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Saturday, March 31, 2012


San Francisco has appointed a Task Force - and this time around you can see them on SFGOVTV - pulling their hair, scratching in public, talking from both sides of their mouth.

Trying to suggest to the public that they know something - when in reality - they really do not know too, much.

I attended the last Redistricting Task Force held on March 29, 2012 at 6 pm in Room 400 at San Francisco's City Hall.

I had hardly settled down when I saw folks that I had not seen in years - most of them from the Portola Distict. And most of them having a strong opinion. Many wanted the entire Protola Distict to be intact.

This was done some years ago thanks to the efforts of Dwayne Jusino. Dwayne run for District 10 Supervisorial Elections - only to fall prey to corruption and other shenanigans. The winner Sophina Maxwell - that time around.

Now, if you go the Director of the SF Election Department - you can get a map of the Portola District.
A map that says Protola District - well, this says a lot - and Dwayne Jusino deserves - kudos.

This fact say a lot too - when, for a long time - no one knew much about the Portola District; this historic area and its vast, stellar contribution to the City and County of San Francisco. Put it best foot forward after the 1906 Earthquake - feeding those hungry in the camps at Golden Gate Park and else where.

Standing on firm ground - the 1906 did not affect the Portola District at all. Known for its farm land and produce, poultry and other bountiful amenities - those blessing where shared to the entire City and County of San Francisco.

In those days the ligh trail line ran from Market Street - through Old Bayshore - by San Bruno Avenue - all the way to San Mateo. That is from North to South.

In between from now Highway One to Mission there were vast farm lands. On the way back the light rail line
ran from San Mateo to Market on Mission Street. Those were the days - and I spent countless hours listening to the old men and women - glorify the days when trust, love, and compassion reign supreme.

The also admitted Racism which still exists - no Blacks could cross the rail line off Bayshore - on San Bruno Avenue there was Blood Alley - that speaks for itself. And there was more.

The Muscats, the Yayoobs, the Maltese, the French, the Italians, the many Jews - have all dispersed. That out migration - brought in the Hispanics and now the thousands of Chinese mostly - who once rooted will never, ever leave the site of their homes. At election time they get their signal from the Chinese Leaders - most do not vote their conscience.

The neighborhood has changed from having Maltese, French, many Jews and related institutions - one being the Jewish Home of Aged at Silver and Mission. You know how long some one has been in the Port toe la the way they pronounce - Port - toe - la - emphasis on Por that sounds like "PORT" then on "to" - that should sound like "toe" - than "la" - like fa - la - la.

The Portola District boasted Green Houses that for generations grew roses and other flowers. Some are still there - still and yet the roses keep flowering as if trying to say something. The Green House is disrepair but one can feel the ghosts. These Green Houses very near McClaren Park.

McClaren Park once homestead land. Bought by the City and County of San Francisco - public contribution - to have a nice open space. Of course the present politicians know little of history and less of etiquette - still less educated on issues.

Vegetables and other delicious fruits of a kind were found in abundance in the Portola - the Portola area draws the sun - the fog hitting Daly City and hovering around Ocean Beach and the Sunset.

This land the land of the Ohlone - the SF Redistricting Force has no idea what I am talking about - because they are ignorant. Yet, they purport to work and represent - the blind leading the blind. Aho.

The old timers are gone - and even though some folks have just - come in - they are reporting stuff that is mundane, not factual - and yet want the fake attention - that is uncalled for and infantile.

When Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - he personally saw that he infused "divisiveness" into redistricting the Portola District - the last time around.

Suddenly from Silver to Bacon Street the area became District 9.

From Bacon to Arlelat District 10 and the lines drawn in a convoluted way - dividing streets into half and carving out schools and leaving the rest to the wind.

The Supervisors then Tom Ammiano representing District 9 and Sophiana Maxwell representing District 10.

Both these Representatives did little for the Port toe la.

Today we have Malia Cohen - who lives in District 9 but pretends to serve District 10. Shallow, inept, and what is more not to be trusted. Her grin says it all - each time she opens her wide mouth - she puts her dirty foot right, deep in.

At the last meeting at City Hall in Room 400 - there were two SF Supervisors present - one John Avalos who spoke a little about his District 11 and made sure to say that he was in favor of keeping Portola intact. What did he really mean?

Which really means if we are talking about Portola included in District 10 with its lines redrawn and the area expanded - which will increase the population - moving Potrero Hill - to another District?

Area and population are two key factors - that are worked into the Redistricting Models - more as ploys and machinations.

Will it be 6 or 3 for the Potrero Hill? In District 3 you have David Chiu and in District 6 - Jane Kim - one worse than the other.

Then came Malia Cohen to spew her comments;  Malia Cohen then threw a bomb shell - she too wanted Portola to be intact and expanded - which means she has sold out Potrero Hill.

Espanola Jackson was with me - she has lived for a long time in District 10 - and she was upset.

It does not pay to be upset with fools.

Both Dwayne Jusino and Espanola Jackson want the Portola to be in District 10 - linking with Potrero Hill - which has always been accepted as having many common denominators - going to the times when the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard provided thousands of jobs to the affected community.

Of course the new bees - the foolish - those that lack wisdom - those that open their mouth and shove their dirty foot in - would not know about these factors.

It comes a JOKE when Malia Cohen defies the law - and openly lives in District 9 and pretends to represent District 10.

Such blatant arrogance calls for a long jail term.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows it, the City Attorney knows it, the Secretary of State knows about it, the SF Director of Elections John Arntz knows it - and so does the City Attorney who panders to this shallow Black woman of sorts.

I was watching the SF Redistricting Task Force - most of them have little understanding of the pertinent, salient, and holistic factors linked to the Portola and Potrero Hill.

Given some instructions to redraw the district lines based on a corrupt  political matrix - they fail to comprehend the local cohesiveness, ambiance, culture, rapidly changing demographics, all round contributing factors linked to Quality of Life Issues.

If you include Housing, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Transportation, Safety, and a host of other factors - this current 2012; SF Redistricting Task Force - will be at a loss - it is now sinking in a cesspool of their own creation.

The SF Task Force has NO policy making statements that  - worthy the salt.

Right now the idiots are just drawing the lines - having little knowledge of the Socio-Economic Factors and less of sound, Geography.

Now, to save their boat from sinking they have appointed two from the 9 SF Task Force Members - two heading and appointed to collect the policy statements from the total 9 members - to then draft the policy statements - and give it to the Clerk assigned to the SF Task Force.

The public must have these draft policy statements and they must be posted on the website:



This exercise in futility will not work without sound leadership. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Sonia Melara and David Phipel seem to dominate the discussion - both bring hidden agendas.

I have been observing their drab performance from a distance, with others reporting to me about this shallow  SF Redistricting Task Force - for a long time. Both Sonia and David love to be at the center of attention. Time will tell.

The Public is led to believe that their input is important. Far from it there is a lot of gerrymandering - who do you think is fooling whom?

The corrupt politicians who will sell their souls to the devil, have sold their mother for a nickel and are now pussyfooting with the UNIONS who have a hidden agenda.

Trying to paint a picture of being and trying to serve the  constituents of San Francisco - when they are in bed with the DEVIL.

Not far away the ZIONIST who are laughing all the way to the BANK and have their moles stark naked placed on the SF Redistricting Task Force. What a freaking shame!

The SF Redistricting Task Force and its nonchalant attitude toward the constituents of San Francisco - is nothing knew -  we saw it when Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - and we see the "devil" directing his minions - once again.

This charade must pass away and those at the helm of affairs taken to Task - the lines drawn have nothing holistic, practical, and contributing about them.

They are drawn more to cater to the devils, the politicians, who have NO interest what so ever to serve the people of San Francisco.

Take it from me. I have seen it all. All these decades.

The last time around - one day I woke up to find myself on the other side of the border. Today East Germany and the next day West Germany. The Berlin Wall starring at me - though invisible. Go figure!


TELEPHONE: 415.554.7710

Call the buffoons and tell them to STOP the buffoonery.

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