where it can query its Incidents Reports. Not too long ago the SF Police Officers did not have computers that could serve the Community at Large - only recently the SF Police Officers have be given access to the Internet and other favorable amenities. We talk about solving crime - and those who can do it - do not have the tools to attain their goals and objectives. It is the blind leading the blind - so please do not throw arrows in the air.

For sure gentrification has adversely impacted thousands. The City and County of San Francisco and the last five Mayors - have failed to give opportunities to our children, our youth, and adults when it comes to good jobs - CAREER jobs.

The last five Mayor have backed Big Developers who have failed San Franciscans. Now, it our opportunity to take back our streets, to take back our neighborhood, to take place our pride and act as American citizens.

We have politicians who did not serve our Nation - the likes of Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim - others Queers who bring Queer issues to the fore front and waste our time - at Committee Meetings at City Hall.

Scott Wiener has single handed stall the Sunshine Task Force - now we cannot further the cause of Open Government. Our City is falling apart on more than one pertinent - level.

If you are a Supervisor serve all - do not go back and further the cause of a retroactive state of mind - a mentality that does no good - hinders progress.

Do not use life style - to further your hidden agenda. We straights who happen to be in the majority - gave you an opportunity. It does not mean we gave you license. License in the abuse of FREEDOM.

Again and again we have had crooked and corrupt politicians the likes of Sophie Maxwell and now the despicable Malia Cohen from District 10 - who has NO clue what so ever - how to address CAREER JOBS.

Less gun violence, the many health problems with respiratory diseases, cancer, and a host of other environmental issues - all addressed in documents.

No one wants to address the abatement, the mitigation - and the direct access to health services, education, health food services - and filthy surroundings - more in Public Housing - that the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Health Department - talk and know about - but do NOTHING about.

No crime takes place in a vacuum. Some time ago we spent over $400,000 of a model called Police Executive Reform Forum - what has happened to all the empirical data gathered. Whatever happened to all the talk - why no action?

On the ground at ground zero all those astute and who can think well for themselves know well - the San Francisco Police Department has failed. It has failed miserably to contain the situation and have sound Law and Order in place.

Most of the Officers are not from the Community. They come from far off place like NAPA - with a mind set and mentality that defies any links or facilitating evenly remotely by osmosis - Community Policing.

Who is going to build Public Trust on a War Footing in the various neighborhoods? Who is encouraging Para-military actions even with the some religious groups - that disagree with Communist China - have the freedom to practice and say anything within their First Amendment Rights - and are targeted and encouraged to be harm, beaten - by the authorities in charge who know that they are doing - wrong. Since when are we firm buddies with countries that do not practice Democracy and less allow their citizens the enjoy the FREEDOMS laid by our Founding Fathers - and which our Veteran and other noble citizens who serve our Nation - stand by and will fight for.

Since when has our local Police Force - become sordid - Para-military forces - and who do they think they are fooling?

Time is running out.